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  1. That is where my statement at the first comes into play that some is fan speculation . Basically this is a fanfiction made to expand on what we know as canon. but keep in mind Alien Conquest was included it is number 6 in the time line . As for Spaceport 2 yes there is no actual theme named that but I needed a way to distinguish between the two space port lines. I will be adding Ultra agents into the time line . Thank you very much for you`re input .
  2. After doings a bit of digging I have noticed a possible timeline to the Lego space themes some of it is fan speculation, but some is able to be proven with inset information as well as background story information. So here is The time line of lego space lines (including some space themed sets that are not classified as lego space such as Rock raiders and launch pad). as well as just a few non space themes to spice up the story. 1.Launch command The Lego towns folk begin their first forays into the final frontier. 2.Spaceport 2 More advanced shuttle technology gets the city folk to the moon. 3.Spaceport 1 A kid named BB wins a contest to be one of the first men on mars and must go through training to get there. 4.Life on Mars BB and the rest of the crew land on mars and discover a peaceful race of martians on the planets surface. These martians are collecting a type of crystal that can be used as an energy source. 5.Power Miners The same crystals are discovered on earth when a team of miners calling them selves the power miners are called into study strange earth quakes . 6.Alien Conquest The earth is attacked and defended from alien invaders. 7.Mars Mission Earth is having an energy crisis so they turn to their friendly neighbors on mars for help only to find mars over run by enemy aliens, that have come for the planets rich energy crystal deposits. 8.Rock raiders. After the defeat of the aliens on mars and increase in technology from the alien encounters a large crew is gathered together aboard the LMS-Explorer and in turn with the power miners that came before them , they are loaded with mining equipment to find new planets with energy crystal deposits. The ship is badly damaged and thrown through a worm hole into the Andromeda Galaxy and discover just what they were searching for . 9.Insectoids a race of beings from the Andromeda galaxy called the Insectoids appear . 10.Galaxy Squad A team is gathered to protect the new planets that have been discovered from the Insectoids. (Ultra agents takes place not long after this point back on earth due to a connecting character) 11.Classic space A time of peaceful exploration in the Andromeda and milky way galaxies is ushered in. 12. Blacktron 1 - Futuron - Space Police 1 - M-Tron As the classic factions start to form sides Blacktron starts a war that will lat for nearly 30 years. 13. Blacktron 2 - Space Police 2 - Ice Planet 2002 The war continues as a second wave of blactrons attack. 14.Unitron - Spyrius - Exploriens - Ufo - Robo force The spyrius attack the explorians who are studying a planet along side the UFO aliens and are protected by Unitron. 15.Space Police 3 The furthest into the timeline appears to be Space Police 3 mainly due to the statue of a classic lego space figure that reads in Latin "Thirty years of building and the sky is still unlimited" or "Three Decades of Building in the Infinite Heavens" . This Is my little back story for the Lego Space theme please give me feed back on what you think and on how I could improve it or even include more themes. If you have any Ideas on how this could have worked out post it below.
  3. With G2`s end there are many questions floating around . But here is a new question for you all . Could Bionicle survive as a brand along the lines of transformers , marvel, dc, and so on . Not talking about the sets . The story line alone was the most fleshed out story lego has ever created . I was just wondering on the thoughts on everyone if Bionicle could survive as a brand . Not on the same scale as transformers or marvel but along the same lines as those brands . What are your thoughts?
  4. Thank you Sumiki and I whole heartedly agree that Bionicle will stay alive as long as we its life blood stays active. Thank you for playing your part because we cant do our duty with out unity and after all it was destiny that we come to find bionicle . lol Ironically a lego employee notified me to BZpower over a phone call that I made to the company .
  5. Put the touch and pitch forks down please don`t get crazy just yet let me explain . My friends I know this is a sad time for bionicle, with it being canceled after being given new life it seems all hope is lost. But I am here to tell you that it is not. How so you may ask. Because Bionicle never died in the first place It has lived on unlike any lego line before or since it or even toy lines in general . Bionicle is the only lego line that I know of that the fan community still is alive and active and still makes use of the story and characters in the line from youtube videos to fan fictions in such high numbers . Other great lines have fallen to the way side but no not Bionicle. It has succeeded where the likes of Exo-Force, mars mission, alpha team, rock raiders , and countless others have failed. Because of its rich story and unforgettable characters . Its taught many of us, many things like team work, the value of knowing who you are, to protect those that are weaker then yourself, and many other lessons. While also growing our bonds together over a mutual love of the line . Bionicle pulled Lego back from the brink of bankruptcy and along with Lego star wars saved the company and even great then that it sparked the creativity of thousands of children myself included (and personally it was a major reason for my now love of writing .) Greg did something that could never be repeated with bionicle and that brings me to the reason for the title of this thread. The Bionicle that we grew up with can never happen again and it didn't with gen 2 because it is impossible to recreate the mystery of the bionicle series with out destroying the heart of what Bionicle was. That is the main reason why Gen 2 failed because it was attempting to live up to what gen 1 was and that`s impossible , that and many other things like a weak start to gen 2 was what eventually spelled its demise . But My friends this is where it comes back around to the fact that not all hope is lost . Because Bionicle never ended with spheres magna and it wont end now with gen 2`s cancellation because we are still here and fan fictions and mocs and all kinds of imagination is being used to keep bionicle alive. Bionicle wont die as long as we don`t let it because Bionicle isn`t just a lego Line any more its a part of us it grew along side us and we grew with it . So my friends keep building the mocs keep writing the fan fictions keep keeping bionicle alive . My rant is over I would love to hear your input and how about we just hare some fond memories that we have had with Bionicle over the years in this thread I`ll start. One of my most fond memories of Bionicle came at a very bad time . I was horribly sick with some kind of virus that had me having a bad fever and throwing up a lot but just as I was at my sickest a package arrived at my door . In this package was Takanua and his hover bike ( i forget the name of it ) as well as the Makuta set . At first i was sad because I couln`t jump up and put the sets together but as the day went on I began to feel a bit better until I eventually felt well enough to sit up and crack open the box for takanuva and I began putting it together. it was a great time and I to this day count that set as one of my favorites . Another great memory was in a very cold winter Me and my mother stopped at a local dollar general and i was scrolling through the toy isle when a canisty caught my eye it was none other then the canisters for the toa nuva them selves (odd because this was at east 4 or 5 years after the toa nuva were taken off shelves ) I then begged my mother to buy a few of them and the rest I bought my self after scrounging around and doing fire wood work all accept one Tahu The toa nuva of fire . That was the only one that never showed up in the store but a good friend came through and gave me the one he had a couple of years later and completed my set and i still have those sets to this day and they have remained together longer than any other set I own . The final memory i will recount to you is my first experience with Bionicle in general I was at the mall with my mother and grand mother and my mother went to a salon while my grand mother took me to a toy store in the mall . So i go right to the lego isle and i see this odd little canister . Little 8 year old me had never seen a lego set like this so i look at it and ask my grandmother to get it for me (it was a rarity that this happened but you know how loving grandmothers are) and she bought it for me ) Once she bought it I couldn't wait to get home and build this strange new lego set that i had never seen before. Once home I rush into the living room and pour the pieces out on the floor and marvel at these odd pieces with these weird ball and socket joints and these strange pins and axels . I flip throught he instruction booklet and put the pieces together and ecstatically run to show my mom (little did i know at the time but i had put the mask on wrong. Only latter did i find out he was one of six characters called toa and that a world much bigger than any i had ever seen before opened up to me This set . My first Bionicle was Toa Hordika Vakama and soon after that i saved up and eventually bought two more . but I was at a loss to get the last six that i needed Until christmas morning I rip open a present and there they are the last three I needed . I was ecstatic I had a complete set . And thous are my major memories with Bionicle please tell me yours and lets show our love for Bionicle. I leave you with one last a quote from Turaga Vakama himself. "It was in those days I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine. Now it's time for you to make new legends. For that is the way of the Bionicle."-Turaga Vakama - Bionicle Web of Shadows
  6. What would everyone think if Lego was to make a more dynamic hybrid between the two building systems of CCBS and Technic. Now I know they do kinda do this with some things having the pins and axles involved in the construction of say the gear box but I`m talking more along the lines of say the CCBS system with more pin and axle holes in the joints that way armor and parts from G1 Bionicle can work more fluidly with the new system. To me Lord of skull spiders waas a ste in this direction. Both systems have their up sides and down sides. The Technic way had some issues with certain joints breaking but to me they had more creative armor and piece molds, CCBS on the other hand has a strong way of building the skeleton and joints of the model nd has stronger joints but the armor plates and all are a lot less creative and just rather repetitive with some of them . But any way what are your thoughts ?
  7. Hello everyone This is My work in progress of my custom megazord 3D model as well as the costume . the 3d model and the costume will be used in my upcoming movie The trailer of which you can see here . But with out further adue here is the first rough sketches of the parts of the megazord . DSC00954 by The MegazordMan, on Flickr as you can see I am going for a hybrid of a megazord and Gundam Design but for the purposes in the movie it wont be combing with anything it will only be transforming from robot to space ship mode . DSC00955 by The MegazordMan, on Flickr This shows the upper leg and the lower chest . DSC00956 by The MegazordMan, on Flickr This is by far the best of the pictures showing the chest and Original Megazord inspired Head . I have done my best to have a even amount of both megazord and gundam designs in the head . mech legs WIP by The MegazordMan, on Flickr This is what I have done of the 3d model so far . The 3d model its self will only be used for its ship mode and for the transformation scene . Where as the costume i will make will beused for the fight in the movie . mech space ship by The MegazordMan, on Flickr And lastly for the moment this is the 3d model is its ship mode so far . As for ship modes I am drawing inspiration from star trek as well as gundam ships . Please tell me what you think of the model and the sketch so far As for the costume , Well I will be starting the work on it after the 3d model is done . Thank you and please leave me some feed back I want to know how i can improve it .
  8. I see what you mean bout the models being rather blocky and simple. and of course the rock monsters would need to be updated as well it really is a shame that they never produced the lava or Ice monsters that were seen in the game . And about your saying of the rock raiders them selves In the sets I see what htey mean they didnt really have that much personality but really what minifigs did at the time rock raiders came out besides maybe the adventures line (anther line that would be awesome to bring back again like with the Pharaoh sets . ) and I will do my best to make a moc to represent a possible new set while taking in to account your comments .
  9. Hello everyone I was just wondering who all used to build with the Rock raider Sets of figures from about 1999 -2000 ? If you do not know what Rock raiders is it was a story line and sets from lego that was produced in 1999 to 2000 It was about a group of explorers that are returning home from a space exploration when their ship is damaged and thrown in to a worm hole to a far off Galaxy ,. Their ship has lost its warp drive and must be repaired and re-energized by mining energy crystals from a near by planet . They do so fighting slugs, bats, and the dreaded rock monsters along the way until they finally find a massive hoard of energy crystals deep withing the planet and are able to leave back home . Now that you know the story of rock raiders or you may have already knew it , I have a question for you and that question is . If someone was to put a Idea up on the Lego Idea website where such things as the back to the future and Ecto-1 sets have been released that was a idea to bring back the Rock raiders showing new vehicles and other such things would you vote for it ? Now i know lego had the power miners a few years back but to me that was to rock raiders as what Hero factory is to Bionicle rock raiders had the fact that unlike power miners the machines they used had a very Ridly Scott alien`s movie look to them like they were real working machines they even had parts that looked like the paint was worn off and used like machinery actually does . So in short if there was a idea put up to bring rock raiders back Would you vote for it ?
  10. Ic- Tor "I will honer your decision but if you need any more help you know where to look." The Matoran say good bye to Casanuva but as he leaves unbeknownst to him Kedamore has begun to follow him .
  11. IC-Tor " Well Would you like to help on that subject of being busy? As a blacksmith i know for certain that many hands make light work . "
  12. IC-Tor " Don`t worry i`m not asking for money I would consider a good adventure payment enough ."
  13. IC- Tor / Kedamor "A war zone ? Sounds like fun ." "Oh and about payment ."
  14. IC-Tor/ Ry/ Asa "A Craftsmen always loves to hear that his work is appreciated" "I know I want to see it in action . " I do as well Since None of us have any magnetic powers we couldnt exactly test it so ." Ry and the other matoran put helmets on over here Kanohi waiting for Casanuva to test out the weapon.
  15. IC-Tor/Ry A few hours had pasted since their conversation so the weapons was nearing completion . " Ah Toa Casanuva Good to see you again . Your just in time. We are putting the finishing touches on your sword now ." Ry finishes conecting the mechanism to the blade it self and gives it a good shine . "Is this to your specifications ? " Ry hands Casanuva the finished blade .
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