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  1. IC: Daijuno & Zyla | The Great Takea Back in the day, I might have made more out of the idea of eating Zataka; fortunately for everyone involved, I've greatly matured since then. "I'm afraid that I was never much of a cook, even back home," I replied. "Mostly noodle carts and such. But I can ask around, see what recipes people brought over with them, what they might still have in their heads." I hesitated just then, instinctively reaching into my pocket for another cigar, only stopping because I knew that if I kept doing that whenever asking an awkward question, it would quickly become a tell. See: maturation. "And, listen... the offer's still on the table, if you ever want," I added, "to figure out more about your... memories." OOC: @Vezok's Friend -Void
  2. Any culinary-minded Dasaka in Ga-Koro at the moment? Daijuno will be looking for recipes from Kentoku soon. Thank you!
  3. IC: Daijuno | The Great Takea I took the water and drank without thinking, my gaze fixed on Zyla. She, of course, nodded politely and did as she was told, digging into the rest of the soup. "This is very generous of you, my lady," she said between spoonfuls -- more restrained now that the fiercest pangs of hunger had subsided -- before adding, "and your food is very delicious. I see why your establishment has such an abundance of patronage." Meanwhile, I piped up and added, "Rhow, you're a real lifesaver here. If there's something I can do to repay you, help you out... you let me know, okay?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend -Void
  4. IC: Vyartha | The Iron Mahi, Second Passenger Compartment My flash of fear at Nikarra's collapse passed to understanding. An Iden -- smart woman. My hand drifting back to the hilt of my blade, I pulled the hood of my cloak back over my head, trying to obscure the way that I passed my gaze over the compartment. There were three other passengers other than myself and Nikarra: the Toa of, at a guess, Gravity who had been lingering by the compartment door; another Toa of Fire who now seemed to be questioning him; and a Vortixx who seemed to be travelling with the same. The Toa of Gravity was saying something about-- "--some kind of a break, if you take my meaning. Something medical. And, I mean, look; that’s just not the kind of problem I know how to solve. But I come to thinking, there have to be sentinels on board, am I right? Maybe they can do something -- something nice and nonviolent. Calm the poor guy down." And yet -- I could not quite put my finger on it -- there was something about the way that he spoke, the way that he used his hands, which felt off to me. But to confront him would be to leave Nikarra open to attack. Better to let the other two handle this. A kahu in a coal mine, as the saying goes. OOC: @Goose@oncertainty@Tarn@Vezok's Friend -Void
  5. IC: Gunner | The Dancing Crab "Allllll right, everyone, let's shuffle this back a bit," I said, raising my hands up while shooting a look over at Lohkar and Taleen. "No need for any funny business here. This is just an interview, after all -- not like Lash here is asking for our first-born's hand in marriage or something. "Now, I'm not a big fan of 'kuta-skulls either," I said, glancing from Lohkar to Lash and back again, "but I reckon I've done some dirty things to get by in past, too. And seems to me that if a few things had gone a little different in my life, I'd likely be sitting where you are now, staring at the same faces, with the same kahu 'round my neck. And, now, it's ultimately down to the Captain to decide, but I'm at least of the mind that you should be able to walk out of here on two legs, if not with a contract in hand. "If only because we've got enough connections with the guard to be able to corroborate your little act of good samaritan-ship, and because we've fought enough of those Rahks back when Makuta fell that yours, quite frankly, shouldn't be too much of a problem if you are in fact up to no good. At which point, yeah, sure, I'd probably have to kill you. But let's at least leave that in the conditional tense, for now." OOC: @Nato G@Snelly@Ghosthands -Void
  6. IC: Gunner | The Dancing Crab You'd be amazed at how many two-bit circus tumblers try to pass themselves off as some kinda Rahk-tamer nowadays. Far be it from me to judge someone on how they make a widget in this crazy world -- I've been a little too wanted-for-illegal-arms-dealing in my time to throw the first stone -- but you'd think after the first guy got his face torn off by a Rahkshi he had "conquered," it would have sent a clear message to the rest of these bozos. Still, ever since Makuta fell, you travel far enough along a coast or wander down a trade road, and you're bound to find Rahkshi thrashing about in steel cages, forged Rahkstaffs sold by the bushel for clout-seekers, and the occasional three-Matoran-dressed-in-a-suit-of-scrap-armour routine trying to sucker some poor rubes out of their hard-earned grocery money. So, you'll have to forgive me if I took Lash's claim with more than a single grain of salt. "You've got a pet Rahk, hm?" I said. "Tough things to come by. Ever tougher to domesticate. How'd you manage yours?" OOC: @Nato G@Ghosthands -Void
  7. OOC: That's a very fair point. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi Rynekk rubbed his chin at Ember's suggestion. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting yet more distance between himself and Ga-Koro, not when he and Kale had already made plans to interrogate Leah Maru. But he had to admit to himself that Kale would do just as good a job of that as Rynekk himself could -- even better, perhaps. Even the thought of the Maru sent his stomach into knots, his blood pressure spiking. No, Kale was the best man for the job. They didn't need him over there. Not like they needed you in Ko-Koro. Rynekk shook his head. He needed to focus. "I'll follow your lead, then, teach," he said, smiling, climbing into the skiff with Ember. "You coming, Brukin?" OOC: @Perp@Krayzikk -Void
  8. IC: Vyartha | The Iron Mahi, Second Passenger Compartment The figure who had been chipping at the veneer of his table stood up and passed us. I glanced back at him. I had guessed correctly that he was heading to the compartment door, but when he merely stood by it and looked through its window, with no movement made to open it, I could not help but feel something spark in the back of my mind. I let my body tense itself, coiling even as I turned my attention back to Nikarra, trying to find the right words for her. When none arrived, I choose the first words that came to me. "The first battle of Kini-Nui," I said. "I fought in that when I was still a Ta-Matoran. The First Toa had ventured deep beneath the earth to challenge Makuta, with only a ragtag band of Matoran to hold the line at the temple's entrance. Captain Jaller had led us all the way there from Ta-Koro, until we could smell the stench of infected Kanohi where we stood. 'For the Toa!' he had shouted, sword in hand, his voice nearly drowned out by the roar of Rama wings beating the air, screaming their way towards. 'For Mata Nui!' We were fighting the good fight, you see? For god, against the devil. In the name of heroes against villains. That's what made it worthwhile. "That's what made all those deaths worthwhile." My body felt like a metal spring that had coiled so tightly it had gone brittle -- and would snap at any point. "Maybe when the First Toa didn't come back... that's when all this started. Even before I glimpsed the void through that infected mask. Maybe I glimpsed it then and there. Maybe that's what I'm trying to... fix. Escape. I do not know. All I know is that if there is nothing... higher than this... then it's just us. Throwing ourselves into the fray, over and over. It's all just blood." OOC: @oncertainty@Goose -Void
  9. IC: Daijuno & Zyla | The Great Takea "Piraka's what they call the Chaotic Six on this side of the Eternal Sea," I said. I had placed a hand on Zyla's shoulder, shooting a grateful look over to Rhow as I did -- she was already proving to be a woman worth her weight in salt, and this only settled it. Reflexively, I almost had Zyla make a note to pay the bartender back for her generosity, before I thought better of it. Instead, I gave my old assistant's shoulder a squeeze. "It's a lot to take in," I added. "Especially on an empty stomach." Zyla just looked back at me with those strange, empty eyes. I had never seen that before in her gaze -- she had always been bright, intuitive, with a twinkle in her eyes that the world couldn't snuff out, no matter how hard it tried. I had always respected that in her, even to the point of annoyance. By 'taka, it was one of the reasons I brought her on in the first place. To see her like this now.... I opened my mouth again, trying to fill the silence, but she was already turning to face Rhow. "It was terribly impolite of me, my lady," she said, bowing her head, "and especially so in light of your generosity. My sincerest apologies." OOC: @Vezok's Friend -Void
  10. IC: Gunner | The Dancing Crab "So it does, Tal..." I raised my glass to the new woman, Lash, gesturing for her to come over to the table and join us. "The captain's highly distractible, miss," I said, "so I can handle your intake, if you'd like. Name's Gunner, first mate and quartermaster of the 'Vika. Why don't you tell us a little bit 'bout yourself?" OOC: @Snelly@Nato G -Void
  11. IC: Vyartha | The Iron Mahi, Second Passenger Compartment I cast my eye around the compartment, looking for details: the faded gold-to-yellow of the wallpaper where the desert sun had shone on it too many times, the Toa of Gravity by the door chipping at the edge of his table, the drops of condensation caught between panes of crystal in the window. I looked anywhere save into Nikarra's eyes, which was the one place that frightened me even more than what secrets Ak'rei'an held. "Once," I said, "I was given a vision of my future, in which I saw nothing but a horizon of pure void. I said to myself, 'What is anything in life compared to that? What has meaning compared to such meaninglessness?' There was nothing more than this crude matter called the present. Nothing more than whatever made me feel good and strong... proud, even." I allowed myself a wry, bitter smile at that. "That was a philosophy that had once saved me," I continued, "but has since foundered against your shores. I need to find another philosophy if I want to... endure." It was then, by chance or not, that I heard a hard bang against the roof of the train. My hand instinctively moved to the hilt of my blade, whereupon it rested uneasily for a few moments. When the silence continued, I allowed that grip to slacken slightly, giving Nikarra a look of apology. OOC: @Goose@oncertainty -Void
  12. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi "Sorry about that one, friend," Rynekk replied, turning to face Brukin head-on with an embarrassed smile. "I haven't been aboard since those same retrofits. Guess it's a case of ships passing in the night, eh? If you'll excuse the pun." From the corner of his eye, Rynekk could Dehkaz shoot himself off the Fowadi and back towards Ga-Koro proper. He wasn't blind: he had seen the waves and the storm clouds as clear as anyone else could have, and something about it didn't sit right with him. But he knew that someone would have alerted him if his presence was needed down there... Krayn or Kale or, Karz, even Skyra would have let him know. Unless they've forgotten about you. "Well, no time to lose," Rynekk said, his smile growing more confident now. "I know that the Captain instructed us to head back to Ostia for supplies, but I figure that we can find all we need down in Ga-Koro, wouldn't you? And, uh...." He glanced back over to where the storm clouds were parting again, and where the vineyard-streets no longer heaved above a violent tide. "...let's just keep our eyes peeled for trouble. Just in case." OOC: @Perp@Krayzikk -Void
  13. IC: Daijuno & Zyla | The Great Takea Zyla watched Daijuno slam a handful of metal pieces onto the counter, unable not to marvel at how casually she treated a substance worth twice her weight in dragons back home. That was, of course, until she looked down at the bowl of soup being pushed towards her, and the metal spoon dipped into it. For a moment, Zyla was sure she must have been hallucinating, that she had died at sea and had found her way into the bronze gardens of Zuto Nui. She would have pinched herself if she had had the energy. The best that she could manage, though, was to begin draining the bowl in front of her. "Calm down, Zy," Daijuno said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You're gonna make yourself sick!" Which was true, Zyla knew -- but it still took her another few spoonfuls to stop. It didn't matter how hot the brew was, nor even that she couldn't identify any of the flavours in it. In that moment, it was the most delicious meal that she had ever been graced with. Slowly, with a gasp of pure relief, she lowered her spoon and looked up at the bartender-- "AHHHH!" --and fell off her stool. "Oh, right," she heard Daijuno say with a sigh. "Sorry, Rhow. The only Skakdi she's ever known were the Chaotic Six. Calm down, Zyla, you're being extremely racist right now. That's actually a faux pas around here." OOC: @Vezok's Friend -Void
  14. IC: Daijuno & Zyla | The Great Takea It wasn't until the dragon had dipped back below the water and stayed there that I realized I hadn't been breathing for the past minute or two. Nor, it looked like, had I been properly holding myself upright, considering that when Rhow turned to go back inside, my knees buckled out from underneath and I landed on the ground. Over two months on Mata Nui, and this was the first time I'd ever come close to fainting. The best that I could hope was that Shuuan had been distracted. As quick as I could, I clambered back up to my feet, brushing the sand from my armour -- the only bad thing about this paradise being that there always seemed to be sand getting into your affairs -- and pushed my way back to Rhow at the bar. I had lost track of my little pod, with Shuuan and Makua both vanishing into the crowd. I supposed, soberly, that I would need to get going as well, considering my fairly rash promise to find sanctuary for any 'hoko who were fresh off the ship here. Although, with that in mind, perhaps one last drink would be, in fact, necessary-- no, no. I need some semblance of professionalism without Zyla to keep me-- "Ms. Daij-- OOF!" I collided with another Dashi, hard, who was stupidly just standing in the middle of the doorway. "Hey, watch where you're go--" was what I had managed to get out, before the rest of my sentence died in the air at the sight of the Dashi in front of me. She was starved and threadbare, barely standing, dark circles around her eyes -- but instantly recognizable. All that I could say was: "Zyla?" *** It was hard for Dastana Zyla to recognize her employer at first. Her last memories of Daijuno were from the piers of Sado, watching her climb the gangplank onto the Chisaii Ryuu all those months ago. That Daijuno had been stiff, insular, her eyes as hard and flinty as the shores of the Imperial City; her clothing custom-made to be professional, presentable, the sort of thing a noble might where (although Dai would deny any such motivation). She had been a woman who had tried so, so hard to be respected -- and feared. But the Daijuno in front of Zyla now... There was an ease to her. A carelessness and a freedom of movement, and a gregarious to her, even when she wasn't saying anything. She was a new woman. Well, they all were, Zyla supposed. "By the goddess, Zyla!" Daijuno said, gripping her by the shoulders. "It's you! It is you, right? They didn't have any record of you on the manifests, I thought-- They're saying that demons have attacked Kentoku, is that-- How did you get away? What-- 'Taka, we need to get you some food! And a stiff drink! Come with me, come with me. Rhow! Some food and drink for this one, it's an emergency!" OOC: @Vezok's Friend and anyone else at the bar. -Void
  15. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi "Nothing that can't wait a few hours," Rynekk said. His ears pricked up at the sound of Skyra's voice, and he tilted his head slightly to see her lead a stranger onto the deck of the ship -- a figure in crystal armour. One of these Dasaka that he had been hearing so much about these past couple of months, he supposed. He felt something tighten in his stomach, recalling as he did how folks back at the 'Marion had talked about how these people had some sort of psychic abilities. And while that might have just been blabber -- after all, if a race capable of mind-reading had existed in the past hundreds of years, surely someone would have heard about it before now -- Rynekk knew he would feel a lot better as soon as he was out of eye-line with this one. Of course, eye-line stopped being an issue within another half-second. A massive shadow suddenly passed over both him and Ember, shading them under the noon-sun. "Hey--" he started to say, shifting to look up at the newcomer. OOC: @Krayzikk@Perp -Void
  16. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi At the first gunshot, Rynekk's hand was already on his axe; at the second, his vision tunnelled as his Kakama flared to life; at the third, the ball of his foot pivoting at sub-terminal speed had already left the deck smouldering. But by the time he had turned to take his first step, the wood under his foot splintering on impact, the source of the sound was clear: Krayn's friend Shaddix, pistol in the air, with nothing but smoke and seagull feathers in air to show for himself. Rynekk forced himself to slow back down and loosen back up, letting go of his axe with one hand and raising the other in the universal sign of: "Hey. What the ######, man? C'mon." Spotting Ember on the other side of the ship, Rynekk walked over, letting a mumbled, "Give a guy some warning next time, jeez louise," as he passed Shaddix. "You all set then, Ember?" he said, pretending to dust his hands off and cracking a grin her way. "Noticed you head belowdecks before -- you get a grocery list from ol' Muuk?" OOC: @Perp@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl -Void
  17. IC: Gunner | The Dancing Crab "That oughta be the last of it," I said as I walked into the captain's booth and slid into the seat next to him. "We've got as many provisions as the ol' girl can hold without slowing her down, which is still a fair bit. Especially--" I shot a look at Lohkar. "--considering all the widgets we had to burn to get it," I added, pulling off my coat. "I hope you know what you're doing, Captain." OOC: @Ghosthands -Void
  18. Hey everyone! I've been hoping to put a character onto Zakaz and play around in there for a while now, but I haven't been sure where to go and what to do -- exploring the Rift has seemed like a pretty promising path, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions/recommendations? I haven't had time to pay close attention to the Zakaz topics, so I'm a little out of loop on what's going on there, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! -Void
  19. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi "You mean during the Jazek Rehn affair?" Rynekk replied, hands on his hips. "Hopefully that hasn't soured her perception of us, eh? But I think I remember Ruuli -- spoke with her briefly way back when, first time I was in Ga-Koro with all of you. She might still remember me. But either of them sound like promising options, in that case -- if our friends ever get back to ship and we can set sail." He laughed, lightly, to show that he didn't any tardiness against them... too much. OOC: @Perp@Silvan Haven@The UltimoScorp IC: Gunner | The Infernavika "We should pick up some grain and a still, if we can," I added. "Not to toot my own horn, but I used to be in the bootlegging business for a bit in my younger days. Might serve us well to have a bit more of a sustainable supply of booze, considering--" I cast a glance over at Lohkar. "--some members of the crew." OOC: @Ghosthands@pokemonlover360@Snelly IC: Vyartha | The Iron Mahi "I had come to the desert in search of Castle Blackrock," I said, "the sanctum of the death cultists of Ak'rei'an. I had... wished to learn from them what lay beyond death. Whether there was anything to be found off this mortal coil. But the castle was naught by ruin and rubble when I arrived there... and the spears and shattered shields of the guards of Po and Ga. I thought, if I came to Forsi, where both armies meet, I might be able to find someone with the answers I seek." OOC: @Goose -Void
  20. IC: Nika | Onu-Koro Nika raised the corners of his lips up and bared his teeth, in what someone who had never seen the real article before might have referred to as a "smile." To say that he mistrusted these cops would be an understatement -- if it weren't for Pae and for the mission at hand, most of them would be dead by now. But his partner seemed to have a plan, and that meant that he needed to play along. So, reluctantly, he handed over his rifle, and his two daggers, into the waiting hand of the closest guard. OOC: @ARROW404@Palm@Snelly -Void
  21. IC: Daijuno | The Great Takea "Oh good goddess!" I shouted, definitely keeping my usual dignified composure and not clambering behind Rhow's thighs. I mean, don't let it be said that Dastana Daijuno (or Daijuno Dastana, depending on what side of the Endless Ocean you're reading this on) is discriminatory by any means -- but I had been on this island for months now, and never seen anything coming even close to the... the... the talking sea-serpent that was addressing the lot of us now. "I... suppose that we did, yes," I said, peering out from behind my bartending barricade, attempting to claw back any amount of credibility in this moment. "Can I buy you a drink?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend@Emzee@Mel@Rahisaurus@otter -Void
  22. IC: Gunner | The Infernavika "No matter how much we tried," I lamented, shaking my head as I joined Lohkar, Yasurek and Taleen further a-bow. Taleen was a new recruit, picked up from that same battle of Ko-Koro, who was young enough to still a pirate's life as one of freedom and adventure, and not the place you end up when you realize you have nothing left in this world to lose. Unfortunately, I knew that, like those cultists of yore, there was no reasoning with the youths. "Well," I said, "I suppose that the opportunities have gone a bit dry over here. Being heroes of the island two years in a row doesn't exactly lend you much credibility amongst the criminal class. Might be nice to visit a place where no one's seen us chumming it with the guards. When do we set off?" OOC: @Ghosthands@Snelly@pokemonlover360 IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi Rynekk, like any experienced Aggressor, had no such discipline, and beamed a mighty smile at the news. "You had me worried there for a second," he said, tipping his hat to her. "But I sure am glad we'll be having you aboard. Especially considering our first stop is supposed to be over in Ga-Koro. You reckon any of your old connections are still in the Marines down there?" OOC: @Perp -Void
  23. IC: Daijuno | The Great Takea "And there actually dragons outside?" I added, leaning in as close as I could to this fellow's face (which, hardy-har, isn't that close at all, size difference, etc.). If this guy started lying to us, I'd be the first to know. ...I was definitely starting to think that ale was affecting me. OOC: @Vezok's Friend@Emzee@Mel -Void
  24. IC: Vyartha | The Iron Mahi For a brief moment, I believed in miracles again. "Where is there to go?" I said. "Only a horizon." OOC: @Goose IC: Gunner | The Infernavika "Ah, so we're headed into enemy territory with a blood price already on our heads," I said, stepping up and out of the hold, shielding my eyes from the bright noon-day sun. "At least there won't be cultists this time. Worst part of the Ko-Koro fight was the cultists." OOC: @Ghosthands@Snelly@pokemonlover360 -Void
  25. IC: Rynekk | The Fowadi Rynekk was still having a bit of trouble getting used to Kale's new mask -- and the little homunculus that it seemed to... spawn? The nomenclature would be something to brush up on, come an appropriate break in the conversation. Until then, there were still niceties to attend to elsewhere. "Don't mind Kale, he's a busy man," he said, placing a hand on Ember's shoulder. "Thanks a bunch for your help up there. I've already mentioned to ya that I don't exactly have a lot of experience on even this ship -- but I've never seen our crew put together quite like that before. You absolutely sure we can't tempt to stay aboard a little longer?" OOC: @Silvan Haven@The UltimoScorp@Perp -Void
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