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  1. I'm interested in 10201, 10202 and 10204, How much for each ?
  2. I'm interested in Kardas mostly, but might considering buying more. However, I am in Canada so... well.
  3. Thanks for compliling all these info. I had the Bionicle Quest for the Masks boardgame and I am myself a Bionicle geek, so I knew most of it, except for that new info you got from Mr. Swinnerton. It was really an enjoyable read. I honestly wish some parts of the original lore was kept intact. I can't help but wonder what would Bionicle have been if the Maori lawsuit never occured... (How I wish these people would have just let it go and accept it as a tribute to their cultures instead of taking their war horses). The original, mystical lore, which was kept mostly intact in 2001 through MNOG is really what got me into Bionicle in the first place, and even tough I still enjoyed the line when it became more Sci-Fi driven, I still wish there would have been a place for that part of Bionicle (which again was mostly toss out because of the lawsuit and the complain of thoses so called worried people that Bionicle might be pushing religious ideas on people). Also, M. Sinnerton's idea of the Makuta is closer to how I actually imagine the entity in the first place. I think they should've kept that idea, but I'm still glad of the character we got in the end too. I would love to hear someday about what were Thompson ''7 books'' of Bionicle, but that will remain a mystery I fear. Well, thanks again for the great read!
  4. I own the gold kanoka. It is certified 14k gold, but it's probably plated. Judging by the weight, it's absolutely not plastic. Perhaps metal or silver. However, I'm not sure why they would bother make the inside of sterling silver simply to have it plated with 14k gold afterward so my guest is simply metal. As you might assume, I'm not willing to cratch it just to find out what is underneath the gold.
  5. Metru Blue Matatu Prototype ? Could you provide pictures ? I am interested.
  6. Might be. We are far from the prime days. However I think it's normal. We are far from the prime days of Bionicle as well, considering it has ended. I used to be active a lot back in the days. I started checking the forum back in 2002 and only joined a few years after that. I was mostly around for the Bionicle news, the storyline and theories as well as the Artwork forum. I used to run a comic serie there. I was also active on the Buy/Sell/Trade topic back then. When Bionicle G1 ended, I stopped most of my activities, and when I completed my collectibles collection to a satifying extend, I stopped being active. However, I always kept on checking the forum regulary and I still do, even tough I rarely post anymore. I had a great time on Bzpower as a kid and as a teenager, and I'll always be a Bionicle fan, even tough I'm 24 now. I'ld be sad to see the forum close for good, and I think we are far from that. I just don't have much time to be active here anymore.
  7. I don't think G1 went wrong at any point. I do agree that it was FAR from perfection. However, looking back on it, I think it was a great run. It served it's purpose right at keeping my 7 to 15 years old self entertained. It was a great sci-fi fanstasy story crowded with mysteries, action, plot-twist and a touch of humour here and there. It successfully built a extended universe full of lovable characters and enjoyable adventures. Was it cheesy at time ? Yes it was. Could it have been better ? Probably. Could they make a better job with it today then how it was done back then ? I don't think so. It did an unbelievable job considering it was only meant to promote and market a line of toys. I enjoyed every part of it while it lasted even though it may not have been the best storytelling ever. Even though my 22 years old self can now see all the flaws Bionicle G1 holds, it doesn't make it any less enjoyable then it was for me back in the days.
  8. I was always under the impression that calling out for a Bitil, let's say, from 5 years ago, would be a lot of work for nothing. I would assume that Bitil would call out his past selves from let's say, a second ago, or a few minutes ago. In that way, Bitil can make himself a one man army and give more damage, yet all the damage taken by the differents Bitil would be all given to the original one as the Bitils that are sent back a few seconds in the past do not heal. Then, if one of them ends up dying, it would only rewrite the storyline of the past few seconds, which would ultimately leads to Bitil's death with more or less few seconds earlier or later. Ultimately, it would then be pointless for Bitil to send any warnings to his past self from a few seconds, so he would not, so no paradoxes would occur.
  9. I wish I had the money for this, but I don't. Maybe someday if you don't sell them on this sale. Good luck with that! I Exist
  10. Well, I have Gali and Pohatu. Not sure if I want to sell them though. Depends on what you offer.
  11. Depending on what you are willing to offer, I have some VMKK and one WMKK.
  12. It's been a while since I last came here some maybe I will be luckier this time. During the years, I had the chance to put my hand on every Bionicle set, mask, krana, kraate, comic, book, etc. Name it. I also had the chance to get some rarer items that I'm still looking for from time to time. To make it short, I'm looking for any rare items not on this pic, so basically the other 5 VMKK, the GPKKs, the SSKK, the trans-orange kraata, the white matatu, the light blue kaukau and the 5 other protodermic masks. It's all I miss to have a complete collection (minus the Platinum Avokhii, of couse). Anyone can help ? I Exist
  13. Every scar will build my throne

  14. Sometimes ago, on the official Bionicle facebook, it was hinted that their was some tribute to an ancient Bionicle era in the new storyline. Most people found out it was the Vahi in the animations. Still, as I think about it, their is much to more to this than just an easter egg. Why would they put the Vahi as an easter egg (and only the vahi) and not a more iconic mask like the 01 Hau or the Ignika ? Well, some lego people said their would be a mask of time in the new storyline (a full mask). We also know that time is a major theme in G2. Why would they choosed to re-use the Vahi design instead of having a new one ? Another major theme in G2 are the mask makers. Guest who was a mask maker as well ? Vakama. The very same Vakama who forged the Vahi (hidden in every single video). If their is a link between G1 and G2, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be related to Vakama. Maybe something happened with the mask of time and Vakama in G1 that created the G2 storyline ? Or maybe Vakama is the wise and old mask maker that actually created the legendary mask in G2 (Time, Creation, Control and potentialy life) and has nothing to do with the G1 version ? Who knows. But my guest is that Vakama will be back somehow. That would also explain why the Protector of Fire, who is similar to Vakama, was not called Vakama, but is instead refer to as Malu or something (that's what has been said in another topic). What do you think ? Do you think that Vakama, the mask maker from G1, who made the Vahi, as a role to play in G2 ?
  15. I'm mostly looking on selling the sets, but most people are interested in the masks nowadays. I've always been a little reluctant when it comes at selling masks, even my doubles, and I may have a tendency to over price them, so we'll do it this way : Name what masks you want and tell me how much you're willing to pay and we'll see if we can make a deal.
  16. Well I have 4 other used moltoran in great condition and a kohrak that comes with a box.
  17. The title says it all! I have some brand new sealed in the box set for sale. The boxes have never been open and are in perfect condition. I have the following sets : Hewki (x2) Hafu (x2) Kopeke Hahli Matoro So, make an offer! I also have some kanohi for sale. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Nicotheory/Haves/20141222_152157.jpg
  18. Some of you may have seen the 6 planets of the 6 Toa pictured on the wall of history prophecy in the prophecy of Heroes episode. Does that mean that their are many inhabited planets other than the Okoto planet ? And what about that big planet from which Kopaka comes from ? Is that planet Bara Magna ? What do you think ?
  19. If your Hafu is in great condition and complete, I may take it. How much would you want ? And how much would it cost to ship to Canada ?
  20. I actually think this set is real great. Looks better than most protectors to date, but still not as great as The Protector of Stone and Jungle. I think he is my number 3 for now.
  21. Yeah, I'm talking about the 2003 matoran that played kolhii. Some people call them MoLtoran because they were release at the same time as the movie Mask of Light, so every matoran has their special name. 01 - McToran 03 - MoLtoran 04 - Metruan 06 - Voyatoran 07 - Mahritoran 08 - Av-matoran Well. That was a while back. Thanks for looking Tell me if you find them. I-Exist
  22. Hi I'm looking for the following 2003 Moltoran. - Kopeke - Matoro - Hafu - Hahli
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