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  1. First time postin' to bzp. Guess I'll just dump all the combo models I've built up last year. Lehvak Kaita (Lehvak + Lehvak Va + Lehvak Kal) This guy was the first one and a strong start if I may say so myself. He's kinda bright since I made the kal pieces pearl very light grey instead of pearl light grey. It took me a while to figure that out... Some Swans idk (Gahlok Kal + Kopaka; Tahnok Kal + Tahu) These two are small and simple but the li'l guys make the big cool guys look even bigger and cooler by comparison. I like 'em. Bohrok Mega Fusion (all 3 Nuhvok + all 3 Kohrak) I took the cool anime robot and made it cooler and anime-er. Metru Nui Arachnid (all 6 metrutoran) Li'l Rahi? I'm not great at naming these (all 3 are combos of 2 bohrok va each) Toa Nui (the 6 toa mata) This was a fun and kinda inevitable challenge. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Also a user on the r/bioniclelego subreddit actually built it irl. Toa Nui but Lewa is actually represented (same) Took me a while to realise that a toa nui should represent all 6 of the toa. I prefer the lewaless variant. Bohrok Ultima (6 bohrok + 6 bohrok va + 6 bohrok kal) This is my combiner magnum opus. It'll take a long while to get all the bohrok but I definitely want to build this one irl. Rahkshi Grappler (Guurahk + Panrahk + Vorahk + Kurahk) One day I remembered the rahkshi had some neat combo models. Then this build was born. Rahydra (rahaga norik + kualus + bomonga) Mahri Nui Silverback Ray (Dekar/Defilak alt) This started as a Dekar alt model but then I realised either of them could be used for this. Akamai+ (tahu + pohatu + onua both mata and nuva + turaga vakama + whenua + onewa) Rahkshi Nui (all of the sluggers) Dark Hunter Triglax (Roodaka + Sidorak) I was surprised this was the only titan combo 05 didn't do. Also was inspired by the flatwoods monster. Dark Hunters are fun. Nuhvok Kaita (like the first one but nuhvok) Rahkshi Kaita Yo (Vorahk + Lerahk + Turahk) This one was actually made for Takutanuva's community project over on the ttv message boards. That was real fun, I suggest y'all check out the other combiners that were submitted for that. Voya Nui Digging Crab (Velika + Garan + Piruk) Bohrok Kaita Kal Ja but better (Tahnok + Nuhvok + Pahrak) First one I actually built irl. And that's all of them. So far. Feel free to build any of these and if y'all do please share 'em here. I'd love to see it!
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