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  1. Anyone have any bionicle knockoffs for sale?
  2. Anyone have any bionicle knockoffs for sale?
  3. Hi I have a cyclone kraata stage 6 that I would like to trade.
  4. Found this set at a garage sale. Had anyone seen this Before? Maybe a value or a promo set. It says ITEM 497533
  5. I bought a large bionicle box and found some kraata. Three are longer and thinner than normal. The connector area is more of an oval than a circle. Flatter than normal. Has trouble fitting in the rahkshi spine. Don't think anyone melted it.
  6. Found 2 bionicle leg pieces maybe a misprint or a prototype? They look like toa Nokama's legs ,but they have some white. One has more color than the other.
  7. My cousin found some Krana and took a pic to show me. Do you see anything rare?
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