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  1. IC: Rylak found himself, once again, aimlessly making his way through the Koro. Despite the near-frantic movement of an assortment of people through the streets, and despite the anxious whispers of something yet to come, no one would needed his assistance. No one had any need for the Toa. Shame. I would love to hit something right about now...
  2. Actually I remember him as Lloyd more, so seeing another familiar name kinda made me freak out a little, not going to lie.
  3. Man, it's good to finally get back in the swing of things. If anyone needs/wants/will-pay-for interaction my characters aren't doing much right now. BTW, who's Lloyd?
  4. IC: "Ah, I gotcha I gotcha..." Ehkann replied as his mouth began to creak open into a yawn. Alright! This is boring as karz. No need to insult the matoran, yeah? The Skakdi mentally scolded himself for doing so, snapping his jaw shut the moment it opened. Ehkann knelt down on one knee to meet the Matoran at eye level. He did his best to give him a sincere smile, and he was sincere for the most part. Skakdi just weren't all that known for smiling unless they had their prey trapped in a corner. "You seem pretty beat up, my friend. I'm having trouble believing they survived this crash that you were in. If you want I could... escort you to someone who'd make you new stuff, eh?"
  5. More members. Like, way back in the day amount of members. The amount of members the old site had.
  6. IC: Ehkann looked upon the arrow for a moment, long enough to act like he was studying it. He wasn't all too interested with the situation. Why would someone like him have to do lowly work? Still, can't keep this Matoran hanging. I'll do it all the same. "Sorry little guy!" His voice had a hint of sarcasm in it, which he mentally scolded himself for. Doing his best to hold it back, "Haven't seen any. What happened to 'em?"
  7. IC: Despite his sadness of sending away someone with suck eagerness, Rylak was relieved to seem the Matoran go. It was a harsh world, and he'd rather have companions that he'd be more confident of their survival. Rylak continued on throughout the Koro, searching for adventure, danger, and what the island had to offer to him.
  8. Just so I don't mess things up with one of my characters, but Electricity involves lightning yes?
  9. IC: While taking his stroll through the region, Ehkann notices a Po-Matoran standing near a crashed boat. Ah, tough luck pal. "Hey buddy!" The Skakdi called out, rather unauthentically. "Need a hand?"
  10. IC: Rylak's look grew stern as the conversation drew on. His irritation on the subject crept into his his voice, as he no longer spoke with the softness he once head. "Tor. I will not have my endeavors be the death of you. Or anyone else for that matter. Not again...." His voice drifted off again, and his face loosened in as if in shock. "I... don't want to see another dead Matoran. Ever."
  11. IC: Rylak wasn't too surprised about Tor's. He spun around, kneeling down to be closer to the Matoran's eye level. He stared at him, a stoic expression on his face in an attempt to convey his seriousness. Despite the Matoran's tenacity, he couldn't allow Tor to join him. "Tor, I have no quest for you to join me on. When I do find something, I cannot be protecting you throughout." Rylak sighed, breaking eye contact in his frustration of his own actions. "It just wouldn't work."
  12. IC: Ehkann strutted through Ga-Koro with his chin held high and a spring in his step. Gotta think positive. Gotta look like someone you'd want to talk too. There wasn't anything special about to happen, nor was there anything special that had happened. Ehkann just felt like walking tall and walking proud. If people are going to chant my name, there's no harm in acting like they already are, right? The village was bustling with life. Matoran were hard at work, hard at play. Ehkann continued his stroll throughout the Koro. Read for adventure. Ready for anything.
  13. IC: This Matoran has heart, and spirit. I would hate to see his confidence be the end of him. Rylak looked upon Tor with growing admiration. "You have courage, Matoran, and a warrior's spirit that few possess. But the type of peril I seek is not something most Toa can withstand. I would hate to see you perish from it." Rylak gave him a smile, no longer one of pity, but one of admiration. He turned from the Matoran, and began to make his way into the heart lively Koro, bustling with commotion. As he departed, he called out over his soldier. "I hope we meet again, Tor!"
  14. IC: Rylak's instinct told him to back away from the hand, and ready his hammer. He failed on the latter, fist noticeably clenching down on the hammer's handle. What are you doing? As his mind recognized the gesture, he eased his grip. He's just trying to help, try to act natural. "Rylak." He nearly sputtered out in the awkwardness of the situation. Rylak almost lunged for the Matoran's hand, as if to rectify any insult he may have caused. OOC: Thanks for that.
  15. Not that often, no. Most of the time when I do visit I'm looking for something in particular. UGH, This topic maybe me want to go check it now!
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