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I Exist

Completing my collection

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It's been a while since I last came here some maybe I will be luckier this time.

During the years, I had the chance to put my hand on every Bionicle set, mask, krana, kraate, comic, book, etc. Name it.

I also had the chance to get some rarer items that I'm still looking for from time to time.

To make it short, I'm looking for any rare items not on this pic, so basically the other 5 VMKK, the GPKKs, the SSKK, the trans-orange kraata, 

the white matatu, the light blue kaukau and the 5 other protodermic masks. It's all I miss to have a complete collection (minus the Platinum Avokhii, of couse).


Anyone can help ? 




I Exist

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"I feel far far away from everything I've ever known, but when I look back, I think of you"
Credits to Eeko for the banner. Lewa is awesome.

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