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  1. Hi there. This it the review topic for my Expanded Multiverse Epic, Dual Sides.The story is broken up into two parts running roughly side by side to each other. The half revolving around Vanus will be listed as Chapters, where as the other half revolving around Darque will be listed as Acts. There will be parts where they intersect, and they will be listed as both.Feel free to post any comments or criticism. Thanks.
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    Dual Sides

    Dual Sides This is the story of two radically different beings whose destinies are linked. Two parts of one whole. Two sides of the same coin. They don't know it yet, but their worlds will soon collide, and set them on a course that could change their lives forever. And so it begins... ~~~ Chapter 1: An Enlightened Beginning Vanus lay back in the eye of the giant Hapori Tohu statue on the central island of BZ-Koro and watched the sun set on Alarist.Technically it wasn't really a sun but the Alarist cargo star, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you know about Vanus and his past.At first glance, Vanus appears to be your average gold and red Toa, but he's not exactly a normal Toa. Vanus is the combined form of two Energized Protodermis altered Matoran, Astris Janus and Vakarma. During an incident with a Olmak Anomaly, Vakarma's fusion ability went haywire and he and A-Janus were fused. Normally this wouldn't be a problem; Astris and Vakarma fused often to form Vanus. But this time they couldn't unfuse. Now, Vanus was stuck and there was nothing he could do. Other than help others with his own powers.Anyway, as Vanus watched the cargo star set, he considered his current situation. I'm a protector, he thought, and I'm good at it but... I need to find a new challenge. He closed his eyes for a moment, before it came to him.I'll go to Enigma! he thought. It will be the ultimate challenge. I'll bring together all the Olmak Totems and use my energy manipulation to lower the spatial distortions and chaos. I'll take a video device with me and send a live feed back to my gadget for recording. He stood up, the sheepish expression he was wearing now replaced with one of excitement.Just then, a gadget climbed into the eye where Vanus was standing. It had a news of a bank robbery in Wiki-Nui displayed on it. Vanus examined the report before looking towards the shores of Wiki-Nui. "Just got to finish this first," he said, and beckoned to the gadget. It jumped up and latched itself onto his arm. Vanus closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. As he inhaled, his toa tools (a pair of scythes and a pair of fire great-swords) appeared on his back and reformed into the framework of a pair wings. As he exhaled, golden energy flowed between the blades and formed what would be the wing membrane.Vanus opened his eyes and took flight to Wiki-Nui. *** Night had fallen over Alarist. At the northern tip of Wiki-Nui, the Olmak Totem to Izumalcould be found. This was Vanus' first target. There are a few reasons for this choice. Mainly, it was because there was no Interplanetary Transport Hub for it, so it was rather easy to take. Also, because it was the totem to the 'Enlightened' planet, no one bothered to go to it.Vanus slowly approached the totem. He was being careful, and was making sure to keep a lookout for other beings and Olmak Anomalies. Actually, it was more about the anomalies than other people. Ever since the fusion, he had always had problems with anomalies. They made his powers go haywire, which, in turn, could cause him to unintentionally activate Olmak Totems. Another side-effect of the fusion was that, after transporting through a set of totems, he couldn't go through the same set of totems again for twenty-four hours. If he tried, the totems would send a powerful discharge of energy through him, shocking him. He would either have to wait for the effect to wear off, or find another set totem to go through.Vanus lifted the totem from its pedestal and began to walk away. He grinned. “Nothing to it,” he said to himself. “Piece of ca-“Before he could finish his sentence, Vanus tripped over a rock. He gasped as he hit the ground, still grasping onto the Olmak Totem. He examined it. It looked the same as before. He breathed a sigh of relief. “Nothing broken,” he said, “and nothing has happened to me.”Those words he soon regretted.After he said that sentence, an Olmak Anomaly appeared nearby. Vanus’ hands began to glow blue, and the glow then spread to the totem. Vanus had a look of distress now.“Oh Karaz-“Next thing he knew, Vanus was flat on his stomach in a small, silver chamber. He got up and realised that there was an Olmak Totem behind him. He turned to examine it. It had the emblem for central on it.And then there was a voice.“The inhabitants of Izumal ask that you go back,” it said, “or face the consequences.”Vanus looked at his hand. He moved it nearer to the Olmak Totem. Blue static jumped between his hand and the totem. If he tried to touch it, he would be shocked. He turned away from the totem. “I can’t.”“And why not?” the voice asked.“I can’t go back through a set of totems twice in a row,” Vanus said, trying to remain calm. “If I try, I will be severally shocked.”“Interesting,” the voice said with a tinge of curiosity. “This means that you must be sent to the criminal camps.”Vanus panicked. “No,” he said. “No! I just need a day for the effect to wear off!”His words did nothing to help his situation. There was a swirl of silver, and he was in barren metal desert. Vanus was stranded on Enlightened. ~~~
  3. Awesome Hidron!Never thought about Tron and Bionicle meeting, but it's amazing! Can't wait to see Takanuva. He will be on a light-cycle right?Astris Janus
  4. Suva.Thought I'd make it reasonably simple. ^_^Astris Janus
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  6. Ah, great. And just as my computer decides to fail on me. Anyway, I'll be fine with anything once I get my computer running and/or get a scanner. But, the agent, the hovertower, and the ITH interior do catch my interest. But still, I'm fine with anything. Astris Janus
  7. *gasp* omg, omg, OMG! I can't believe I won in...*counts art slots* 5 different catagories! Thank you guys! Anyway, congrats to all the other winners. Lots of that art was really impressive. Ironicly enough, when I made the Element Key with that crystal, I actually intended for it to be an indicator of what element it was charged with. Or maybe bones/Swert/Ojhilom realized that that was intended? Astris Janus
  8. Art Slot: Olmak Splitting Art Slot: Clash Logo Art Slot: Thunder Logo Art Slot: Space Kohli Logo Art Slot: Element Key There! All of my entries for now. Next up, a hovercraft hopefully. Good luck to all! Astris Jauns
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    Multiverse: 1 Warzone: 1 Shattered: 2 Enlightened: 2 Good Luck! Astris Janus
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