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  1. Congrats! Hope he won't get six sons at once like Makuta! xP These two matorans are sooo cute.
  2. Entry 1 got my vote When I was looking at him I thought about Venom from Spider Man. Really cool
  3. Number 2 and 3 look very cool. I choosed 3 because of its creative idea of construction.
  4. I had thought about number three before I choose number two. Entry two is so cute :3 And I think we should motivate freshers.
  5. Czesc, jak leci?

  6. Welcome to BZPower. If you need help with something, please take a look on the New Member Q&A , leave a comment on my profile or PM me. You are able to do this, if you have 10 posts. But please read the rules before posting. Have fun here.

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