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  1. Thanks! It doesn't look like it's up to date to the end of the arc though...
  2. Is there a summary for the major story beats that happened throughout the last arc?
  3. Heyo I haven't been here for so long I dont remember which year I ended up dropping off the radar. A new arc is coming up and that's dope, but honestly I don't really remember what has happened at all with Arc 2... can someone give a brief summary pls
  4. IC: ".......Then this might wake them up." I poked Ora. Weird.
  5. IC: "Oh! That's the pepper-cocoa stuff, right? The parasite thingy that latches onto a Toa? Are you the parasite?" I ignored the fact that I'd probably mispronounced the organisms' name wrong - I was simply far too interested in the parasite to care. I'd heard of them before, little bugs that bite, capable of inducing a metamorphosis in the host body during stress. But I'd never seen one before. Did the Makuta make these...? Further testing was needed! If I ever met any others with these parasites who weren't nice people, I wanted to have an edge up. And, well, I'm bound to end up fighting against the forces of evil - in the end, this was certain to be guaranteed. "What happens if I poke it?" I walked closer to the body of the Toa - was he a Toa of Sonics, like me? - and reached out to gently prod the little carapace of the Parakuka. Ah, yeah, that's what they were called.
  6. OOC: HEYOOOOOOOO IC: (Exa) It's not every day you see glow-y spirits that look like Toa appear out of nowhere. Usually you just see Toa. Or you just see glow-y spirits. Still, spirit or not, this 'Toa' looked and sounded like a girl. And, well, I like girls! "Heyo!" I muttered as I half-walked, half-glided into the clearing, my mind only half-focusing on maintaining my mask power. I still haven't gotten the hang of that thing; what a shame. "What's wrong?" I looked at the spirit. Something about her blue eyes were.... off. Then I looked at the Toa on the ground, outfitted in black, grey and silver armor (Never seen that before!), before looking back at the spirit. "...With him?"
  7. IC: "Okay then. Uhh...." I began trying to summon another small fire, of around the same size as the one I'd just played with, and within a few moments a little flame arose from just above my index finger. Concentrating on maintaining the shape - and existence - of the ember, I tried to pass my finger under the small ring of plasma that Ciph had drawn while simultaneously having the fire burn a few centimetres above my finger. The moment my hands drew near the plasma ring, though, the first thought that came to mind was 'Hot'. Not sure why the thought was a jerker, considering I was a Toa of Fire and 'Hot' should totally be my domain (Right? Wink wink) but immediately my fire dispersed, gobbled up by the ring of plasma. It didn't occur to me until my concentration had broken that I was standing completely still in the middle of the street, staring at my own index finger as though it was the most interesting thing in the world. "...Woops." I laughed, sticking my tongue out for a moment before I began walking again. "My bad, my bad. Guess it'll need a lot of practice before I even get something basic like this perfect, huh." I raised my arm again. Ciph was right; I was lacking in the simple basics of control, and the last time I'd managed anything larger than an ember had been a palm of fire that had only lasted for a second. That had been fuelled by my raw emotions, not will or skill, and it had left me feeling physically drained immediately after it had subsided. Control first. Then speed and power. Another flame came to life atop my fingertips, it's adolescent light flickering for a moment before settling to wave in a harmonic motion. A small window to gaze at the potential things to come... I guess.
  8. IC: "Uh, it's my job to get roped into his shenanigans. Of course, Dorian being Dorian, when I started working as his handler he basically disappeared within moments of me... getting on his case. I was just a Matoran too, back then, so I couldn't really do much and I stuck doing boring administrative duties in Ta-Koro. Just like you, sticking in one place. Except I didn't really have anything I wanted to do..." Recent memories flashed through my mind; some pleasant, others, not so. "I saw him again the day after the Lavapool bombing, and I basically got him to work on profiles for the Piraka. Then he killed a guy. So when he left again, I decided I may as well keep an eye now that I, well, could." Unexpectedly, I gave a small chuckle as I raised my hand and channeled a bit of energy through my arm and coursing them into my fingertips. A small candlelight flame rose up, flickering in phase to my footsteps, but as I tried to see if I could dance the flame across from one finger to another if quicklysnuffed out. "Sadly though, I still have little to no control over my newfound Toa powers - maybe I should start training someday soon!" I stuck my tongue out for a moment.
  9. IC: What looked like a mentally held-back butterfly flew in front of us. My eyes traced the little thing as it flew forwards in a zig zag, promptly decide to attempt a loopty-loop and, as it reached the apex of it's rotation, caught by the forces of gravity and smack straight down. I guess it's the sun. I'm sure no cruel person smacked it or anything. As we walked, I wondered if Dorian and Skyra were having better luck than us in finding people. Knowing the dynamic duo, though, they're probably in the middle of fulfilling the prior requirement of 'scaring like ten people away' before they'd be able to continue to their next objective of 'speaking to the weirdo's in town'. And as for us, well... we've gotten to the point where we've started daydreaming about Dorian and Skyra. Did that come out wrong... ? Aaaaand I'm thinking to myself. And still doing it. Stop it. For no apparent reason to the outside world, I suddenly shook my head as though my neck was a spring that somebody'd whacked. Before Ciph could ask what the heck was going on - or just accept to himself that I was mentally disgruntled like everybody else in the group - I struck first with a question: "So, uh, Ciph. Before Dorian came and picked you up, what exactly were you doing? Back in Ga."
  10. IC: "Alrighty then. We want people who know Dorian... on our side. Any ideas where Dorian might keep his friends in Po-Koro or should we just waltz around, see if the Sentinels have a...hall of fame or something...?" ​
  11. IC: "Of course." My eyes flicked around as I gave off a small smile towards Zenix; I wonder who else I'd recognise who might be strolling around the streets around here.
  12. IC: "Legacy. I might have something...interesting to show them. It could turn out to be nothing. Or it could be something fairly useful. Either way, I won't know until I show it to the person who could make sense of it." Lightly, I strummed my fingers on the large, metallic shield on my back. "Are you headed to the Sanctum as well?"
  13. IC: "Zenix." Before the Toa could turn to look for the source of the voice, it had conveniently appeared next to him in the form of me. Without haste, I matched my pace with his, noting the hump on his back that hadn't been present when he'd last seen the Toa. "It's Aurum. If I remember you, the last time we met was at the assault on Pala-Koro." Parakuka. I wonder what other changes other than the physical one has taken place. "And I see that the rumours you bonded are true."
  14. IC: Okay, Flay thought, So we now are in a situation where: 1) We just had a significant increase in our group size 2) The majority of this group consists of a bunch of dangerous mercenaries 3) At least one of whom still - quite clearly - suffered from mental burdens and had issues 4) And a large number of which are now motivated and loyal to Dorian's quest purely because Dorian had sweetly said that there would be valuable stuff 5) In a manner that totally did not sound like it was made up 6) And of this group there are only really two of us who are working in law enforcement ..... 7) One is Skyra. 8) The other is me. " me," Flay muttered under her breath as she ran alongside everyone else.
  15. IC: O....kay. I guess...that all just happened. Flay almost didn't want to finish her food. Stepping out of the restaurant was one step closer to seeing if somebody actually got their insides ripped out by one Toa of Iron who'd just left after taking that challenge with a smirk that might've said 'jokes' as much as it gave off the vibe of 'I will do you proud, Flay. I will happily rip livers out of people and then drink the alcohol inside and-' If that actually happened - Arrest. Right then and there. And probably some physical violence. But still, she'd been hungry, and good food, good MEAT, was a rarity that she hadn't seen for the past few days and this Roasted Ruki place wasn't half bad. Whoever in the heavens decided that eating food faster could mean finding the person you were supposed to rein in basically committing crimes that would completely ruin your career was a ####. The dilemmas.
  16. IC: "Right." Flay cast her eyes back down to her steak. If she weren't surrounded by people in a public place, she might've started fire-slapping the thing. Really brings that crust out. And good practice with elemental control too. Right. "Is this what it's always like when you guys eat out?"
  17. IC: What's it like inside his head? Inside all heads? Was Dorian in pain? Regretful? Deep down, did he feel any actual remorse for having shoved his hand inside the chest of another person? Or was his heart quite literally closed off to emotions; was his identity as a killer something that was set in stone by fate? I'd never know. And what about Skyra? She had been there, watching when Grokk had assaulted; if she had acted differently, could the consequences that we faced now be different? Did she regret the things she'd done, or not done? Or was the smile that seemed so attracted to appearing on Skyra's lips one that perfectly represented her emotions? I'd probably never know that either. And Cipher? What did he think of Dorian and Grokk? Sure, he made a few jokes about Dorian's 'corruption', but is that corruption he refers to a euphemism for a jokester's ploy or an actual impurity that he sees within Dorian, Skyra, perhaps even me? I can't read minds, and I don't know him enough about him to grasp at what he's thinking either. And finally...what about me? What do I think about Dorian's actions? The truth is.... I don't know. Am I supposed to help him? And how? I could punish him, send him to rot in a jail, and for all I know if I gave him the suggestion he'd use his element to deform the key himself. Or I could say it's alright, say that he could be forgives - and what? Do I repeat the same words every time something scary like this pops up? Whose heart gets ripped out next? And who's duty is it to prevent that? * * * Flay let her thoughts simmer in her mind. OOC: Flay, on to the next one.
  18. IC: "I think I'll just....ignore all this corruption talk."
  19. IC: Flay blinked. "Mmmmm......" This was starting to go somewhere she didn't like.
  20. IC: "I guess I'd be the...generic guardswoman edition...?"
  21. its only suicide if you fail and as people say, if you don't try you've failed already therefore not joining the fight is suicide
  22. IC: "...what does it say about me that the worst things I ever did were to one girl?" Oh. So he's treading into that kind of territory. I wonder if I can put my comforting face on. As each syllable poured out of Dorian's mouth, a tiny knot formed itself within Flay's mind. To her, she had zero experience with any of this comforty-sadness stuff. Nada. She was a guardsman - but she guarded people from the dangers that mean to do harm to the body. Not the insecurities and fears the body itself produces illogically. The closest thing she might've had with trying to console others was basically the events after the Lavapool Inn's bombing; getting all the injured to treatment and giving all the people who had basically been robbed of a home to sleep. And that was nothing close to consoling a...friend? Enemy? What was Dorian to her? Eyes gazing at the ground beneath her, Flay thought about that for a second - and gave up before her emotions started getting out of whack. There was talking to be done, after all, and this was Dorian conversing with her. "Well, you're not exactly defined just by the things you do to a specific person, are you. There's a big picture to be seen, and that picture's still being drawn." ....Was that okay or is he gonna call me out for being cheesy?
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