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  1. There really is so much out there left to discover, it's so cool.
  2. Is it not already? Admittedly I've never heard it used before but it seemed like such a good play on words I thought somebody else was bound to have thought of it before me!
  3. It can see that too. Maybe I have accidentally stumbled upon the most influential toy of the 00s...
  4. It actually predates Hero Factory, weirdly enough! Face reminded me more of Clank from Ratchet and Clank.
  5. Lol, can't believe I couldn't find that, thanks Taria! I love how literally all the figures are just palette swaps with slightly different helmets; anyone who thinks the Hordika were clones should take a look at these guys and know it could've been way worse... Anyone else own these? When did they come out?
  6. I know this isn't strictly Bionicle related, but there isn't a dedicated forum for discussions of non-Lego construction toys so this felt like the best fit. Moderators, feel free to move the discussion if you feel different. Anyway, my mum found this in the attic along with in a box of old K-Nex and Duplo pieces a couple of months ago and for some reason has been using it as a desk mascot ever since (she's weird, what can I say). The logos on the pieces say "Mega Bloks" but I tried browsing a few Brickset-like databases for Mega Bloks sets and couldn't find anything like it. I'm not expecting this to be worth anything, the plastic is cheap garbage and there's only 9 points of articulation (though really 8, because while it's on a ball joint the head barely moves). I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has ever owned one of these or knows what it's called :)
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