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    BIONICLE, Lego, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Anime, pie and BZPower! Yay! Go BZPower!<br />I need a hobby...

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  1. Your banner made me dizzy. :s

  2. Hey, you alive? Haven't seen you around.

  3. Um, Hyperupguard, are you talking about my CABG account?

  4. Where's the free cabbage? What! There isn't any? Madness!

  5. 55555

    Fixed. PM me whenever.

  6. Hey Iranu. Haven't seen you in a while. If you don't remember me I changed my name. Used to be Young Turaga

  7. Refy

    I'm trying to send you something but your inbox ix full. Can you fix that?

  8. Hey Iranu! What's with the 055?

  9. I have finally got a blog. I'm quite happy about this and will use it well. I hope that you enjoy my blog as much as I will! ~Refy
  10. I should have entry (3) for this comp soon. It looks pretty cool, and I think I have a lot of blue pieces. Can't wait till i have my MOC's ready. ~YT~
  11. Yes. I remember. How are you?

  12. I saw you talking to Takuma Nuva. No biggie.

  13. Wait, where did you see me before?

  14. Thanks. It's very old and I'm gonna be updating it.

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