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The Legend of Toa Spartacus


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The Legend of Sparta Nui 





In a time before classical times, there was a island called Sparta Nui where many millions of Matoran and Toa lived together in peace and harmony. But that all had changed when Piorisia another neighboring island nearby launched and invasion on two coastal city-states in Sparta Nui. This led to war between the two countries and since then it has still been going on for now about 100 years.



Chapter 1


"Is there ever a day" said the Toa Daemos who was a welder of a battle axe and welder of ice powers, "when there isn't a group of Piorisians coming after us?" he asked as he sat down at the campfire that stood in front of him as the flames gave off smoke. 


"I am afraid not, my comrade." said Toa Hethens who was a welder of a metal spear and welder of magnetic powers. He was a warrior of the element of Magnetism serving for his kingdom of Sparta Nui.


"Well as long you keep killing them Piorisians we will have no problems..." said Toa Rho, who welded the power of being able to control gravity. He also always carried around an copper sword with him as well.


Then the hooded figure then stood up from his seat on the log the team was sitting on. He stood  up and then put down his hood of his cloak and his red cape blew in the breeze of wind. He was a Toa of Stone, and he was most famous known Toa of all of Sparta Nui, Toa Arthymos. 


"Men, tomorrow we head to the city of Deltamos, there we will convince the city leaders to aid us in our war against the Piorisians. We shall get some rest now, because tomorrow will be a big day and long travel."



That being said the Toas go to sleep and are already prepared for tomorrow's journey. 

Chapter 2



After the last's night sleep, the Toa wake up at sunrise in the crack of dawn. They then get their armor, helmets, weapons and shields along with other important belongings with them. The four Toa begin to set forth to the city-state of Deltamos by travelling on foot across the arid terrain they are in. They maybe many dangers awaiting them before they reach Deltamos for all we know. But hopefully our heroes will know what do in dangerous situations.


As Arthymos walked in front of everyone else, his comrade Rho the Toa of Gravity walked beside him.


"So how long until we reach Deltamos?" Rho asked Arthymos as he kept his eyes on what was in front of him. Just in case anything out of nowhere bad happens.


"We will perhaps reach Deltamos in two hours if not perhaps three hours then, it all depends on if something or someone attacks us during the way there." he replied. 


As that being said, Rho then kept silent but still walked beside his leader Arthymos to be sure he will be right beside him when they arrive to Deltamos. While Hethens and Daemos were walking and sweating in the intense desert heat. 


Suddenly out of nowhere a wild Rahi appears by trying to attack Arthymos with it's venomous stinger tail. But Arthymos luckily had reacted in quick time to use his shield to protect himself from getting hit by the stinger tail. 


Then suddenly all four of them begin to fight the wild creature as they surround it. The Rahi gets confused and then tries to hit them all with it tail, but it fails doing so by confusion. The four then butcher the Rahi with their weapons to the point the creature is butchered alive. After that the four Toa then continue on forth to Deltamos as the dying Rahi lays on the arid ground and eventually dies from bleeding out of it's arteries. 


"We have finally arrived to Deltamos." exclaimed Hethens as he was already wiped out from all that long walking on foot. It took them like Arthymos had said three hours due to them all being attacked by a Rahi.


A native Matoran to the city walks up to them and greets them. "Welcome to the City-State of Deltamos, what can I do for you?" the little Matoran asked them.


Arthymos then stood out in front of the Matoran and said, "Would you kindly take us to your leader of your city?" he asked him.


"But the leader of Deltamos doesn't like to get foreign visitors nor does he like to see them..." The Matoran then replied.


"Well this is urgent, and we need to speak with him now!" Arthymos then said in a low tone of voice. 


"Alright fine, right this way..." the Matoran then said to them four as it led them to the city palace in the center of the city.



End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3



The four Toa then arrive at the steps of the city palace of Deltamo's leader. They are then brought to the leader by two armed guards who held metal spears and wore metal silver helmets. They then glanced at the leader who had sat in a chair made out of concrete and he was a Turaga of Fire.  The Turaga looked upon the four visitors and wondered what they are here for exactly.


"What do you visitors need? It better be something important..." the old Turage of Fire said as he sat in his chair. 


"We four Toa have came all the way from the city-state of Ames and we have recently been attacked by the Piorisians two months ago which lead to our city being in a ruined economy." Arthymos said as he stood in front of the rest of the three.


"And your point is? Go on I'm listening..." the Turaga said impatiently. 


"We would like your city-state of Deltamos to ally with our city-state of Ames so we can together form a united army of Toa and kick Piorisian butt." the Toa of Fire then said to the elder Turaga of Fire. The Turaga stood there for a moment and thought about it, and then made up his mind.


"Alright we will aid you in war against Piorisia, we will send you at least 500 Toa warriors to help aid your city against the Piorisians." The Turaga then said in a low voice.


"Thank you sir." Arthymos said to the Turaga of Fire, and then the Turaga said, "Guards lead the four travellers back to the entrance, and also SOMEONE GET ME SOME CHILI PEPPERS WITH SPICE IN THEM!" the Turaga ordered.


The four Toa are then led out by the two armed guards and then the four of them travel around the city to search for some more comrades to join them in the quest to defeat the Piorisians. 



End of Chapter 3


"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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