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    I see you with all three of my eyes...or at least I would, if I had three eyes.

    I enjoy BIONICLE, among other aspects of life. I really like to view the ocean, it just seems so mysterious and wide, but beautiful at the same time. I like to play board strategy games like chess, but I also like computer games like LEGO Star Wars, BIONICLE Heroes, and Civilization IV. My favorite LEGO Themes are BIONICLE, Castle, and Exo-Force. I love to read and to write, and am especially fond of fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite book, though, is a Sci-Fi, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

    I currently write short stories and am working on my third novel. None of them are published as of yet.

    I moved from Somewhere over the Rainbow to Under the Sea on January 24th, 2007, 6:17 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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  1. So ha ha ha ha.

  2. To the hacker-Once again, you do not suceed. The admins have told us what to do to avoid PMs like that. Sending them multiple times doesn't work either. You should just quit. Your Pm thing doesn't even work anymore.

  3. I'd like 6 rubies, 9 sapphires, and 3 dino horns. I think that amounts to 150 clicks, which will be given over the course of three or four days. My MLN username is Keerahk, link can be found in my sig. VK
  4. You're welcome. We appreciate what YOU do to, you know, and we want to help. :)

  5. Going great, thanks! Christmas on the way and all! :) How 'bout you? And hello to you as well, Brickeens!

  6. Hi! How's it going? :)

  7. Visorak-kal


    2009 is looking VERY good. Sets have a nice, new style with at least 2 new body-building techniques, which is always good. The whole scheme of things appears interesting, and now this awesome symbol. I'm guessing it is from the 2009 Glatorian game, which probably has something to do with an arena. Sort of like that Bionicle Spinner game from '05 but probably better. Oh, and by the way: take that symbol, and use it as a wallpaper for your desktop, but tile it and make your background color black. That is one nasty lookin' symbol. Oh, and nasty in a good way. VK
  8. Visorak-kal

    Does Greg Lie?

    Very wise words! I personally have NEVER seen a quote where Greg did not tell the truth, and I have read the Official Greg Discussion,(or should I say "Dialogue") topic since 2004. I missed the whole Takua is not Takanuva thing, but I was there for the Dume/Makuta thing. I also write, and I have had one of my brothers and my father read my book(s). I typically answer by saying "can't say" to everything, since the minute I say "no" to something, anytime I say "can't say" it gets taken as yes. I've seen this a gazillion times in the OGD. Greg says "no" to obvious things, like, is Matoro the new character in 2009? Highly unlikely, as he's dead. Yet, because of that, whenever Greg answers "Can't answer it" to something less obvious than 2009 info, a lot of times there's a whole host of ,"Ooh, interesting." and "I think I"m onto something," etc. And a lot of times, the most obvious response when Greg tried to hint you off of something and it turned out to be true is, "Oh, he lied." When in reality, he didn't. It's the easiest response; many times, our subconscious "assumes" (we all know the assume saying), that since Greg persuaded us it was not so, and since it turned out to be true, then Greg lied. You don't immediately think, "Oh, yeah, Greg "hinted" against this, but he never actually said no." Minds just don't work that way. So, I have yet to see a blatant lie, and I don't think we'll be seeing one in the near future. VK
  9. Visorak-kal

    2009 Book Info

    Saddening that there will be less chapter books as those are my favorite story medium, but sales are sales. Hopefully they will rise again and we'll be able to have a good number of books again. Just curious, but you mentioned that you might also be doing some non-BIONICLE writing. What kind of writing do you like to do that's non-BIONICLE? VK
  10. Visorak-kal

    News And Notes

    I noticed the record profit thing on a different site. Always good to hear that LEGO is doing well. By the way, I noticed that BIONICLE did not show any growth for 2007. Do you know how well BIONICLE did end up selling in 07, Greg? Was it up to expecations, was management pleased? The Canada thing is also good news, as is the Mutran Chronicles. Saw that this morning as well! I'm interested to see if we will find out about the Blade Burrowers this year, as many loose ends might be tied up due to the new direction in 2009. VK
  11. Yes, I get what you mean, Kraggh. Bonesiii is by nature a logician, so you thought he wasn't describing personal taste. I see. I didn't mistake Ruthless Elegance, i knew Ruthless described the elegance, I was just giving another take on it. Thok has a ruthless look, but his ruthlessness is elegant, thus an elegance that is ruthless, thus ruthless elegance. See? I get you now, though.
  12. Kraggh, Bonesiii is of course expressing his personal opinon; that cool can be ruthless and elegant. I think what he's trying to say is that you can combine ruthlessness and elegance. Thok is clearly ruthless; a Piraka, a villain. Yet some poses of his (like the bio.com Thok wallpaper, which I think Bonesiii is referring to) have a sort of villain elegance. I also don't think bonesiii is saying that the Toa Nuva/Toa canisters were NOT cool. I think they were cool, yet I agree wholeheartedly with bonesiii's point. What he's trying to explain is that 'new' and 'different' and what can be associated by many as "NOT BIONICLE!" can be BIONICLE, and can be cool. Of course cool is a personal opinion, but what he's saying also is this: Why would a Bionicle customer buy a set? Because its' ugly? No, because to that customer, the set is cool. I got Kalmah and not Mantax because I thought Kalmah was cool and Mantax was not as cool. I got Bahrag, not Boxor, because I thought Bahrag was cooler than Boxor. So, if the majority of customers is buying the Piraka and Inika, they must think they're cool, or they wouldn't really be buying them. Bonesiii's personal views on what is cool must be what the majority thinks, because if they didn't think the sets were cool, BIONICLE's sales would be going down, and BIONICLE would be headed in the direction of your topic a while back; downhill. Bonesiii, care to define 'ruthless' and 'elegant'? What bonesiii is saying, Kraagh, is that ruthless and elegance are two normally different things. But in many cases, they can combine. He used the sun as an example. A ruthless source of body-burning, skull melting heat, yet so elegant in its form. Kalmah, a vicious-looking squid-like creature that will suck your face off, yet he can be elegant in his way, and ruthless elegance (which is the way BIONICLE is headed, so it seems) can be cool. Just cause the PIraka look evil and vicious, doesn't meant they're ugly. They're ruthless, yet elegant, and so can be cool. And it's not really lecturing, Kraagh, it's explaining. And bonesiii, I recently saw some new ToyFair pictures from Wednesday, which you can find around brickshelf, and I've changed my views on Hewkii and some of the Mahri. THey look quite cool, and I they aren't as prototype-looking as the ones from the Saturday night. Hewkii's mask is smoother and much more elegant. VK
  13. This is one of the best blog entries I have seen in a long time. (Okay, not that long, blogs just started. ) I really like your blog, Bonesii, you delve int othe deeper meaning of BIONICLE. I like you as a BZP person (although I don't know you) because you try to find that which is deeper than the outside. I like to do that as well. I don't look at the Mahri alone; I look at what led to the Mahri and how they fit in to the BIONICLE franchise. I agree wholeheartedly on soem points, not so on others. I agree that BIONICLE is headed in the right direction, and that "cool" can be determined by so many things that we consider everyday. Take the sun for example. As you showed, the sun looks like a Zamor sphere. It looks like a Zamor sphere. But it's not. The Barraki were one of the greatest genius BIONICLE ideas ever. Taking oceanic creatures and combining them with BIONICLE's mechanical style, in essence humanizing them. You now have Pridak, Mantax, Ehlek, Carapar, Takadox, and my personal favorite, Kalmah. Where I disagree is the Mahri. I believe the direction was right. Scuba-diver heroes, in essence. Cool. But as they say, right idea, bad execution. Scuba divers are not fish, and while the idea to mix them was "cool", they don't look that great. (Granted, they are prototypes, and the person who posed them tried to make them look bad. ) The Cornak blasters (official name) are okay. I can't say I'm crazy about them, but I wasn't crazy about Squid Launchers at first, but once I got the hang of them, they're actually quite great. But the blasters just seem too big, too bulky. The Mahri themselvse hold mixed feelings. Again, right idea, bad execution. Jaller looks great. Hewkii's mask, IMO, looks horrid. A lot of the designs lack, such as Kongu. Two collectible launchers, and no personal weapon? What I look for in BIONICLE is the innovative, the new, and the just plan awesome. The Barraki had that. The Inika had that. The Piraka had that. The Bahrag had that. Umbra had that. Vezon and Fenrakk had that. The 2007 Titans have that. The Mahri don't for me. Jaller, Hahli, and Hewkii have nice designs. (Excluding Hewkii's mask.) But the ones I like have the innovative, the new, and the plan awesome. The rest do not. Hewkii's arm is a new, great idea. Hahli's wings, amazing. Jaller, just plan awesome. Nuparu, lacking. Matoro, not so well done. Kongu, lacking. See what i mean? But I agree with you that BIONICLE remains strong, remains innovative as a whole franchise, and remains, well, just plan cool. And by the way, those pictures are awesome.
  14. That. Is. Amazing. Couldn't resist. But that is awesome. My brothers and I together have been working on the game; we've got all canisters but one, located in Escape from the Death Star; can't find it anywhere! But a billion studs...that's nice. We're currently trying to get 2 million so we can buy the 2X stud. Then again, we've only got half an hour each...but eh, it works. 72%, not bad for myself. Perhaps you should get a life, Binkmeister..then again, what life is there better than LEGO? J/k. Can't blame you. It. Is. Addictive! VK
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