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  1. Also, when people say they don't think there's much they could do, let us look at possibilities; Sector 7-G & Mr Burns' OfficeKrusty BurgerThe Simpson's House (possible as a half-building or even a dollhouse format like the Haunted House set)The Monorail (I wouldn't be surprised if some sets referenced one-off episodes)Moe's Tavern (may not be done, but could if they remove alcholic references to settle their own ridiculous standard of family-safeness) The Flanders' House/LeftoriumSpringfield Town Square (with Jebidiah statue, head removable) The Springfield Dog TrackCapital City (possibly the baseball stadium) Springfield Hospital (it must be done! We need a hospital, I don't care if Nick Riviera is running it!)The Church (VERY unlikely, if not impossible) Cletus' House (random choice) Googolplex TheatreSpringfield Aztec TheatreKent Brockman's news station Krusty's Stage Just among a load of others. Some are more likely than others based on their content, but considering the simpsons has over 23 seasons of episodes, there's not exactly a limited amount of options on who or what they include.
  2. I may as well put this here so that I don't get PM'd any more, but once again I'm going on a hiatus for an indefinite time. I lost my motivation again and phased out of this site over time, finding other things to do. I'm leaving my currently-active characters to the last people they had direct interaction with (meaning, Vox and Canis) since my absence till now has caused issues. You don't need to use them, just bunny them if necessary or make it so they don't really need to be noted as being anywhere. It's been fun, any way. IDK when I'll return.
  3. I would say I'm looking forward to it despite what others say. After all, people who think Lego should stick to the child-friendly only image really don't understand much when it comes to demographics. Besides, the Simpsons (while yes, the quality is a little lower due to different writers and less show time because of adverts and of course less good jokes because the FOX censors won't allow it) is and was a very popular franchise with plenty of things you could Lego-ify. I think they could probably get away with a Moe's Tavern if they just make a few alterations here and there. And come on, who wouldn't want to have their own Lego Frink? I think another thing that intrigues me is that this will be the first time in about ten years or so that a licensed theme would be using Yellow as the skin colour again. I hated that change, I want my yellow harry potters back!
  4. IC: Litozen"Let's split up for now." Litozen said, seemingly out of the blue as they came across an Inn. "Book a place or whatever, but I've got some things I want to check out. This is my first time here, after all." The thought had come to mind that he could possibly get the village guards to assist them if push comes to shove, though it would be unlikely they'd get any help if they were just suddenly attacked. He gave a quick nod to Syvra before starting to walk off, but then abruptly stopped when he realised the problem with his plan. He turned back and gave a curious look, "How should we keep in contact?"
  5. IC: LitozenNodding, Litozen looked at Syvra as they continued through the gate. "That is a good idea. Although in fairness, claiming to be victims isn't far from the truth. Oh...that reminds me." He drew his tuning fork and examined it carefully. It still showed signs of battle-wear, but otherwise didn't appear to be badly damaged. Litozen tapped it and carefully listened to the sound, then chuckled. It'd been too long since he had examined it."I should check this more often," he began, "last thing I'd need is to be off-key in battle. Anyway, let's go." He walked along the streets, looking for a tavern nearby.
  6. IC: Thentyle (Armoury, Darkmine)"I'm Thentyle" he said when beckoned to introduce himself to Ira, a smile fading through on his face. When Larikon gave the command to suit up, he was hesitant to so much as touch the pieces of armour, but before he knew it he'd reached out to some mail and begun looking it over, considering it. After looking at a couple of alternate pieces, he eventually decided on something light, feeling it would be rude to decline wearing anything. Thentyle carefully arranged the mail so that it wouldn't get caught up in any of his joins, effectively only covering his torso. He then put on one of the embroidered surcoats on, but decided he didn't want a helmet. Next he moved to the weapons section. His normal weapon, the drill, was useful as that, but as a weapon it wasn't particularly strong nor useful. He picked up each type of weapon to get a feel of it. Finally, he settled on a long black spear, mathing the length of his tool. He didn't discard the drill though, as part of his mind just wouldn't allow it. It took him a moment to find a way to carry it alongside his drill, but he found a way eventually.Unfortunately though in order to carry both, he was forced to break down his drill to almost half the size, making it more of a hand tool.
  7. IC: Thentyle Nodding, Thentyle took the chalice and drank the amount of Bula he was given. With that, he seemed to light up if only a little bit, He rose to his feet at full height, which was still noticeably shorter than average for Toa, and he turned to face Ryjak. A new personality was slowly starting to shine through, although the torture had still left him rather blank. "Sir, I'm ready." His eye winced slightly as some of the last remnants of pain shot through him before he gathered the will to overcome it.
  8. IC: Litozen He nodded in agreement. "If what you're saying is true and they will attack us in the open, we could in the very least stay in Ga-Koro and hope to be protected by the guards. I'm sure they don't want major disturbances." With that, Litozen began walking in the direction of the village gates, occasionally looking behind him at Syvra and feeling a strange, looming feeling. He'd been caught up in something that he didn't really understand, simply because of Syvra. Still, if push came to shove he was sure the two of them could handle it. After all, they'd made it this far.
  9. IC: ThentyleThentyle grunted, his eyes seeming to have dulled from sheer pain. The last five hours had been worse than being trampled by Muaka, When his bonds were removed, his head hung down slightly, and he seemed to still be wincing in pain. Oddly, even his lightstone-infused shoulderpads had become dim and now looked like nothing more than oversized pieces of armour on his shoulders. As Larikon asked the question, the back of Thentyle's mind, his sane part, was screaming out 'no' to him, but Thentyle's body refused to cooperate, fearing he would be hurt even more. He didn't answer right away, instead just nodding slowly. As he did so, he felt the 'sane' part of his mind fade, disappearing, leaving the Onu-Toa a practically blank slate. With that pesky conscience no longer present, he followed up his nod by muttering, "...yes...I do."
  10. IC: ThentyleThe Onu-toa let out a grunt as he was held down, becoming more and more agitated. "Let me go!" He tried his best to break free from Goran's grip but only proceeded to exhaust himself. Even so, he was refusing to listen to Rakona's rather eloquent speech about some archangel he'd never heard of. He didn't believe in such things, only in what he'd been taught as a young Matoran, of the will of Mata Nui and the duty of the Matoran. He was starting to become more concerned about wha exactly they wanted to do with him. "Look, I'm flattered but I really have no interest in this Ak...Akrai...whatever, this guy. Just let me go!"
  11. IC: ThentyleThe Onu-Toa was starting to become extremely worried.as it seemed he still couldn't fullty move. by the time Rakona had finished moving him elsewhere, though, he'd finally recovered his voice. "What's going on!?" He called out to the Lesterin, fear making his voice tremple. "Who are you people, really?!"
  12. IC: Litozen Litozen had to consider Voxumo's proposal. "That's a fair compromise, although it still means supporting you more than what was once our common goal. That said," he shrugged slightly, pondering about the situation they were in, "It doesn't matter what my input is in this any way. We're both going to be hunted by them so there's no point in splitting up. I don't share the same beliefs but I won't stop you either. Either way we're still inducting people to follow our own goals so I suppose there is no difference either way." He looked towards Ga-Koro, questioning something in the back of his mind. "Anyway, I think we should at least make it into the koro. If they do send anyone after us, I doubt they'd want to cause a commotion in the village itself.
  13. IC: Litozen The Toa could only sigh in response, but he also couldn't help but do something unusual for him; smile. "I see. That's at least better than what it could have been." Though truth be told, litozen was feeling a strange pain inside him to know that this had happened, and they were now probably in danger. Was it...guilt? Maybe. Litozen had been growing attached to Syvra after all. Still, he shook his head and got back up. "Well, I'm not going to fault you on these new beliefs. We may not follow the same ideals, but either way this Ak'rei'an person and Makuta are similar in the sense of despising the great spirit. What it means for our plans, on the other hand..." He trailed off and looked towards Ga-Koro. Their visit to Le-Koro had been lackluster at best, while Onu-Koro had only given them trouble. What kind of terrors could exist in Ga?
  14. IC: Litozen (Naho Bay)The De Toa said nothing, but came to a halt. He looked around for somewhere to sit, but being on a beach there was nothing but sand. He just fell backwards, stretched out to try relaxing if only a little as he listened to the almost theraputic sound of water flowing. Of course, he could also hear the rambling of the Ga-Koronians, which ruined the mood for him. Sighing, Litozen sat up, his right knee raised with his harm resting on it. He then gave a sorrowful look to his partner. "...'Ak'rei'an'." he said flatly. "You said that name back in Onu-Koro. You were talking of following him. And the others that were in that cave...they were speaking of cults and texts. What in Maku--" he caught himself and whispered the rest of the sentence, "What in Makuta's name is going on?"
  15. OOC: Thanks for telling me that. I did not realise where exactly Litozen was so I assumed he and Syvra were not in the Darkmines. Doesn't change too much at least. IC: Litozen Having been knocked to the ground by Rakona's attack, the Toa of Sound only managed to be back on his feet by the time Syvra beckoned him to run. "I agree. Let's go!" He called, gaining speed to catch up with Syvra. He didn't particularly feel like coming back here anytime soon, nor to talk to Syvra until they got somewhere calmer, like Ga-Wahi.
  16. IC: LitozenAs soon as his ally was hit, the De-Toa sprung into action It wasn't hard to see who had hit them; Rakona, the very person Syvra had claimed to be allied with. "So this is your true face? I thought something was up!" He said, drawing his oversized tuning fork in one hand, preparing to strike with the other. He made no attempt to wait for Syvra to recover, fearing he may have lost consciousness from the blow. With this, the grey Toa lunged towards Rakona and then immediately halted, attempting to feign her out, while at the same time striking his Tuning Fork with his free hand, causing it to begin vibrating and emitting a loud sound. At once, Litozen channelled his elemental power into the Fork, manipulating the resonation to speed it up and sending the sound waves in the general direction of his adversary. Undeniably it had plenty of opportunity to strike and potentially deafen matoran in the way, but that was not his concern right now. IC: ThentyleThe Toa of Earth grunted after a few moments of being left on the ground in the cavern. Before he could open his eyes, all he could feel was a blinding pain in the back of his head. THe last he remembered was talking to Rakoka and then...well, that was it. It certainly caught the bulky Toa off-guard. He groaned loudly as he rose, sitting up and feeling the back of his head. No damage, at least. Well, save what could have been either a dent in the back of his head or just a contour in the metal. Honestly, it was hard to tell. It was then that Thentyle came to realise he was not in the same location as he had been before blacking out. Nor, it seemed, was he in the same company. He looked around the room and saw two beings - one seemed positively zombie-like, while the other had a strangely grand feel about him. He wanted to rise to his feet and prepare to fight or, preferably, run. But he couldn't; it seemed the injury had left him with a concussion and it was likely going to take a while for him to regain full control of himself. Thentyle realised now he couldn't even speak yet, and all attempts to just came out as either a slur or grunt that wouldn't be understood even by a Rau user.
  17. IC: LitozenThe Toa of Sonics nodded i nagreement before stretching his arms, the metal glimmering in the dim lights of Onu-Koro. "Alright then. I'm getting tired of this place anyway, there's not nearly as much as I thought." He clicked his neck with his hands before starting to walk away, "I trust we'll be leaving Thentyle here as well?" He didn't like the idea but he had to admit he was not in the best mood with him. Of course, he had no idea what Thentyle's fate was now. When Rakona called out to Syvra, the Toa of Sonics heard the words cler as day, immediately undoing some of the convincing that Syvra had accomplished. "It seems your friend has other ideas, Syvra. Who is 'Larikon', If I may ask?" It seemed like Litozen was becoming trapped in a vicious circle of doubt and calm; one moment he would be easy to calm and deceive, but a single wrong move mad ehim turn on his ally without hesitation, immediately becoming skeptical of the feeling in his heartlight once again. He wanted to dismiss it, to believe he can trust Syvra, but he did not like Rakona, and this new entity that was mentioned piqued his interest. "Should I come with you then?" He asked, eyes glaring.
  18. IC: LitozenWarning bells should have been ringing when Syvra performed such close contact, though Litozen put it down to their relationship somehow strengthening. "I agree. I've spent too much time in the trees. Any way..." He considered each of the Koro, their strengths and any known faults...or at least, what used to be their faults prior to the Rahkshi attack. "Po-Wahi is the closest, but it's also the hardest to move freely in...not to mention insufferably bright. So for the sake of distance I'd recommend wither Ko-Koro or Ga-Koro." He remembered hearing that Ga-Koronians were very trusting people, but he had no doubt that information was now long since untrue.He made a move and ducked out from Syvra's arms, starting to feel a little weirded out by the change in behaviour.
  19. IC: LitozenLitozen considered it for a moment, the scope on his kanohi focusing and retracting numerous times as he did so, until he finally nodded in agreement. "...very well, you've convinced me. We'll do as you say, and see if she can be of assistance." He was not to know, for now at least, that this had in part sealed his fate to a path of pain and quite possibly eternal danger...even moreso than if he'd stayed true to his current convictions.IC: Thentyle"Uh, yeah I suppose we are. So what kind of things do you do here in Onu-Koro? I didn't see you around back when those rahkshi attacked. Then again..." He looked away for a moment, unforutnately for him in the opposite direction to where the servant of his new associate was sneaking, "...I had my own problems to deal with back then. It wasn't pretty." Just the memories of his sudden loss of control during that event made the bulky Toa of Earth feel weak. Though something else was beginning to fall on him; a feeling of fear, danger. But by the time he realised to look around, it was too late. OOC: take it from there, Lupus
  20. IC: Litozen The Grey De-Toa shook his head as he cast a sound barrier that completely muffled the outside area, as well as generating the slightest of echoes within the barrier."He has potential to be a tool, if nothing else. But unfortunately I don't think his heart's in the right place. That said, I can't deny that I feel there is something interesting about him. And what of that other being?" Litozen quickly spun the question around into an interrogation, "You said she has proved herself not to be a bother but do we have much more to go on? They both don't seem right for our aims." As he ended the sentence, Litozen had no idea of how different Syvra's aims had become.
  21. IC: Litozen "Fine. I'll generate a sound barrier as soon as we go somewhere out of sight like i always do." Letting his guard down if only slightly, having not seen the spores when moving, he nodded and began to follow Syvra. But part of his mind - somewhere near the back - was insisting not to go, he let go of his better judgement, wanting to find out what exactly is up with his ally and why his story wasn't quite adding up. He left Thentyle with the newcomer, feeling it best not to get too acquainted.
  22. OOC: Oh, I know that. And I have an ooc reason; I'm just interested in where it could take him.IC: Litozen and Thentyle"Coworkers of what exactly?" Litozen was becoming more and more dissatisfied by the minute, while Thentyle seemed too preoccupied with being friendly and true to his nature. Before he could say another word, the Toa of Earth already took hold of the conversation, "I see. Well, I only recently came to this island but I've really begun to enjoy my life here. I'm even thinking of taking on a full-time job at the mines. Do you like mining at all?" At that, Litozen could not help but elbow Thentyle in the back, forcing him to change the topic to what Litozen had just said; "But um...yes, what kind of coworker are you? Where do you and Syvra meet or...something?" The De-Toa was keen to listen, but at the same time was backing away slowly and trying to slowly lift his normal sound barrier that prevented him from going mad. Bit by bit the volume increased, but he slowly tried to focus on the just the group he was backing away from. Of course, his movement would be rather conspicuous to his 'friend'.
  23. OOC: Well I do love evil, but I'm not sure Litozen should go for that cause. Luckily I have Thentyle who is warmhearted and not to smart even though his heart's in the right place, so he should make good fodder. IC: Litozen and ThentyleThe Toa of sound looked between Syvra and the suddenly-approached Lesterin with an air of confusion. His initial suspicions would not go away and kept nagging him. He thought it strange but the atmosphere wasn't the same as it had been, and it was driving him crazy. Litozen slowly raised a hand up to his head and sighed as though trying to relieve stress before perking up again, his Matatu's scope scrutinising Rakona."A new ally of yours, Syvra?" He asked bluntly. "I thought you'd said you didn't find anyone you 'considered worthy'?" The situation felt like it was becoming heated and would ultimately come to a head, but despite this the tension was lost to everyone when Litozen realised the Onu-Toa, though also feeling something wasn't right, was already introducing himself to the Lesterin and interrupting the conversation."I'm Thentyle, and that grey fellow is Litozen...but has your friend already told you about us then?" He said, impervious to the De-Toa's glares.
  24. IC: Litozen and ThentyleLitozen still had an inkling that something wasn't right, but felt it would be unwise to begin acting distrustful of the one who had saved his life."Very well. But I still think it would perhaps be best not to stick around for too long, even with an Onu-Toa." He looked at Thentyle, who was still giving an odd look which seemed to be a combination of confusion and suspicion. Neither one could put their finger on it, but something didn't quite feel like it had done before.
  25. IC: Litozen & Thentyle "That must mean there's trouble kicking about." Thentyle chimed in, wanting to be useful. Litozen smiled, but it soon turned false. "That would be a good indicator that we could easily find like-minded beings, but at the same time it would be too risky for us to approach someone without absolute certainty." Litozen began pacing around on the spot for a moment in deep thought. Once more, he was taking the initiative. He came to a complete standstill after one idea came to mind, raising the hopes of his affiliates, before he shook his head and paced again. "Hm...There's nothing I can truly think of that wouldn't risk revealing ourselves. Perhaps we should just find somewhere to rest. I think there was a nice inn nearby that Thentyle and I passed while we were touring the koro and..." He stopped dead once more, thinking back. Something didn't quite seem right. They had walked around most of the Koro in the time since they had separated, yet he'd hardly seen anything he deemed excessive as far as guards were concerned. He cast a suspicious look on Syvra. "...Nevermind, let's just get going."
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