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  1. Hey there Nektann, I've attached a photo of my krana. Side note: I've had the Piraka Star set posing next to my laptop all day, and what do I see? Your avatar is the same! Quite the coincidence. Anyway, I don't think I have any of the Krana you mentioned, but you're welcome to have a look.
  2. Bummer, no worries. Best of luck on your journey!
  3. Hi again, sure. I also included another one I just found.
  4. I have no clue how to fix the problem, but I went back and uploaded the pictures of the inventory into the post.
  5. These are probably the "interesting" ones. The rest are just the common ones you get from the rahkshi. Not sure that's of any interest to you. Just to specify because the photo is not very clear, two are orange/black and two are gold/black.
  6. Hi there. Any takers? How much? Every wave is complete, every titan set owned mostly in duplicates. 2001-2010. Inventory attached in the post (excel file). Just missing gelu and tarakava, can't find my manas but I should have them. Don't have the tohunga. I don't have time to sell every set individually, but maybe you could buy this and sell it back for a profit. Got some kranas, kanohi and kraatas for interested buyers. Here are a few photos below. Also, there will be roughly 15-20lb of spare parts. Bionicle Collection Inventory Final.xlsx There seems to be some issue with the download, so here are the snips.
  7. Hi there fellow Bionicle fans. If one of you feels like they would be inclined to answer my query, I would be delighted and grateful. I have a massive collection, and I am going to sell it. I was wondering how much it might go for. I can't really attach photos right now because I don't have any that show how much there is. It is probably north of 400-500 sets (many doubles, triples, etc). The collection is basically like 98+% complete in terms of sets. Has a lot of extra parts, assorted by color and type. Got about 90 bohroks alone, probably more if you count spare parts. I noticed ebay prices have gone up a LOT for bionicle sets lately. If you're reading this and you also happen to be interested, contact me.
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