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  1. IC Zoban: "Yeah, that wasn't one of your brightest ideas..." A spek of green appeared at the horizon growing bigger with every step. "Ah Finally"
  2. IC: Zoban "Well I can't help that we were attacked by a Rahi right... I't shouldn't be very long anymore though I hope we arrive before sundown. So why again did you decide to follow me?"
  3. IC Zoban Keeping a close eye on the Toa he started walking towards the Oasis. "So... You told me you can't controll water... After what I've seen from you today, I'm quiete convinced that statement was false, right?"
  4. IC Zoban "Maybe it's best to just head to our original destination? Going back to Po-Koro means we'll have to travel through the open desert at knight, which isn't a smart plan."
  5. IC Zoban The Toa's thanks seemed surprisingly genuine. Maybe what he just did was the right thing. "No problem... But maybe it's best to get out of here quickly, before other Rahi show up."
  6. IC Zoban He witnessed the Toa use a power they vowed never to use. The creature dropped dead on the ground right in front of the Toa. He approached to Toa, in an attempt to finish him of while he was weakened and weaponless. However as he drew closer he noticed something with his X-ray vision, the Rahi wasn't fully dead yet, it was channeling all its remaining power into one of its claws, readying it to take the Toa with him in death. He didn't no what happened, or why he did what he did, maybe it was in the memory of his lost parter, maybe it was a natural reflex. But before he knew it, he had cut off the paw of the Rahi, finishing it of for good, and saving the Toa's life.
  7. IC Zoban Only one of the knives hit its target. Blinding just one of the creatures eyes. The massive monster didn't act wounded though, the blood only enlarging his rage, as it stormed towards the Toa. That monster will beat the Toa for sure... And once it's done with him, I'll be the next target, and I don't have a mask of speed for a quick escape. Maybe t'would be best to help. Zoban ran towards the Toa but kept his distance, ready to take action if needed.
  8. IC Zoban: The sword of the Toa wounded the rahi, but the blow was not strong enough to sever the claw, instead it got stuck in the rahis paw. Mad from rage and pain, the Kane-Ra stromed straight at the Toa. Hum... Maybe I should help... Or not
  9. Does it really matter how the gender ratio is? Is it really teaching kinds something wrong when you state that in a fictional universe only 1/6 is female? I'd say what matters more is how the females are represented: And well, some of the strongest and most memorable characters were females: Roodaka, Tuyet, Macku....
  10. IC Zoban The Kane-Ra lashed out with his claws at the Toa. Roaring fiercely. Zoban thought of stabbing the Toa in the back now, but then decided to wait until that monster was gone. He stayed a the distance though observing the pattern of this specific Kane-Ra and letting the Toa do the dirty work.
  11. IC Zoban: Wow this Toa was smarter then expected... "Well then, I suspect you're thinking I won't do it, that I'll spare you for some stupid reason, you think I'm weak. Well I'm not! Goodbye!" But just when he was about to get rid of that piece of junk for once and for all, the ground started shaking... Both him and the Toa fell on the ground... But this was no natural eartquake, it was something far more dangerous. Rahi!
  12. IC Zoban This Toa kept suprising him... "I could end your life, right here, right now. Maybe I just should, what do you think?" He kept a very, very close eye on the Toa, observing any attempt to move or to trigger his Kakama.
  13. IC Zoban Oh how predictable this Toa was. He just took his sword and spun around holding it in front of him, not allowing the Toa to come close.
  14. IC Zoban I hope you're not referring to yourself? Fool... I've got you figured out completely, I could beat you and chop your head off for 'closer inspection' So yeah, let's just continue." He grabbed the handle of his sword.
  15. IC Zoban "Why do I care hum? Well, it's unique, and hasn't been described over the course of history. Which triggers something in the mind of intelletuals... Couriousity. It seems though that little of that remains after the situation on this island killed almost everyone who had the slightest bit of curiousity."
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