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The Slipper and the Rose

Saw this one recently when browsing old movies. It's a Cinderella musical, and it's one that I quite enjoyed.


The characters were fun and engaging, the dance numbers were impressive and the songs were catchy, silly and other times lovely.


Other than that, I recently got The Muppet Show on DVD, and ahhhh it's the best thing ever. I love how it has culture and big celebrity names (and cheesy jokes). They don't make 'em like they used to. Miss Piggy might just be my favorite character.


Well then, Billy,


~Tekulo <3

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I've heard of this film but I can't find it anywhere. Or, at least it's not in the public library. Which is too bad because I've heard decent things about it.


Also it has music from the Sherman brothers so there's that.

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