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Ventox (BFTGM)


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What's silver, green, agile, & extremely dangerous? This guy!





Ventox (BFTGM Entry)


Multi-Pic in Super HD

Main Front View Picture

Closeup of Face

Back View

Head in Regular Position

Head in Striking Position

With a Halloween Glowstick Bracelet

Size Comparison to Zigben

Size Comparison to Lewa Mata & Lewa Nuva

Ventox VS. Lewa Mata & Lewa Nuva

Ventox with his recently acquired Mirus

Ventox Trying to Wear a Kanohi Miru

Ventox Trying to Wear a Kanohi Miru Nuva

Onua Nuva: "So you guys lost your masks too?"


Brickshelf Gallery with More Pictures



A cunning and scheming villain, Ventox is an insectoid hunter who is both extremely agile and extremely dangerous. His dual toxin stingers are filled with a powerful posion that paralyzes most victims and gives them severe pain. He can also change the type of venom in his stingers to one that causes his victims to be temporarily enslaved in mind-control. He can shoot a blinding, acidic venom from his mouth that will burn through most armor, and the spikes on his body contain small amounts of the same paralyzing toxin in his stingers, and those small amounts are enough to significantly weaken most opponents. His head can strike out and shoot toxic venom very rapidly and unexpectedly, and there are few times when one of his opponents has avoided getting poisoned by him somehow. He is equipped with an energy bow he calls the Venomizer Bow that he uses to shoot balls of concentrated plasma mingled with some of his toxins, and he is a skilled sniper, so even if he can't reach you with his stingers, he can still reach you with bow. His armor is composed of a hard metal (probably protodermis unless that doesn't exist in Gen 2) and a special crystalline shell that reduces the effect of energy blasts and is resistant to all posions. He himself cannot be poisoned anyway because he is immune to almost every poison, toxin, and venom in existence. He has small wings on his stingers which he uses to soar through the sky, aided by his small amount of innate elemental air & jungle power. He is extremely agile, to the point that even Lewa cannot match his agility. His main weaknesses are Remove Posion Kanoka, as they will temporarily render all his powers & weapons useless, and Stone & Earth elemental powers, as he is not strong enough to resist their force and enough pressure will break through his crystalline armor.


He is on a quest to find the Golden Skull Spider Mask so he can use it to rule the Skull Spiders and take over Okoto. During his quest he came across Zigben - Master of Lavastruction, and they briefly fought, resulting in Zigben nearly defeating Ventox. Zigben then offered Ventox the position of ruler of the Jungle region of Okoto if he helped Zigben find the Golden Skull Spider Mask and become ruler of Okoto. Ventox agreed, and they continued on their quest together. Of course, neither intends to fulfill their side of the promise. Zigben intends to either destroy Ventox or use the Skull Spiders to mind-control him once he obtains the mask, and Ventox intends to surprise attack Zigben and shoot a powerful blast of his most dangerous poision straight at Zigben's core, one of the few weak spots on Zigben's armor, crippling Zigben. Ventox then intends to claim the Golden Skull Spider Mask for himself and then finish off Zigben. So beware, for all who end up as Ventox's victims end up paralyzed and poisioned.


This is my 2nd BFTGM entry, and it was fun to build. My favorite part is probably the torso section. It's fun trying to come up with ways of making the torso area of my MOCs look unique, and I think I managed to do so with this MOC. But what do you think? Feel free to comment & criticize! :happydance: 

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The artist formerly known as


BBC#69 Entry: Roodaka - Master of Manipulation

BFTGM entries: Zigben · Ventox · Deflecto


Hail Denmark.

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Huh. I guess insect-like humanoids aren't very popular these days. :P

I dunno, I like it! Good job on the gun/bow, and the upper pair of arms really adds to the aesthetic. I only think the "beak" is slightly unnecessary, but besides that, he looks really good!


Thanks! Glad you liked it. As I was incorporating the strike neck, I decided the beak had to stay in order for the ball launcher mouth to not seem too far down placed. Moving the launcher up would cause the neck to be shortened a little, and I think I like the neck's length as it is. But yeah, it is kinda odd-looking. It's sorta leftover from when I was going for an alien-bird look, which morphed into an insectoid design. It's amazing how when I'm designing one thing, it can wind up becoming something far different from what my original concept was. (Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, especially when I'm building Mindstorms robots... :P )

The artist formerly known as


BBC#69 Entry: Roodaka - Master of Manipulation

BFTGM entries: Zigben · Ventox · Deflecto


Hail Denmark.

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