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  1. Tarn
    so now that faber's gone radio silent on it for a bit...what was up with that whole thing? is he trying to pitch the concept to lego to do a second bionicle reboot, or was he supposedly hinting at an already in-progress one? or was it tied to rebel nature and just a means of bringing attention to his original work? the logo he showed obviously spelled out 'bionicle' and the artwork sure *looked* like bionicle

    i guess we'll find out in 2020, i'm expecting disappointment
  2. Tarn
    today I can finally acquire the chaperone in destiny, which is essentially an old west style shotgun that shoots slug rounds. it was actually way easier to get that I thought it'd be since for the first half, which requires you to get kills with certain gun equipped (but death resets your progress a little ways), I just farmed off of friends in pvp. haven't even got on today but i'm still hyped to grab it, plus it means i'm only missing one more year 2 exotic.
    ​also yeah overwatch competitive still sucks, i'm down to rank 43 after losing two matches because of annoying enemy tactics. you know that hallway across from the objective on Hollywood to the right of the gateway that leads to the western-style movie set (can you tell I know my callouts)? they had a torbjorn set up his turret there along with a symmetra's teleporter and a bunch of her little turrets, so it was basically impossible to get rid of the teleporter and if you tried to get rid of the turret someone would just spawn and kill you. we never got the payload moving.
    ​it sucks that it's called a "skill rating" because it has nothing to with skill, just how a match goes. you can have great team comp and good players and still get destroyed because of the way the enemy team is setup. maybe it's because I solo-queue.
    ​(also unless you get extra cp at the end of the season for participating in competitive, they seriously need to lower the amount needed to get a golden gun because 300 is really difficult to get when you're not like, a god lol)
    ​EDIT: I hopped on destiny and grabbed the chaperone and holy cow it's cool. I feel like i'm in firefly using it, but it's range feels super lackluster, even for a shotgun in destiny. if I get it up to 335 i'm planning on using it in the first mission for rise of iron just because.
  3. Tarn
    ​guess what
    I do art
    ​here's some of it
    ​I don't have a scanner, or at least one available to be used by me, so I just took these with a camera.
    ​They all have names btw, from top to bottom: Samuel, Andromeda, and Selene. Samuel and Selene are from a concept for a webcomic I've been working on for a while now and Andromeda's just an OC I like to draw who sorta has her own concept.
    Did I mention it was absolute heck to post these? I started working on this entry at like 5:00 PM and now it's 7:35. Thanks imgur. I finally just re-uploaded them to tumblr at smaller sizes, which worked perfectly.
    ​Enjoy I guess.
  4. Tarn
    so I guess this is the end until next july
    ​if you wanna see me scream into nothingness more follow my tumblr if ya got one of your own: http://badabing-witapipe.tumblr.com/
    ​there's lots of memes and bad words so follow with caution, but i'll prooobably be posting more art in the future? I also have obsessions with fall out boy, d.va and spooky things so uh, expect lots of that too
    was fun having this blog even though I didn't use it much, thank you for your time, danke schön
  5. Tarn
    Send help.
    ​For background, the patch that made it so you could only have one of each hero on a team in competitive isn't coming to consoles until like the 25th. On PC people just honor-ruled it but people on console didn't get the memo and just go four-five D.Vas or two Torbjorns, two Junkrats. It's so frustrating. And it's not even like my teammates are bad, we have good to great team comp and still lose because we either cannot stop them and get steamrolled or can't even get on the point on payload maps and get shutout.
    ​Guess I'm never getting any gold weapons.
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