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    Uh... I like... uh.... A lot of stuff, for example, I like you. But here is a more detailed list of the things I like, placed in categories.<br /><br />The General Shebang<br />-BIONICLE (Duh)<br />-Comics<br />-Manga<br />-Anime<br />-Art<br /><br />Books<br />-The Wardstone Chronicles/The Last Apprentice.<br />-Skulduggery Pleasant<br />-The Demonata<br />-Imperial Assassin<br /><br />Music<br />-AC/DC (YEAH! LET THERE BE ROCK!)<br />-Scouting for Girls<br />-Coldplay<br />-Nirvana<br />-Metallica<br />-Beatles<br />-Eagles<br />-Earth, Wind and Fire<br />-AAR<br />-The Cranberries<br />-The Fray<br />-A.I.K.<br />-MacGyver intro song<br />-Lynyrd Skynyrd (I have recently listened to them and they are <br /> PSYCHEDELIC!!!)<br /><br />Hobbies<br />-Reading<br />-Writing<br />-Drawing<br />-Going on BZP<br />-making MOCS<br />-Watching MacGyver<br />-Daydreaming. Yeah I really like daydreaming. <br /> Thinking up of worlds I wish so much to visit, my dreams that I<br /> wish could be real, escape from this world. Yeah, kinda like <br /> that.<br /><br />TV Series<br />-MacGyver<br />-Supernatural<br />-Heroes<br />-Prison Break<br />-Gilmore Girls (Yeah, I know, "WTH!?!?!" kinda saw it when I<br /> was a kid, and now I'm stuck with it)<br />-Any shows that manages to grab my attention.<br />-The Dresden Files (Yeah! They finally air it at my place! Whoo!)<br />-MacGyver<br /> <br />Games<br />-MMORPGs<br />-Browser based Flash games like the games from <br /> Artix Entertainment<br />-Zero Online<br />-MacGyver Online. ;p<br /><br />Miscellaneous<br />-Winning<br />-Ruling the world<br />-You<br />-You<br />-You<br />-Power<br />-Mythology<br />-Wildlife<br />-My friends<br />-MacGyver<br /><br />And last but not least...<br /> MACGYVER!<br /><br />But also, MacGyver hates:<br /><br />-School<br />-Studying<br />-Kappa Mikey (except for Mitsuki's voice actor, Rebecca Soler)<br />-Maths<br />-Thinking<br />-Artist's and Writer's Block<br />-People who ridicule MacGyver<br />-Murdoc<br />-I also hate the channel that airs MacGyver because they don't air the show daily.<br /><br />And I suck at:-<br />- Video games (That's right. Laugh all you want. But I totally own in Digimon Rumble Arena 1 & 2)<br />-Poetry<br />-Songwriting<br />-Ballads.<br /><br />MacGyver doesn't know how to:<br />-Play the guitar or any other instrument as I lack the attention to learn music and because I'm left-handed.<br />-Hit on girls. That's right. MacGyver (Not the Richard Dean Anderson one, anyway) does not know how to make passes on girls. Even if she wants him to do so.<br />-Make this profile anymore cooler.<br /><br />Now, let's end this with a trademark word--<br /><br /> MU-HA!

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    Run fast,little dude! Run!

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