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  1. The use of the Shoretrooper's skirt works very well. EKnight
  2. Very chunky. I like. It's pretty good for a first build from a long drought. Hope to see more! EKnight
  3. You really put the "Yo yo" into "Yo yo, Piraka" EKnight
  4. Hello all. The noble Ruru is my favorite Kanohi. so I went and built a MOC for each and every one. I'll start by showing off the entire line up. as I slowly take pictures and edit them, I'll post them here. Don't expect close ups all at once. The Court of Lord Brakkon Brakkon himself is one of my older MOCs at this point, but his chair is recent. Here is a shot of Brakkon himself: Lord Brakken (1) And here is Tallon, the Fire Seer. Tallon, the Fire Seer Tell me what you think! EKnight
  5. Chibi Tahu is adorable. Heck, all the miniatures are adorable, and quite good for the scale! I will definitely try to aquire this as soon as possible when its released. I am a fan of a lot of these themes, and own a few of the original sets. I am also looking forward to seeing the actual 90th anniversary set. Castle is good and fine in my books. It's not Bionicle or Blacktron, but castle is fine. EKnight
  6. Kyle Katarn may have met his match in Jerac! Jerac I had Kyle Katarn buitl ages ago, but I had already posted him here (And Jan Ors), but Jerac I had not! From Dark Forces II Jedi Knight. EKnight
  7. Ooooh, I have a perfect MOC for this. It's been sitting, un photographed for a couple years, so I should maybe touch it up, but it will fit perfectly. You say to use this handy form to submit. What handy form is it? EKnight
  8. This. I read this, and my opinion on the cannon contest went from "Meh, whatever" to "I agree with this statement fully" The highlighted line sums it up PERFECTLY why these contests shouldn't exist. I used to kinda always want to build my own Toa Hagah, and now that these "official" ones are there, I have no desire to build my own. Plus, you can't even build the ones int he artwork cause they changed the colours. The masks I'm willing to let slide. EKnight
  9. I am quite fond of the laser eye effect. Overall a great revamp. EKnight
  10. These combo models are all absolutely excellent. Most of them put a lot of the official ones to shame. I think my favorite part is those beefy rahkshi legs. The Mahri Nui ray, while simple, is super great. EKnight
  11. A very solid looking MOC. Colour choice is nice, and all the parts flow together well. EKnight
  12. I figured this guy was better to be posted in this subforum, as he is made almost completely out of non-Bionicle parts. And yes, he is as poseable as the original, plus an extra joint in the neck! Brickbuilt Tahu by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I tried to keep the scale as close as possible to the original set, but he ended up being a little big. Brickbuilt Tahu by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr After seeing this picture, I feel like I ought to give him a golden Hau now. Now sure if all the parts exist, though. Brickbuilt Tahu by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I'm not 100% sold on the mask, but I am 100% sold on my arm. EKnight
  13. Ooooh, this is very nice. I want one! EKnight
  14. The Bionicle that is Chrome and turquoise. Wanted to post a decent MOC for my 100th post, so I figured I'd post this guy. Cause what's more special than a chrome Hau? Chroturq Chroturq Chroturq Chroturq Chroturq There is.... No back story to this guy. I just wanted to use the Chrome Hau. Ek
  15. A very interesting concept. End result is rather odd, to say the least, but also kind of cool. Think you'll dot he reverse now? 2015 toa in the Mata colours? EKnight
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