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  1. No worries mate I’m not in a huge rush, so happy to go with the flow If the thread is still up the listing is still available
  2. Hey there! I am flexible on price and happy to have a chat about it to negotiate. You're more than welcome to shoot me a message if you like to discuss
  3. Need to make space so I’m selling my spare Kanohi Masks. $600 USD + shipping. This is a great way to score a heap of masks all at once and also save on shipping. The Nuva masks are a complete set of the main 6 colours, plus a Lewa protodermis mask. I’m only looking to sell as a single bulk lot as I don’t have the time to be doing multiple post office trips. With that said I am open to negotiation on price (within reason) 😄 If you have any questions or would like some extra photos please do let me know.
  4. Oh shoot! Totally forgot about those, they were way outside my budget when I collected these a while back so had written them off! Just updated the title to more correct And thanks! I put a lot of work and though into coming up with the nicest possible display
  5. Here's my 3D model for a life-size replica of Lewa's axe. I 3D modelled it from scratch and at some stage I'll 3D print it as well. I 3D modelled it with Autodesk Inventor and used using the LEGO part as reference. I then rendered it in Keyshot where I customised the colours and textures to add some further character. I work in the film industry as a Prop Maker, so I do 3D projects like this in my spare time for fun 😃 If you're curious about my film work, I post it to a seperate Instagram account to my LEGO builds: https://www.instagram.com/jonah_pope_design/
  6. I’ve not built anything with my Bionicle parts since I was a kid. A few months ago though I got my parts out for the first time since then and had a go at making my own properly custom build. I’m rather pleased with the end result considering it’s been so long. The design ended up having quite the bruiser/brute look to him and a surprising amount of character. Looking forward to making some more stuff down the line! 😃
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