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How do you justify still playing with toys?


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I don't bother justifying it. I'm not going to claim that my shelves of Transformers and Bionicles are 'collectibles', cause they're not. They're toys, and the only difference for me is that now I'm a bit more careful with them. 


Okay, maybe a couple of the Transformers were sold ​as Adult Collectibles, but that's beside the point.

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Did you go to the 2002 'The Power Lies Beneath' tour?

If yes, PM me. I'm looking for something that was only distributed during that tour.

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Lol, it's kinda funny seeing everyone react so strongly when their passion's relevancy is challenged.


I will admit in recent times I've been kinda out of LEGO. I never had a big enough collection of bricks because of money, and now what I do have I don't really have access to or the time to build. I still keep up with LEGO online, but much less so as I've taken on other hobbies as well. Still, I hope to get out of this dark age one day if possible (likely after I finish college).


Still, "because I can" isn't always a great argument. Everything needs a justification, if not to others, than to yourself. Even if it's just because it's fun or engaging, that's still a reason.


So what I will say is that the "problem" isn't us, but rather society and our skewed ideas of maturity. Age does not equal maturity, and maturity does not equal wisdom. As we get older we like to think we're getting smarter, but half the time we're just filling in the gaps in our knowledge with ego. Society, parents, teachers, etc. tell us that playing is for children, so we try to focus that energy into other places. We try to entertain ourselves with friends, lovers, and media instead because we have this internal fear of being judged, of doing things the wrong way and being an improper adult, but really we just suppress our creative aspects and translate our play time into pass time.


Video games are a huge example. Does anyone here earnestly believe video games are just for kids? We all play them, whether on our phones, computers, or consoles. Gamer culture and most of the market is advertised towards adults, making things look cool and mature, with guns, gore, and sexualization.


The difference is what society chooses to deem taboo by whatever twisted standard. Playing is EXTREMELY healthy for kids, and no doubt adults as well. It's not just escapism, but real engagement and a tool to fuel creativity and open-minded thinking. I WISH adults would play more, and not just collectibles but actual toys, whether LEGO or not. Maturity is just a product of our egos and trying to fit into a world we never fully understand or feel in control of. Once we break through our facades and realize enjoying simple things and entertaining our childish wonders, we can open up parts of ourselves we've been taught to forget. The worst thing you can do to yourself is forget the infinite wonder and beauty of things.


izing the context into "adults trying to justify playing with toys" is silly, because it completely ignores any larger problems or ideas in the world/self and comes off more as confrontational.

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