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Takilo's Adventure


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Chapter 1: Team



Takilo was on his way to Le-Koro to meet his friend. He was already at Le-Wahi when Nui-Rama captured him. The young Ta-Matoran escaped, but he fell to Energized Protodermis. Takilo transformed into Toa of Fire. Later, when he arrived to Le-Koro, He saw that swarm of Nui-Ramas had conquered the village. Takilo tried to free the Matorans of Le-Koro, but he failed. When he was on his way back to Ta-Koro, Toa Tahu told him that few other Matorans had transformed into Toas as well. He also told that Takilo should assemble his own Toa team. First, Takilo went to Ko-Koro to meet Shin, Toa of Ice. Then, they went to Po-Koro to meet Boulder, Toa of Stone. Then to Onu-Koro and finally, to Ga-Koro. Now that Takilo had assembled his team, they were ready to free Le-Koro.


To be continued...

Edited by TakiloNuva360




Use the RIGHT MOUSE KEY to WHACK! and THE GREEN ARROWS to change what you want to WHACK!


chimoru2015spinnie.gifI've also got an YouTube channel!chimoru2015spinnie.gif

(the spinnies are made by Click)




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