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A Treatise on Protodermis 1st Edition


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A Treatise on Protodermis 1st Edition

by BeingForm



Protodermis has recently been useful in the invention of the four dimensional framework analyzer (patent pending), weight changing projectiles, kanohi clothing, the hygenic mask brush, and other things that we can’t do without. Furthermore knowledge of protodermis hardness, ductility, and elasticity has led to promising new materials and alloys. Quasi-alloys have been created through the fusion of copper and organic protodermis through heat treatment with partially energized protodermis (see Quintic Multipole Cu-organoprotodermis Constructs Discovered in the Lab published in 52 ASM (After Spherus Magna) for more information). This exiting field is growing fast but so far it has been developed without a systematic framework. In this treatise I will detail a theoretical model for the properties and behavior of protodermis after explaining its historical context.


Chapter 1

Historical Overview section 1.1

Since the reformation of Spherus Magna in the year 0 ASM (After Spherus Magna) there has been an increased interest in the properties of Protodermis. This is primarily due to the knowledge gleamed by in an interview with Mata Nui after he was sealed back into the Mask of Life. The interview was conducted by Toa Tahu with the assistance of Dr Magnatroid (For more information read the paper "Mata Nui! How to Talk to Someone While They Are Still Alive!" published in the journal "The Fractal Positronic Brain" in the year 0 ASM). In this interview Mata Nui said " The Great Beings mined energized protodermis and found its properties remarkable. We tried to copy it and were able to make many types of synthetic protodermis, including the biological protodermis that allows you to live". That prompted Toa Tahu to ask how the great beings survived if they did not have protodermis already. Mata Nui replied by stating that there are "components" of energized protodermis that were formed in the atmosphere, but that he did not know much more than that because he did not pay attention in science class. Scientists then began to study the organic protodermis as well as sources of energized protodermis in order to study the origin of life. We attribute the discovery that energied protodermis is a reverse gestalt (It is less than the sum of its parts) from Iruini and Pouks in 2 ASM. In this experiment Pouks broke apart a carefully weighed piece of protodermis in a vacuum chamber (created by Iruini). They found that the protodermis weighed more when it was broken into more parts. The change in weight was too significant to be due to contamination from the outside environment, which puzzled both of them. Later Turaga Kualus (24 ASM) hypothesized that the reverse gestalt arose from exchange of particles with the environment called virtual protodendrons. The exchange of protodendrons was directly proportional to the surface area and thus increased the mass. This fact was taken advantage of to make weight changing projectiles in the year 53 ASM.


This Preview was brought to you by BeingForm Publishing company ™. More of the Treatise is available upon request.  


Edit: I realized after I posted this that I should have posted this under the "Epic" section instead of the short story section but I already submitted this as an entry to Legend Continues Contest and was afraid to move this post because that might disqualify me. Could I wait until after the contest is over to move this to the "Epic" section?  

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