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  1. Protector of Ice: Hey, I thought you said that you don't slip- Kopaka: This Isn't slipping, this is sliding with style!
  2. Vezok: ...Shorty. Nuparu: What did you just call me!?
  3. Mata Nui: Ackar... We're lost, aren't we? Ackar: ...Yes.
  4. Mata Nui: D'you like the blade and mask I just forged? Ackar (OS): Uh, Mata Nui? Aren't you supposed to let it cool first before you put them on? Mata Nui: ...so that's why my hand and face feel like they're burning...
  5. Metus Look-alike #1: Go, Straak! Tear his arms off! Metus Look-alike #2: Hey... Why do we all look the same? Did the animators get lazy or- Metus Look-alike #1: Shut up! Nobody would notice if you don't point it out!
  6. Brutaka: You're just jealous that I've got a bigger weapon than you! Axxon: At least mine looks like a proper weapon!
  7. Jaller: You can't get me! Not when I use my mask of Plot armour! Piraka (OS): Curses! Foiled again!
  8. Kiina: The game's up, Nektann! Now everyone knows about your Cloning machine scheme! All the Skakdi: Curses! Foiled again!
  9. Great Being (OS): Hey Mata Nui, don't step on that Banana peel! Mata Nui: What Banana peel- (Cartoonish slipping sound effect)
  10. Mata Nui: You just wish browsing the Internet looked this cool...
  11. Well... Looks like It's time to finally come out of Retirement. One question though; are Driders/Spider folk allowed, or is it just vanilla spiders?
  12. You just wish your Cereal commercials were this cool. (whew, i'm on a roll here. maybe I should get back to posting more regularly on this site...)
  13. Mata Nui: I have to go now, my planet needs me! (Note: Everyone but Mata Nui died whilst he was on the way back to his home planet)
  14. Matoro: Uh oh... We're trapped in here with them! Jaller: No we're not! They're trapped in here with us! Matoro: Oh for god's sake, Jaller...
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