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Chapter 1


The toa of ice stood watching the rain collide with the window, the island is a nice place he thought, overshadowed by the nearby Metru Nui, at times he believed this lack of attention to be a relief, as he was the only person who knew of a grave secret which could threaten the entire population, suddenly a concerned matoran stumbles into the room.


The kanohi arthron, mask of sonar already alerted the toa to what this matoran was about to say, Rahi have breached the city gates, the mask's power rung true as the matoran revealed this exact information, grabbing his katana, he tells the matoran "Gather everyone in the keep below", with that he he left the chamber, ready to face the invaders.


The island had been designed like a fortress, a huge stone wall surrounded it, each home located along fortified paths, as the toa looked over an edge he assessed the situation; tarakava beasts had breached, Who is controlling these creatures? He thought, before he could think any more the toa of air landed next to him.


"What's the situation Samler?" Mahel Toa of air asked. Samler notioned towards the Tarakava, "Saving the matoran is our first priority" he then jumped over the railings down into battle below, Mahel followed behind. Samler landed one one Tarakava, freezing it in it's place using his ice powers, meanwhile Mahel blasted a gust of air, blowing another out to sea, the two toa stood back to back as 3 tarakava all charged at one.


"You know it" Samler cheered, Mahel lightly laughed, the tarakava all sped forward, Samler created  a ring of ice particles around him and Mahel, then Mahel used his air abilities to throw every single hailstone at the tarakava, the onslaught pummled the beasts, incapacitating them, Samler noticed that a mask had fallen from one of them.


He grabbed the mask from the stony floor, the rain bouncing from it, even in the obscured light he could see it was rusted, a sure sign of infection by kraata. "The brotherhood are behind this" he told Mahel, showing him the infected mask. Mahel was concerned "what would they want from here?" Samler knew that the time had come to reveal his great secret, before he could say anything they were both alerted by screams from matoran in danger, without saying a word Mahel knew his orders, they both hurried away into the night.


Elsewhere on the island three lie defeated, the being who defeated them laughing at their loss, they barely scrape away as the terrifying Kuma-Nui rats start burrowing, the being watching their progress, "My time has come" they laugh...




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