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To All Of Those Artists Out There



I need some advice. I have recently made another attempt at making a permanent Human-styled Bionicle topic. However, it is not doing so well, since it is already on the second page and I, being the last poster, can not bring it back to the first page when I upload new art. My question is how do you make a permanent artwork topic? Lady Kopaka, Brave Dragon, and Nikira each have compiled their artwork in topics that do amazingly welll at staying alive, as have many other members. If you have a permanent artwork topic, could you give me some tipsa on how to keep one alive? Thanks in advance.


- :vahi:


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I have a COT art topic and I've managed to keep it fairly alive by doing this: When people post after an update, do not respond until you have new art up. This provides a way of recirculating the topic and letting people know it's been updated.
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Thanks for the advice, GMan. I know this is a good method, but I often forget when people make valid (or embarrassingly invalid) complaints about my artwork, and I feel the urge to explain my reasoning or agree to theirs. Any other advice will be accepted as well.


Also, could someone please post a review of my artwork in the topic? I don't want to sound rude by asking for posts, but I have more art to upload and I want to take GMan's advice this time.


- :vahi:

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