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  1. Link: http://skygazer17.deviantart.com/art/Bionicle-Sketchdump-1-541710318 Arghhh I don't know how to thumbnail, if someone knows what to do please tell me. Other than that, here are some of my human designs of Bionicle characters. On the top left is Toa Gali, Lewa, and Kopaka. I deemed it necessary that Gali have center-parted hair and a regal look. Sorry if Kopaka looks a lot like Sokka. I was going to give him really long hair, but I wanted to give him a much edgier look. Top right: Toa Nokama and Turaga Nokama. I like the idea of her having cornrows. I don't know why. Anyways, she aged well. (I really want to draw the Toa Metru by the way. I think that would be fun.) Center top: Hahli and Macku. I imagine Hahli as being very petite but strong, whereas Macku is tall and lanky. But hey, somehow it works and they form a great Kohli team. Personality-wise, Macku is more impulsive and sassy, and Hahli is quiet and loyal. Center: Takua, Macku, and Hewkii. In my mind, Takua has always had a crush on Macku, but Macku falls for Hewkii. Who always makes it a point to be shirtless. So every Kohli game is a secretly a show-off battle between these guys. Hope you like Macku's flower and lei from the end of the Bionicle online game Bottom left: This takes place right after Takua and Jaller leave Ta-Koro riding on Pewku. Yeah. And about Takua's design: I really wanted to make him look young and youthful. I always imagined him as a boy because of his curious nature and adventurous spirit. He's a goofball, but deep down he has a very serious soul. I mean, who gets exiled from their own city? That's so sad.
  2. Haha, yeah... I initially just drew Takua and Pewku, but it looked really lame with a white background. So I speedpainted a subpar background to make it look better. I'm glad you like the style! My heart forever belongs to 2D animation I'm also working on a huge sketchdump of all my Bionicle art, so stay tuned on the forum
  3. Here's my version of Takua and his trusy crab Pewku. Takua is wearing face paint because he's SUPPOSED to be at the Kohlii match already, but of course his curiosity gets the better of him. I wonder what he's looking at... Here's the link to my deviantart for a bigger picture: http://skygazer17.deviantart.com/art/Chronicler-470579602
  4. Thank you so much! I definitely want to do more art like this. Especially Takua. ^^What this guys said. I really would like to see your interpretations of other characters. Thanks so much! I really wanted to capture their emotions and expressions in this scene. I'm trying to refresh myself on as much backstory as possible, like the holistic story of each character, because I think it is necessary for their designs. And HANDS AAAHHKODFNSIDF:ODILJF the hardest things to draw ever! I think I made her arm a little too short as well, and thank God I didn't have to draw her other hand, haha! I really want to take a life drawing class where I can practice hands! And stay tuned for more art! Thank you so much!
  5. Welcome to BZPower, Ga-Koro Pride!

  6. Here is my interpretation of THIS SCENE in the Mask of Light movie. I love making my own interpretations of characters! I originally posted this on Deviantart and Tumblr but there's not a whole lot of Bionicle fans there, so I thought I would share it with you all! I tried to incorporate each character's original design, mask and colors. I always pictured Jaller as having dirty blonde hair. He keeps it short because it's a requirement in Ta-Koro's guard. His necklace has the fire emblem and his shoulder armor has the Unity, Duty, Destiny symbol. For Hahli, I wanted to incorporate the greenery of Ga-Koro into her outfit. Here she is wearing a traditional Ga-Matoran dress because she is proudly representing Ga-Koro in the Kohlii tournament in Ta-Koro. Her face paint and high cheekbones resemble her Kanohi mask, and the designs on her dress are similar to the ones on the gate at Ga-Koro's entrance. I always pictured her as petite and spunky with choppy hair, with dark skin like a Pacific Islander. I really like how Vakama's design turned out. He's not your typical wise old guru. I feel like he was always the Turaga who you could always immediately sense that he went on many adventures in life, hence the beard and stylish ponytail. And lastly, Takua, my favorite! I'll have to do more of him! I wanted to make him look young and adventurous, with crazy wild hair! This is also on Deviantart and Tumblr!
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