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  1. i'm not a witch, i'm your wife! but after what you just said i'm not even sure i want to be that any more!

  2. "But that's not what he said - he distinctly said 'To blave' and as we all know, to blave means to bluff, heh? So you were probably playing cards, and he cheated..."

  3. And just a heads up, some naughty language as well...

  4. Just take out the space in face book and you should be good. all our songs are in the videos section

  5. ah, thank you! i was just browsing for stuff for my calculus project and came across that site

  6. Congrats on the news story~

  7. yes i do!

    thatd be cool to hearr

  8. lol we're called The Blatants, and we do mostly comedic punk. We do have a f.ace book if you wanna hear some of our stuff!

  9. :0000000 no! duuuuude that sounds awesome

  10. Sounds like a blast lol. Well, my band is actually getting started really well! Did i tell you I had a band? :D

  11. mostly school! im taking the sat on saturday and finals are that week XO

  12. lol that's pretty helpfull. So what have you been up to the manny years we've never talked?

  13. :D! i forgot my password for a while! hoe terrible of me
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