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  1. Ahkmou ran off on his own and got rebuilt by some other faction, and I like to think he stole his tools and equipment.
  2. This one's a biggie. Seven characters in one. Up next? I'm not sure. A few ideas in the pipeline are Nui-Rama and Vira, a Nynrah Ghost, or maybe some kind of mech. Also, Agori possibly. Turaga Takanuva His powers lost and his mask stolen, Turaga Takanuva has fallen into a state of serious depression due to loss of his Toa Power. He wields a Light Staff as a badge of office and wears his old Pakari mask. Midak The Onu-Matoran obsessed with light, Midak is currently training Ussal to last long distances in the Spherus Magna deserts. Midak is armed with an Earth Elemental Launcher and a jetpack. Nuhrii Still a mask-maker at heart, Nuhrii forges masks for Matoran who damage or lose theirs. Nuhrii is armed with his Mask Maker's Staff, which can discharge a bolt of searing heat at an extremely close range, as well as a jetpack. Kazi One of the Voya Nui Matoran, Kazi was rebuilt after the reformation of Spherus Magna into his regular Matoran form. Kazi is armed with two Power Blades, which vibrate when swung and can discharge a bolt of ice when crossed. Alongside the others, Kazi also has a jetpack. Kazi is part of a scavenger crew picking the Great Spirit Robot clean for any useful materials. Kotu Assistant of Turaga Nokama, Kotu is part of an all-Matoran team scavenging the Great Spirit Robot for materials and artifacts. She wields an energy trident crafted by a Nynrah Ghost, which draws off the Matoran's dormant elemental power to discharge a bolt of energy. Kotu also has a jetpack, for improved transportation throughout the dying Matoran Universe. Orkahm Orkahm is another member of the Great Spirit Robot scavenger team. Orkahm is armed with two Energy Blades, which draw from his dormant elemental air energy. Orkahm is the designated protector of the scavenger team, charged with protecting the team's members. Ahkmou Ahkmou, distraught with the death of his master, is on a revenge quest to revive Makuta Teridax. Ahkmou snuck back inside the Great Spirit Robot to investigate the ruins of Metru Nui in a search for Antidermis. Ahkmou is armed with a jetpack, Stone Elemental Launcher, and a dagger.
  3. Just got back... These new guys have a hefty price tag. I got Gali, Onua, and their respective Protectors. Gonna buy one more Toa and Protector, then I'll probably get the Lord of Skull Spiders. Might get the rest of the Toa/Protectors, but I might just wait for the summer line. Unsure.
  4. Just a curious question, but does anyone know what the best-selling Bionicle color is of all the different sets? (Based on the six-set collection basis)
  5. Addressing everyone- Thanks for the self confidence boost, guys. To Karzahni with people who think I'm too old! As for prices, locations, and sets, the only places around here are Target and Toys R Us, both selling them at full value. I'm looking to stay under a $50-$60 USD price range, and a maximum of 3-4 sets. I'm considering two Toa with matching Protectors, and I'm definitely getting Gali.
  6. Dunno if I should make a poll for this, but I'm about to go buy some Bionicle sets. Probably not too big of a budget, but I can't decide what sets to get. I'd like at least two or three to start... Any opinions? All I can think of is Gali, but that's because that was my first Bionicle set ever. EDIT: I feel too old to be buying Bionicles. Anyone have any self-confidence advice?
  7. Takanuva and Matoran will be up soon. Stay tuned.
  8. 10/10 you actually made his feet
  9. Here's the Toa Bota, created by the powers of the mad Great Being on Bota Magna. Kapura wields two Flame Catch Swords and has a Mask of Confusion. He still possesses his ability to move incredibly fast and is the deputy of the Toa Bota. Hafu is armed with two Chisel Picks and wears the Mask of Focus. Hafu will often quickly chisel chunks of stone into powerful weapons, such as huge spikes or blades. Taipu continues to have his incredible strength and arms himself with a Pickaxe, Mining Ussal, and a Mask of Endurance. Macku is armed with a Kolhii Staff and Kolhii Shield, and wears the Mask of Waterwalking. She continues her close relationship with Toa Hewkii. Tamaru holds two Air Elemental Launchers and wears a Mask of Airwalking. Tamaru continues to be afraid of heights, but thoroughly enjoys gliding through the jungle. Kopeke is the official leader of the Toa Bota, and wields an Ice Elemental Launcher, Chronicler's Icestaff, and a Mask of Foresight. Kopeke continues to be silent, using his mask to hopefully identify his team's destiny.
  10. Little early on this one. Takanuva and company will be up sometime tomorrow. Here's Toa Tamaru, Toa of Air. Tamaru's mask was changed by his Toa transformation into a Great Mask of Airwalking, a mask that creates short-lived platforms underneath the wearer's feet, cushioning falls and allowing the user to walk on air. Tamaru is armed with two Air Elemental Launchers, weapons designed by a Nynrah Ghost who extensively studied the Thornax Launcher. Elemental Launchers only work for Toa, Matoran, or Turaga because they drain the user's elemental energy to fire it in a condensed sphere. The air variety can charge its spheres with bolts of lightning on launch. Tamaru also has small jets and wings on his body, improving his gliding capabilities. It took me quite a bit of posing to get his shoulder armor to fit properly on the hinges. This one went through quite a few redesigns and recolors until I got it to where I liked it. Am I getting better? Up next- A photo of the whole team together, as well as the Matoran.
  11. With much luck, Gen 2 will be as expansive as 2001-2004's non-set merchandising. Anyone else remember those Vakama and Whenua backpacks and shoes?
  12. WAAAUGH YOU CUT A PIECE kidding. I don't care. c: Not exactly a MOC, but I have no idea where you'd put it. Maybe ask around?
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