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Bohrok-Kal Miffed


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Bohrok-Kal Miffed

Not Just Another Bohrok, They Say






Sources report a recent outcry of indignation from the six Bohrok-Kal, Mata Nui’s current villains and sources of general mischief.  Concerns had been growing among the Kal, who are eager to prove their individuality, for quite some time.


“I’m not just another Bohrok,” said a crestfallen Tahnok-Kal.  “I have a different-colored krana, a silvery head, and I don’t even control the same element.  You would think people would realize I’m not just another face in the crowd.”  A nearby Nuhvok-Kal was close to tears.


But local residents have remained unconvinced.  “The Bohrok-Kal don’t seem to represent much of a threat,” stated Ta-Koro Guard Captain Jaller.  “We haven’t seen them for weeks.  I’m more worried about Vakama’s pranks and petty crimes.”  “What?  There’s another Bohrok running around?” laughed local hero and miscreant Takua the Chronicler.


These and other dismissive remarks from the island’s general populace have prompted the Bohrok-Kal to launch a relentless advertising campaign to change the public perception of the Kal as “generic, unimaginative clones.”  From the lofty treetops of Le-Koro to the bustling activity of Onu-Koro’s bazaar, glossy posters and slick PR agents have been trying to tell a different story.


“The Bohrok-Kal, despite their seeming similarity to their Bohrok cousins, are in fact nine thousand times smarter,” grinned one Matoran who assured reporters that he was not receiving any kind of compensation for his convictions.  “They haven’t come to the Koros yet because their evil plans are so brainy, they don’t even need to attack.”


An enthusiastic Lehvak-Kal was eager to share tidbits of the villains’ upcoming plans.  “We want to re-imagine the decorative potential of the Krana,” he explained.  “So many Matoran seem to think that all they’re good for is enslaving them or infecting things, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  A well-placed Krana can serve as a dinner plate, a nightstand, or even a frisbee!”  Lehvak-Kal declined to comment on why interviewers were able to breathe in the presence of a villain who allegedly creates vacuums.


Even human vendors have not been spared from the media frenzy, with local stores encouraged to “do anything possible to make the Kal seem different.”  One imaginative vendor reportedly removed all ordinary Bohrok products from his store.


Only time will tell whether the Bohrok-Kal’s image will change enough for Mata Nui’s inhabitants to take their threat seriously.

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Very nice...a funny incorporation of fan reaction into the mythos. That Matoran "not being compensated" wouldn't be Ahkmou, would it?

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Very nice...a funny incorporation of fan reaction into the mythos. That Matoran "not being compensated" wouldn't be Ahkmou, would it?


Thanks, Wiriamu! :) I wasn't thinking of Ahkmou when I wrote it, but he certainly sounds like a possibility!

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