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    Lego, reading and books, drawing, science (especially cosmology, chemistry and physics), Dilbert comics, climbing, aikido (a martial art), art, 60s and 70s music, symbology, geology, ancient civilizations, cryptography, stuff and Bionicle of course.

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  1. Hey. Pink Floyd rock.

  2. Hello. You have a good musical taste. I really like Pink Floyd, The Kinks and The Beatles as well and am getting to know The Who. I haven't heard much of Lead Zepplin. Most of my favourite bands are 60's and 70's groups.

  3. Thanks. The trouble with Maxilos and Spinax is that they're £10 more expensive but I haven't completely made up my mind, it might be better to stick with Hydraxon and/or Halhi and buy Max & Spin when they're on offer. Good luck with the AS results.
  4. Before getting on to the main subject I'll give you some quick updates on what I've been doing: well we did get to see the Harry Potter movie, though not on the friday because the sound wasn't working (which seems ironic when you think about what I said about cinema sound in my last entry) so we saw it on the monday (when all ticket prices are reduced). I hope I get to see Rush Hour 3 and I would like to see the Simpson Movie but I'm not quite sure how good it'll be. I've gone on some day trips with my family and most of the rest of the time Ive been helping up the allotment and continued to rest at home. Rather oddly we had some onions (from a allotment (fortunately not ours) or a garden) chucked at our window one night. Some other people noticed some onions in the streets and people running near our house at night. Luckily our window wasn't damaged. Very wierd though. Anyhoo, the main subject: my 16th birthday which was this Monday (the 6th August). Did you know that my birthday was also Arnold Swarchenegger 60th bithday, Bolivian and Jamican Independence Day, the anniverery of the invention of the sandwich as well as the (rather grim) anniversery of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing? That day I went walking in the Exmoor National Park with my family, which was good and we later had fish and chips (which we only have about once a year) for dinner at Lynmouth which was also good. For my birthday I recieved some money, a book of the Futurism art movement, a book on climbing and USB drive and I will be getting another which has been ordered but has not arrived. With my birthday I'll probably buy one of the new sets (either Hydraxon, Nocturn or Toa Mahri Hali) and/or some music (maybe King Crimson, ELO, Holst's Planet Suite, T Rex or the Kinks). We are still hoping to go on holiday somewhere (camping probably) but my dad has loads of work to do and keeps on telling us the weather supposed to be getting worse (which he had said last week and of course the weather is still fine). My GCSE results come out on the 23rd, so I'm hoping for the best. (Note to self: Use less bracketts.) UPDATE: It looks like we will manage to go camping somewhere (either Pembrookshire (have I spelt that right?), Exmoor, Bodmin moor or another place in wales) but my dad will be staying at home to do work. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be pretty bad. YET ANOTHER UPDATE: My final present was a nice book on Islamic art and architecture which I had previously seen in the V&A.
  5. Thought I might as well quote myself from the Anniversary topic rather than writing it all out again, see how lazy I am? Well since I my PMship has run out I have not been able to use my blog lately and I am so indecisive that I have not yet made my mind up whether to renew it. (I wonder if indecisiveness is the laziness of making decisions, nah I think it's different in most cases including mine). However I am now leaning towards renewing it. Yay three year Huna spinny!!! I joined at an appropriate day, I only just realized that today. I've also recently past the 1000 post mark! Double yay! I was planning for my 1000 post to post the begining of my comic series (I had some great ideas) on BZP but unfortunately I cannot upload anything on to any site for some unkown reason hence my lack of Personal Photo. I like the recent updates to BZPower despite the teething problems. Unfortunately I now longer sign off with Tortuga in matoran writing because : for the letter O resulting in : because is now the code for . My GCSEs finished a while ago so I have been enjoying the fact that I no longer have to go to school (though in september I'll being going to 6th form, the same as my friend Danska: Shadow Master ( oh dear! )). Mostly I've been resting at home in order to recover from the exams but I'm hoping to get oot in a boot a bit more. If I do renew my PMship I will make a much larger effort to write more entries. I would aim to make them humourous, entertaining and insightful but pigs will fly and heck will freeze over (or at least get chilly enough for hand warmers) by the time I get a "Blog of the Week" award. I would try and model my blog on The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams. I miss having the blog, the rank images, the bold name, the ability to create polls and games. I'll try to post in my blog every day (or most days) this week as I can now. Today I'll be of with my parents and sister to see the new Harry Potter film. The cinema we go to is great because it is small and rarely crowded. Being small also means the sound is not so loud that threatens to burst your eardrums as in some of the larger ones I've been to. Annoyingly I missed the film Hot Fuzz earlier this year which I've heard is excellent as I thought. So I'll end my entry abruptly because my mums just called telling us we'll be leaving soon.
  6. Thar's one wierd personal statement but I guess it figures. :P (I just noticed you get less room for a personal statement than you get in a comment, odd.)

  7. The 300 character limit on the "PErsonal Stement" is way too small!

  8. Well at the moment I'm having a load of trouble uploading my personal photo. I can't upload anything on Brickshelf either so I have no idea where the fault lies.

  9. My first impressions from the image was that it looked like a large, beefed up launcher that was highly impractical, but I read on and found out that I was completely and utterly wrong. A truly superb launcher both technically and in appearance. The firing capabilities are astounding. An amazing Moc, 10/10! :
  10. A blog, the perfect place for me to moan about life. Commence rambling complaints about life: At the moment life seem to have a grudge against me, at the end of august/start of september I had a horribly painful series of gallstone attacks which consequently meant I suffered from jaundice (I went yellow), I had almost no food for a week, I had to visit the hospital frequently, I had to have blood samples taken (which I loathed) and I now I to face the fact that a may (or may not) have an operation to remove them some time in the future. Oh yeah I also had to take a medicine that tasted worse than sick, but now I have the tablets of it so that's okay. I have also had for well over a year (perhaps two) now trouble with the big toe on my left foot. It started in P.E. where I did a long distance run with trainers that were to small and the laces came undone. This meant my toe nail was bruised and it fell off in a few months. The new nail grew back in grown and I went to see the doctors who gave me some anti-biotics (which may have triggered the formation of my gallstones) as well as a test of my patience as it only recently that I have had the toe nail operation (which was surprisingly unpleasant to say the least). But it turns out that is not the end of it, I said to the surgeons after the operation that it felt like there was a splinter stuck in my toe but they said there was nothing there. Now on one of my follow-up appointments the podiatrist told me I have a hypergranulation probably caused by a fragment of nail stuck in my toe. So now I have another appointment coming up soon. And now an additional feature to my medical saga, I have a horrible pain on this odd piece of bone above my heal which normal people don't have. It only hurts when I walk with my shoes on (though I'm sure it is not caused by the shoes). So I'll have to wait to find out what it is/for it to go away. The only explanation I can think up of it a hair-line stress fracture caused by putting more wait on my right leg to avoid hurting my toe whilst walking to quickly. It's odd to think that these problem may never have happened if I had stopped running when it hurt or done up my laces in P.E. But unfortunately I would still have the annoyance of mock exams in a week and tones of coursework to do. I also have a friend who is reminding me to do some artwork for his band's CDs which I foolishly volunteered to do (though at least I'll get paid for it) So my blog is still as empty as ever, but it means when I write an entry I have plenty to write about. I have not been writing in my blog because of the reasons above as well as I forgot but when I remember I could not be bothered. So my blog is probably the least active blog in the whole of cyberspace, even a snail stuck on a keyboard would make a better blogger than me. What prompted me to write this entry was the fact that today my PMship has expired, yet when I checked my blog I could still use it which is odd. So as I have been granted with this gift whenever I have some free time I'll try to make an effort to post an entry in The Blog. Yes I know I've said this before, but I really will try once I have got the work that needs doing out of the way, the same goes for my intended series of comics. Any suggestion on how I could get my self to actually post entries in my blog / create the comic series? :
  11. Tortuga Turaga


    Note: This was written on August the 22nd, I just forgot to publish it. I've been camping with my mum and sister for the past few days leaving my dad at home so he could get on with some work. Of course there were numerous obstalces seemingly designed to prevent us from having a good time. Firstly there was one of the worst traffic jams I have ever been in, we were stuck in Hereford for two hours! The traffic barely moved most of the time and we were stuck in the car, we even ate our lunch in the car. It had been raining all day and it had brightened up when we reached the jam, but fortunately we made it to the campsite before the rain continued. The campsite is a small small-holding with room for a few tents (there is also a small cabin, mobile home and B&B) in the wilds of north-west Wales, near Snowdonia infact. It has it's own spring and stream to supply all the water, though ironcly it had nearly dried up completely before we came. There are also two compost loos in the wood (as well as a normal loo next to the house), an artificial nature lake and a beautiful lake with a small island in the middle where you can use the canadian canoe and the two kyaks. There are also some goats and chickens which you can feed and milk (well you can't milk the chickens of course). Unfortunately it rained quite alot, meaning we had to deal with a soaking wet tent. I also seemed to keepin on getting a really sore and dry tounge, and I appeared to develop an allergy to something my tent-bedroom. Despite that we had a good few days; we went on walks, went to the local town, but mostly we just stayed and rested at the campsite. :
  12. I started a comic series ages ago and I keep on forgetting about it so it never get's done (allot like the entries in this blog). I have had loads of ideas queueing up and swiftly being forgotten. And it takes a long time to produce one strip, sometimes I wonder wether it'll ever be posted on BZP. So to the point, I wonder wether any of you people out there would care to help with this humble endeavour. Please post here or PM me if you would want to help. PS. I'm am planning to put a load more "interesting" content boxes up. :
  13. I did manage to go to Lyme Regis with my family on Tuesday, unfortunately the mineral shops we're not as good as before, the beaches were horribly crowded and me and my dad missed the low(er) tide on the beach in between Lyme regis and Charmouth so we could not go fossil hunting. I did get one mineral, torbernite, (for £18.50) which is a highly radioactive uranium ore! !!! I was thinking of getting a really nice slice of tourmaline but when I got back to the shop it was closed. Fortunately someone we knew invited us round their house for tea and a chat in their really nice cottage. We had fish and chips for dinner by the sea front (which we only have about once a year (usually when we visit Lyme Regis or Sidmouth)) and went home. Well I've run out of time so I can't say any more and I'll have to leave you with this uninteresting entry. :
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