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Name: The Face-Stealer

Origins: Okoto

Current Location: Okoto

Powers: Varies, depends on eaten masks

Status: Alive

Goals: Eat the mask of Ultimate Power


The Face-Stealer is a Greater cousin of the skull spider, and the last of its species. The Face-Stealer resides in small, hidden cave on the highest mountain the icy regions of Okoto, and only comes out to feed. The beast eats Masks of power, and gains the powers of the masks it eats. They, like their skull spider cousins, attach to the ace of their victim, but instead of parasitically controlling them, they rip of their mask, and eats it.   The current specimen that resides in Okoto has eaten almost every known mask that exists, and is highly intelligent from doing so. It heard of the legendary mask of Ultimate power, and is on the hunt for it.


Entry Picture


Gallery (when public) 






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It's an interesting concept and I think you did a good job with it. The color scheme is pretty straight forward and the model is looks pretty nice. I don't know if the entry picture does it full justice though, since by itself it doesn't appear very fearsome. I suppose looks can be deceiving though.



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