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    Chillin in Makuta's Stasis Tube
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    I suppose the best way to tell you about myself is to tell you what I like.
    For TV Shows I love
    Doctor Who
    How I Met Your Mother
    Agents of Shield
    And of course many more.
    For Movies
    The Hunger Games
    Iron Man
    Star Trek:Into Darkness
    Avengers Assemble
    Captain America (Anything Marvel really)
    Lord of the Rings (Duh, who doesn't?)
    And many more of course, but this section is to long already
    For Books
    Sherlock Holmes
    Lord of the Rings
    Count of Monte Cristo (If you haven't read it, I REALLY recommend it!)
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Anything by C.S. Lewis
    Anything about Winston Churchill.
    Anything about Ronald Reagan.
    Profile is still in progress.

    If only there was a mask of speed typing, seriously, a Toa of Technology would really help out here.

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  1. you need to get back here bro

  2. Eyyy what you doin' lookin' at my profile

  3. YAAAAAASSSSS Patriots win!!! #thebutlerdidit #patsnation

  4. BZPRPG Profile Name: Heker Species: Toa of Gravity Mask: Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision Description 1.4 Bios tall, primary color purple, secondary color black. Body build similar to the Toa Inika. Wears a parachute and wing suit, both black. Gender: Male Powers and Weapons Typical elemental powers of a Toa of Gravity. Heker carries a Patero machine-gun. Its clip can hold 12 rounds. It fires more rounds per second than most Patero, but has a shorter range. He carries a large variety of shells, ranging from Stralix explosives to smoke bombs. He carries many clips, string across his torso. He also has a set of Photothermic powder Grenandes. He carries many clips, string across his torso. Technological items: Heker has a Parachute and wing suit. He also flys a Kahu named Keo. Keo has a mounted disc launcher, but Heker needs a second to use it. Keo is well trained, and responds to vocal and hand signals. However, Keo's vocal cords were removed, as his scream would ruin many reconnaissance missions. Weakness(es) Weak and unskilled at hand to hand combat, not a very fast runner. Alignment Opportunistic History Heker served as a Special Ops member of the Gucko Force. He frequently engaged in parachute drops and reconnaissance missions. Heker met Keo, and the two developed a close attachment. Heker flew in the Gucko Force until his close-friend and second Poyste was killed during a Nui-Rama fight. Heker quit the force, and is now a rogue thief/freelance spy. Personality and traits: Heker is a opportunist. He sees a opening, evaluates the risk/benefits, then makes a decision. Heker is very tactical, but not very strategic. He can execute, but not plan. Heker was sort of the alpha-male of his Toa squadron. He made up for his short size with his loud and aggressive behavior, which endeared him to some, and separated him from others. Years in the military have eroded his sentiment almost to the point of nonexistence. However, he does have a great respect for brotherhood, and the bond created fighting side by side.
  5. Go Patriots! Can't wait for the Superbowl, Seattle is going down!

  6. Go Patriots! Can't wait for the Superbowl, Seattle is going down!

  7. I love telltale games, and think that would be totally awesome. However, the company seems to only make games for very popular tv shows/movies/whatever. Also, Having played telltale games, I can't imagine them gearing anything towards kids anywhere near as much as Lego would want. The whole style of most telltale games, seems to grind with the kid friendly, bright color marketing scheme Lego has going for Bionicle right now.
  8. Bionicle comes out, sold out. SUCCESS!

  9. Just watched the Season Finale of How I met your Mother! MUCH TEARS, SUCH AWESOME

  10. Changed Avatar back to the 'ole Rahkshi symbol

  11. must...boost....your member rating....

  12. Since Gen2 is a total reboot, all the information on BS01 regarding Gen1 is irrelevant to new fans (I think this has been established). This being the case, wouldn't be logical to divide the wiki? I don't know how realistic this is, but would it be possible when you enter the site to have a option to enter either Gen 1 or Gen 2? Both parts could be edited by members, etc, but the information presented would be separate from the other Gen. Hopefully it will prevent confusion in new and old fans, if its possible that is.
  13. Bio says they can be used as "Stormerangs" and a signature move is the "Kaboom-arang" http://www.hk94.com/hk/uploadgal/gallery/album_209/gallery_1_209_1200631.gif Edit: Please link to images over 750 kB. -Wind-
  14. Yes, but at what cost! Jeterangs?!...Why? Just Why?
  15. Speaking of that, is the Gukko Force doing anything? I've been thinking about making a Kewa pilot for a while now. I wouldn't want to bother if there's nothing doing.
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