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  1. Honestly, chief? While I'm gonna have to agree with everything that you said and I would highly dislike to see great sets being reduced to minifigures, the thing is, if we are to get: video games, movies on the Bionicle and brand new succesful lore I wouldn't mind, so long as the portrayal of the characters wasn't faithful to the toy line in terms of them looking like actual Lego minifigures. while I understand the concept's charm, I would never wish for Bionicle to change so much, either way.
  2. I think it's worth noting that the soundtracks were released under Nathan Furst's name - I would imagine Lego had very little input in the decision to release them, besides giving Furst the permission to doBu But they did show they still care for releasing the soundtracks, I don't know how this types of business works, but I assume Lego did play a major role on the decision of finally releasing the official soundtracks, I think a "no" would've affected their release to the point where they simply wouldn't be released. I understand what you are saying though, I guess we could only hope this is a good sign that is hinting to something better (that being the themes return in the coming years). No offense, but boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  3. I'll be real with you lot, I'm a huge Bionicle fan (just like most of you here are) and I'm wondering, after reading a thread from 2016 asking somewhat the same thing, I'm looking for theories and or any information there might be regarding the return of Bionicle from 2020+ Lego has stated in a tweet about G2's cancelation that a return for Bionicle isn't going to be ruled out of the future. I wanna know your thoughts, is G3 possibly gonna happen within the next few years? While I'm willing to take everyone's opinions, I'm not looking forward to read negatie ones.
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