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  1. Hey I've decided to part ways with a lot of the sets in my collection. Almost all the sets are complete but I'll check for completeness to see if there are some of them small pieces or broken pieces I'm I'll have to Bricklink if you decide you want them. All the sets are complete in box and most come with instructions. I'll only accept deals if they are above 300 dollars but the more for one order the better. Here is a list of what I have. Sets 2002 Master builder $65.00 2004 Toa metru $120.00 2004 Vahki $50.00 2004 nidhiki $45.00 2004 Krekka $45.00 2004 Turaga Duma $45.00 2004 Toa Lhikan $65.00 2005 Hordika $100.00 2005 Visorak $80.00 2005 Rahaga $50.00 2005 keetongu (water Damaged box) $40.00 2005 sidorak $45.00 2015 Battle of metru nui 2005 roodaka $75.00 2007 nuparu Mahri $30.00 2007 hahli Mahri $25.00 2007 motoro Mahri (Sealed) $60.00 2007 Morak $13.00 2007 nocturn $85.00 2007 karzahni Missing the Two Matoran $120.00 2007 hydraxon $100.00 2007 Toa Terrain Crawler $100.00 2008 phantoka $120.00 2008 matoran of light $65.00 2008 Takanuva $80.00 2008 Makuta Icarax $100.00 2008 yellow jetrax $260.00 2009 strakk $13.00 2009 Vorox $13.00 2009 Tuma $50.00 2001 powerpack (Sealed) $200.00 2009 scorpio xv-1 Missing Rider $80.00 2015 Tahu $45.00 2015 Kopaka $45.00 2015 Onua $40.00 2015 Lewa $35.00 2015 Gali $35.00 2015 Pohatu $30.00 2015 Skull Basher $30.00 2015 Skull Warrior $30.00 2015 Skull slicer $30.00 2016 lava beast $60.00 2016 Storm beast $65.00 2016 quake beast $50.00 Comics 4 Brick Master Exclusive Comics $200.00 Graphic Novels 1-9 $160.00 Chapter books Chronicles 1-4 and mask of light $12.00 Adventures 1,3-10 $25.00 Legends 1-9,11 $30.00 Raid on Vulcanus and Legend reborn $5.00 Island of Lost masks $3.00
  2. Hey I'm looking to complete my Bionicle set collection. Right now Im looking for sets with the box and instructions it however doesn't need to be sealed. I lost sets that have have the box but don't have the set. But mainly looking for sets that I don't have the box for at the moment. If you have a lot than I'm missing on the list please dm me!
  3. Hello people of BZpower I'm trying to complete the entire book/comic collection of bionicle, for the most part it has been rather easy, however, there has been a few difficulties that I would like to fill in my collection. The one I am most interested in would be the brickmaster alt cover exclusives, specifically comic 26. I am also looking for the 3 mcdonalds mini comics and the unmasked comics which are also difficult to find. The sdcc comic from 2003 I am also looking for as well to see if I can find a better price than 40 dollars. Thanks and if there is any weird rare bionicle books please personal message me as I would be interested if I don't have it. I also have many masks willing to trade that I will update later with the list.
  4. Go for it. But I remember someone did that with mnog and it didn't turn out too well. So idk. Id buy it tho
  5. Hello BZP I've been interested in finally completing my bionicle set collection and I thought that listing it on here to see if anyone has any spare sets to sell to me rather than waiting for any better deals on ebay. Anyway the list of sets I need are (all complete with the box or sealed) want list: Rahaga: Gaaki Pouks Kualus Norik Bomonga Iruini Rahi: Nui-jaga Master Builder click Titans: Irnakk Mutran and Vican Makuta Icarax Mazeka Vehicle: Rockoh T3 Jetrax T6 Jetrax T6 Yellow cendrox V1 Kaxium V3 Thronatus V9 Matoran 08' Tanma Solek Photok Radiak Gavla Kirop Agori: Raanu Other: Toa mata Canister bonus Posters (all 6) 2016 Red brainstock Umerak Selling Metru Blue Matatu Prototype Trans Lime Green Miru x2 NYCC 2014 Tahu Mask SDCC 2015 Scorpio Mask Nuva Masks ( list Updated Later) Krana (list Updated Later) PM if you are interested. And Willing to trade if you have anything on the want list or lower the price for what I'm selling. I'm also willing to pay in cash if we can make a fair deal.
  6. Hello Last summer I bought the metru red huna and metru blue blue matatu from mc last summer and I am now willing to part with them now that I've decided to not get to deep into the whole collectible mask business. I am only willing to sell them though if I get the right price so please message me if you are interested thanks! Bionicleforever 12
  7. launch bonkle with a brand new theatrical movie. Ditch 6 heroes and make it more similar to 09 and make sure that each character has a unique personality.
  8. are you sure it is a combo or are you assuming by what you have been trying to build? I will probably get duplicates of them all to try and build this
  9. I would be be willing to buy them individually to complete my set
  10. Sealed kopaka Nuva set in 2011... Kopaka was my favourite Toa so I was pretty happy
  11. It's value pack that is only available in certain stores I think... I saw one go on eBay for too Much lol ... Like $300
  12. G2 defiantly could've done better with the story more of just "fight bad guys and collect masks" I have not read the chapter books yet but I don't think my opinion will change much... As for the sets they are good I just feel like they are still in the awkward half smooth half textured look. And we need bigger Titans!
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