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and so



That last entry came off as far more whiny and self-pitying than I intended so I basically over-analyzed the junk out of it to figure out why I posted it since I'm not into the whole phishing-for-pity gimmick, and i think I rooted out the point I was trying to make:


I'm not complaining that I have nothing to do over the weekend. I'm sure plenty of people are in the same situation and their life probably sucks worse than mine.


I'm not complaining that I have to work. Plenty of other people do too, and they have longer shifts, worse jobs, pay, haven't seen their family in years, etc. They're the one who are making sure our utilities and functional systems are still around when we come back over the weekend. Props to them. (Extra special thanks to everyone serving in the military right now who can't afford a break. Doesn't matter what military. Kudos to you guys.) I knew this was coming and didn't ask for the days off. My work is actually decent and everyone seems to appreciate the effort I put in to make the store look nice and to help customers. And I'm certainly very glad that I have a job in the first place.


I'm not complaining that all I'm going to do is look at cats online, play Mass Effect 3, or eat a turkey hot pocket (and maybe even get a little extra homework done). I'm glad I have the time and capability to do those things, and I'm happy that I have the resources to buy, cook, and eat that hot pocket, and I'm especially happy that I have a working computer, console, TV, and especially my sketch tablet which is totally rad.


Here's what my entire entry boiled down to. I mean, at the core of that entire pitiful, entitled mess, here's what I was really trying to say:


My light is broken and makes my entire room seem derelict and horrid. It's annoying me because I can't figure out how to fix it.


That's all I was really trying to say. I locked the other entry but I'm leaving it up so that these two can serve as a contrast when I look back on these in a couple years if I'm foolish enough to necromance my old blog entries again.






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Blogs are meant for complaining, so DON'T APOLOGIZE!


Unless they're not meant for complaining, in which I've been doing it wrong all these years.


And with so many stores now opening Thanksgiving afternoon for Black Friday, I'm sure there are plenty of retail people in your position. Really, I can't wait for it to loop around and stores start opening Black Friday afternoon "cause that's when people are more likely to go shopping." But you know it'll instead turn into Wednesday afternoon instead.



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:kaukau: I realized a long time ago, before I even started my blog, that I never wanted to complain on my blog. Except I have. But I still really wish to be more like bonesiii, because he's my inspiration and a guy once posted a long time ago saying that he's not like other bloggers and that he doesn't complain about all of the irrelevant junk in life. Bless that bonesiii.


So overall, I think I will complain less on my blog. Especially while my username is bonesiii. I'm still really embarrassed looking back at my old blog post asking why I wasn't popular. Boy, what a newb I was.


But anyway, I do like it when people refrain from complaining, but complaining is still ten leagues above blogs that just spam, no names mentioned.



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