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    Well, first of all I'm interested in all things Bionicle.

    Other than that some of my interests include LEGO in general, videogames, Marvel, Star Wars, Marketing & Graphic Design, Empire of Toa (Minecraft Server), Warhammer 40K, Dragon Ball, Naruto and My Hero Academia.

    I could go on and on, but let's not. ;)

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  1. Title says it all, I'm looking for a Protodermic Kakama Nuva to finally finish my Kanohi collection. Unfortunately scouring Bricklink and Ebay on the daily hasn't been very fruitful, so I figured I should ask on here. See if anyone's got one they're willing to part with. Kind regards, TakuaNova EDIT: I'm located in the Netherlands, forgot to add.
  2. Potentially troublesome. Hope it doesn't affect sellers - and consequently, buyers - too much. All we can do is hope for the best, only time will tell.

  4. While he's one of my least favourites of this wave, I'm still gonna get him when he releases in the Netherlands.
  5. While he indeed knows I like Bionicle (Old man's been getting me those for years ), this year he mixed things up a bit and got me the Lego Doctor Who set. Merry Christmas, everyone! :xmas:
  6. Can I just say that your signature is. pure. gold.

  7. This seems like an interesting contest. Definitely entering this one.
  8. As the terminator returns the mask to you, I shoot it in it's Hydrogen Fuel Cell, causing it to explode, incinerating you in the explosion. The mask gets launched towards me, and I catch it. My Mask.
  9. I pop a cap in your bum and make you say hallelujah! My mask.
  10. Hi, I'm interested in the following masks: TNGM, Red Kakama, Metallic Silver Kakama, Metallic Gold Akaku, Brown Akaku Nuva, Protodermic Kaukau Nuva, Medium Blue Ruru and the Poisoned Hau Nuva's (both). -Sular
  11. I smack you across the face with the bowling ball you were about to use for bowling. You drop the mask. My mask.
  12. Who needs Shenron if you can have Porunga? Three Wishes! 1) Make the mask mine! 2) Resurrect Dende! 3) ehh.... I wish for Frieza! Bring him back to liiife!! My mask.
  13. I re-assemble the triforce and wish for the mask to be mine, after obtaining the mask I shatter the Triforce, for it to be scattered across Hyrule. My mask.
  14. You're a kid now! You're a squid now! Mask is mine now! My mask.
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