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Glace Mistress of Ice

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It is good to see you all again.  Last time I was here we were bidding a tearful good-bye to Bionicle.  Now that with its return so have my creative juices.  I MOC'ed a bit with Hero Factory, but the change in systems from Rookie year to Fire Lord to Savage Planet left a sour taste for the line.


I had a long description in mind for this one, but in the end, I just wanted to make a female version of the Protectors.  As far as I know, there are both genders in all the tribes.  The first, Glace, is adapted from an earlier design when I saw a preview of the Protector sets.




Glace is an Ice Guardian.  She has two jobs.  The first is to train the Protector to serve the Toa.  The second is to provide leadership should the Toa and the Protector both be absent.  She drills her tribe's Protector fiercely.  Her Shield-flake is strong enough to take shots from his blaster.  But at the end of the day, they are good friends who share the same goal: protecting the Ice Tribe.

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"Honor those the dragons heed, in thought and favor, word and deed"

"Worlds are lost and worlds are saved, from those dangers dragons brave"



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Ohh I like the idea of a female Protector. And the helmet is similar enough to pass as a variant to the protector helmet :D

Aside from maybe the feet, she doesn't look that feminine to me though, Perhaps that's not a bad thing seeing as she is meant to be a warrior.

Edit: I really like the use of the Nuva chestpiece. 

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