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Lighting Disaster

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Had a light show today. I was kinda proud of what we'd done with it for what little time we had, but uh...


There was a couple problems.


You see, I was not told that:


A) VITAL cue timing was completely changed without my permission,

B) the set style was changed behind our backs, or

C) that I was the one having to run our show completely with no help from my partner.




So yeah, it flopped. Really bad.




So now, Niki is really REALLY ticked and embarrassed and knows that her grade is going to suffer cause of these stupid mistakes.


So yeah, that plus the fact that it's pouring rain and cold and windy and all around yucky outside kind of ruined Niki's day. Now she just wants to forget about work tonight and go find a comfy corner, listen to music and read and play her Stella... and maybe cry a little out of disappointment and utter embarrassment in front of her peers. ._.


*drags her feet*



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I once was late for an orchestra gig and openly had to get a musicstand and sit down in front of like 800 people...


But I see where this is making you angry, especially that it affects your grade...don't they give you the benefit of human error or something?

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Hey, it was out of your control. Set affects lighting, and if cues are changed without permission, then you need to put a foot down.


OWN YOUR SPACE. <- It's an acting thing.



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It wasn't your fault. You didn't know. We all make mistakes sometimes, but that is completely unfair and had nothing to do with you. I don't know if you have the right to complain to someone about that, but you shouldn't be embarrassed by that at all.

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