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  1. Is Gipsy Danger giving you nightmares again?

    1. Dane-gerous


      Gipsy Danger is dead yo

      Got banned

  2. There is a reason it is called a kids' toyline, because Bionicle is for kids not adults.
  3. You know you are too old to play with Bionicles when you are over 18 and... Kids ask if you are too old to be playing with toys. You aren't keeping your Bionicles for resale value. You have or want a room dedicated to only Bionicles. You have a Bionicle in front of you right now. You have to hide your Bionicles every time someone comes over. You are reading this and find many of the above and below matching you. You have to reply in 5 or more sentences to the phrase: Get a life! Chuck Norris says so. You are on this a forum and you're not a moderator or admin. You're still purchasing new ones for yourself. You don't tell most of the people you know about your Bionicle collection or when you do they laugh. The name Gipsy Danger ( you tremble in fear. You have been on this site for 5-10 years. You replied to this topic saying there is no such thing as being too old to be playing with Bionicles. You find yourself complaining about and arguing with me, a 15 year old telling you to get a life. You think you have a life but in reality you don't. That is all I have currently, feel free to add to the list!
  4. Age doesn't show how mature you are, it only shows how long you have had to mature.

  5. Do you read someones reply all the way through? Or do you just read the first few sentences and based on that, stereotype the person by trying to predict his mindset?

  6. You guys don't know what I am doing here: Suggesting an idea↓ Be the 30 year old who plays with toys to design a building, help himself or others unlock their creativity, or to get out of the world and alleviate stress! Read that green text above, I am basically saying what you're saying.
  7. *Face palm* I am not disrespecting your interest this is what I mean: What if you were to take Lego and turn it into your job: architectural design, a mathematically based Lego model (that would look awesome on your resume), robotics, or character design and concepts? I am not telling you to get out of Lego, but to use your experiences (past, present, and future) to help you with your life! Use it to entertain your children, help make your job more fun, easier, and all around better, share the joy you have experienced with it with others! Isn't it more fun when you share your love of something with someone else?
  8. @ Everyone else who replied to my post. (The quote button isn't working.): Lower your flame swords and read. Wouldn't you appreciate your Bionicle characters more if you were to share them with your future kids? They would definitely like them just as much as you do! Imagine all of the good memories and nostalgia it would bring back watching them enjoy them! (You can play with your kids as well.) @Lyichir: No, how can I be wise in a world in which I know barely a percentage about? It isn't I want to be grown out of it, I am growing out of it; I have been losing interest in it. That is why I joined this forum to get back in to it and enjoy the last few years of childhood. @FordianL: *Reads post in which he is talking down to me and guessing that I'm trying to grow out of it. Then some nice advice in the end.* How cute.
  9. No it doesn't, when I was four I got into Bionicle with the toa metru and stuck with the series, started MOCing, you guys know how it goes. The reason I am not nostalgic is because I am fifteen, I have started to grow out of it. I can still appreciate the sets and MOC/animate with them from time to time but it's not like I can't put them in storage due to their sentimental value. What might help you guys get rid of your nostalgia is if you look at it like this: Do you want to be the thirty year old who still plays with his/her toys or the thirty year old who has a job he/she loves and excels in and might be well on his/her way to a (top-notch) promotion after only a year of work?
  10. It certainly does not; they've talked in contexts where they very clearly weren't the same person. Besides, Lariska has been described as being green, and the Shadowed One is orange and black. I get your general point, but I highly doubt that's the case. Greg would have had no trouble revealing his name at any point if it were related to a twist like that; the name would already have cleared legal, and it would definitely be a different enough situation from Teridax to not warrant ire from fans. His old name is just trivia. Exactly! You never know, but then again knowing Greg you're right. Or it ends up being the first time he has decided to do it with any of his stories and not only are we shocked about the story but we are also shocked about Greg. But the chances of that happening are one million to one.
  11. Good point. But what if his real identity was Makuta or someone that you never would have thought of? For example: Wait, Lariska is the shadowed one? That makes no sense at all! And then if they were to go into detail further they could explain it more and why and ends up finishing in a unique plot twist but G1 had plenty of those so really it would be unnecessary.
  12. Me? I was 10 when the Toa Mata came out. And I loved all the complex terminology and lore. But the thing you need to realize is that people like you and me are not the majority. I was a HUGE nerd growing up, so I had no issue staying on top of the Bionicle story. But when I talk to my former classmates about things like Bionicle? The ones who even DID get into Bionicle often couldn't follow the story—if they knew anything about it, they knew the movies, and often they didn't even know the names of the characters they had. A huge part of the design of the new Bionicle theme is accessibility. Character names are kept simple and superfluous terminology is kept to a minimum. The main story is told through short animations that are easy to keep up with or catch up on. Perhaps that counts as "dumbing the story down", but a story can be simple and still be good, and in many ways the classic story suffered from the opposite problem (being bloated and inaccessible to new fans). So you were 14 or so during the Metru arc? I had classmates like that too, but I noticed something else; it wasn't too hard for them they just had no real interest in the story and found the characters to be neat. Both generations were accessible, to catch up on the G1 story you just had to go to Bionicle story dot com; but the only problem with that was do you really want to read super long pages just to get up to speed with the story? So the new Bionicle theme is more accessible and even though the animations can be viewed as dumbing the story down simple stories can still be good. But I think a touch of humor like the Avenger's series (movies not the comics) would help make it better...okay Avengers was not one of my best examples how about Signs? Yikes! My examples are getting bad; EXAMPLE DOCTORS!? Wait you doctor's are just cardboard standees only because your examples of good doctors? Well you definitely aren't the examples of high quality cardboard! Now I have to consult my imaginary speech therapist, hopefully she isn't out sick again... See how a little bit of humor helps? Or did I miss the ball entirely? It keeps rolling to fast for me to jump on it.
  13. I have never had much trouble taking them apart. Brick separators always came in handy. You can remove a piece with pliers and not damage it by wrapping layers of tape around the pliers. You can also put some clay on the piece so you can get a grip on it and remove it. I did too. Anyway, when Pushing out axles, I just took the longest Axle I could find, and Push it through, then pull out the long axle. ↑ That always works!
  14. I wish they at least started one internal conflict with the protectors or something like that just to get you thinking. But then I saw the age range and a few of the other things they are doing, the chances of a more elaborate plot anytime soon seem unlikely. The age range? You mean, the one that's "8–14" instead of "7+" like the classic sets? Don't see why that would have any impact on the plot... The less involved plot of the new theme has less to do with the age range (which is not that different from the classic theme) and more to do with the fact that the convoluted plot of the original theme was a major factor in its decline and eventual demise. Not that I don't think the plot will develop further as the year goes on. But if you plan to keep a story going for years and years, it pays to avoid frontloading it with lots of confusing lore and terminology, because starting with that and adding to it continuously will create a story that dissuades newcomers and younger fans, until the target age of the sets and average age of the fanbase become almost completely incompatible. Convoluted plot, seriously? I was 4 when the toa metru came out and I had no problem following the "convoluted" plot and terminology. How old were you?
  15. I'm amused by the fact that you, being a detailed-oriented individual, do not want to read in detail. There are necessary details and unnecessary details. By keeping it short an simple; your most likely to answer with the necessary details. Also, thank you and all of the other people on this topic for doing that by the way!
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