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  1. I'm so happy to see how this has gone. This game lasted for 3-4 years and it was beautiful. But sadly all good things must end, and as the last post is now almost a year old, I'd say now would be a good time to call it quits. Thanks for playing! *I proceed to take out a tablet-esc device with a red button on it, the word "Exsterminautus" engraved on it. I press it, and upon doing so, the Emperor's Imperial navy warps into orbit. From high above the ground, the ships booming speakers blare out, "Exsterminautus requested. Heresy is the root of all chaos, this planet is beyond saving. It shall be cleansed of all light. The Emperor will know his own, the Emperor protects!" *And thus, the ships barage the planet with countless plasma shots and country destroying nukes.* Got em
  2. Nope. It couldn't. Otherwise Bionicle would have attracted an equal amount of girls and boys. Instead it attracted mostly boys. This is because girls just, don't really like the same things as boys. Don't get me wrong, plenty of them do. But even then they don't like those things as much as boys do. Bionicle and things like it literally can't be marketed and mainly girls, simply because of what it is.
  3. I report you for crashing the thread Oh boy I got em
  4. *uses the U.S.S. Vengance to glass the planet I got em
  6. I land on you and go full DOOM 2016, doing a glory kill whileyelling "RIP N TEAR!!!" Oh boy I got him (I an't believe people are STILL playing this! This is awesome!!!)
  7. I don't think DOOM was ment to be a competitive game. Just a fun game Any DOOM game
  8. Cuz I'm back! Yes I'm back! Yes I'm, BAAAAAAAAAACK! BAAAAAAAAAACK! Well I'm back in black! Yes I'm Back In Black!

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