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  1. I'm specifically looking for the kaukau misprints in medium blue and yellow, but overall a complete misprint set would be the goal. Just let me know what you would want to sell them for and I'll get back to you!
  2. Thank you for the advice! I'll track them down eventually.
  3. I am hoping someone here is selling or knows where I can find a complete collection of Throwbots/Slizer disks. Throwbots were some of the first LEGO kits I even had and I still have the sets to this day, but I never had more than the standard disks that came with the sets. I would love to buy a complete set but if there are just some for sale I would be more than happy to buy any disks that I still need individually. If you aren't selling but know where I can find them, any information would be amazing!
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