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Hero Factory Brain Attack Villian Revamp/Mods

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These are my revamp/modifications to all 7 of the Brain Attack Villains.


Gallery When Public



LXF file of all of them



Starting with Pyrox

Not much is changed with him. More dark red was added along with using A Drilldozer torso piece to add bulk.





Right Side






Left Side







Next is Scarox.

The thing unique with him is I've changed the swinging arms gimmick to use one of the spring piece from the hockey player sets. I've also added more gold.





Right Side






Left Side



Closeup of back showing the piece I used






Next is Bruizer.

His main change is his bashing arm is now poseable while still retaining the bashing gimmick. I used friction adders on his right arm so the arm can stay in place when using the gimmick. I've also removed all gunmetal grey and made his right leg bulky as well along with giving him more beast like feet.





Right Side






Left Side



Closeup of back showing a locking feature that prevents the gimmick from working when you want to pose the arm







Next is Ogrum.

The main change with him is how his mace is constructed and attached. I used a flick missile to connect his mace to his hand leaving the ball joint free. The way the mace part is attached to the chain isn't purist but I think it looks better this way.





Right Side






Left Side






Next is Frost Beast (Or as I like to call him. Chillax)

Not many changes here. Just a change to the back construction to allow back armor and new feet since the hero feet did not suit his beast design.





Right Side






Left Side






Next is Aquagon.

Small changes here as well. I replaced the gunmetal armor with yellow, Swapped the feet out for shadow matoran feet and gave him some chest decoration





Right Side






Left Side






Last up is Dragon Bolt (I never got the actual set so his pics are all taken in LDD. All parts used exist in real life)

The changes with him are bigger wings and a longer tail. Changed build to lower jaw and added in a tongue. Replaced the red button with a yellow one. And the back legs are more dragon like. The most unique thing about this modification/revamp is that it uses exactly 222 pieces (Counting the rubber band which doesn't attach in LDD


Front View



Side View



Back View



Top View



Bottom View



Pic showing how tongue is attached




Comments and Criticism appreciated. I will be doing revamp/modifications to all the Brain Attack Heroes

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I don't know why but I'm starting to get the feeling people are not clear of the meaning revamp. Slapping different armor plates and adding one or two pieces won't make it a superior version of the set or any unique for that matter, this feels like a lazy way out.





Edit: See the BBC Guidelines on constructive criticism.


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Interesting revamps. Pyrox is excellent, and I've got no complaints with that design. It really does make up for a lot of the original set's flaws. Scarox is also neat, but I don't like the chunky shell on his backside or the boniness of his legs. Ogrum is also great. Can't complain about any of the changes there, except that maybe Reddish Brown fingers might have looked better than Earth Green ones? I'd have to make a side-by-side comparison to really make that determination.


Bruizer is the first one where I really prefer the original set. I feel like it looked better with the Titanium Metallic so it had more variety of colors (I feel the same way about Aquagon). I also preferred the shorter legs of the original set, and I'm not fond of the new feet, which aren't as chunky as his overall design. I'm glad you kept the function, though, and reinforced it with friction joints so it would still be reasonably rigid and won't recoil too easily when it strikes a target.


Frost Beast also bothers me in a few ways. As with Bruizer, the flatter feet don't suit him. I also don't like the changes in the shoulders. In the original set, the shoulder joints were raised up so that they gave the model a more hunched appearance, and the shells with fur detail folded over the shoulder joints to make the shoulders and upper arms look formidable. Here, the shells with fur detail have been moved closer together, and the shoulder joints themselves have been lowered, so instead of looking like a cohesive structure, the shells with fur detail seem entirely separate from the shoulder joints and upper arms. It makes him look a bit scrawny.


Aquagon looks nice-ish. The one thing I definitely don't like is the removal of the Titanium Metallic torso and leg shells. Replacing these with more yellow makes his other yellow parts stand out less. I don't know if the change in the feet really helps the model at all, but it certainly doesn't hurt.


I really didn't have high expectations for Dragon Bolt, because I love the original set and have seen a lot of revamps that I feel ruin its distinctive character. Yours turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The wings are a bit chunky, and the lightning pieces are no longer hinged so that they can fit right in the gaps between the wings like on the original set, but I like how you added more lightning and feathers. It's something I wouldn't be averse to doing if I were to open my second Dragon Bolt set (though I love the set so much that I'd much rather give it to a friend when Brickfair rolls around). The tongue is a clever feature. I love how you beefed up the legs and added alternating blue and transparent tail segments. It doesn't look as though the jaw closes as nicely as the original set's, but that's probably something that could be fixed with only minor changes. The lightning on the tail is a creative addition.


Since this is a digital model, I ought to mention a couple color errors. The transparent shells should all be Transparent Fluorescent Green, not Transparent Bright Green (the color of Ogrum's transparent shells). And the light gray parts should be Medium Stone Grey, not Light Stone Grey (a somewhat obscure color, notably used for Thok from BIONICLE and also the LEGO Mindstorms NXT sets). The tan pins should also be Brick Yellow, not Light Nougat (a flesh tone from LEGO Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc). But in general, I'm very impressed with this revamp, which manages to improve on the original set without losing the qualities that make it so great. Fabulous work!

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