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Adaptive Toa Nuva

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The drawing in my signature is ten years old. With Bricklink I've finally been able to make them a more vivid reality.

The Toa Nuva with their adaptive armour in default form, often described as the shape and build of their original Nuva form in the colours of their 2008 sets, but of course there has never been an official image of that.

Toa Nuva Adaptive Default 2.png

So here they are in excruciating detail; Part-for part they are a recreation of the 2002 sets but with 2008 style socket joints and Av-Matoran style feet and 2008 standard for technic parts, i.e. red and blue pins, grey axles etc. How the colour schemes of the Phantoka and Mistika sets are interpreted and incorperated into each set are unique from one to the next, but I tried to keep a logic from one to the next.

Here's a brickshelf gallery including alternates with the two different types of silver on Bricklink (neither one is exactly the pearl silver from post-2006) And also pictures with their original Toa Tools for everyone except Onua (I haven't been able to find a custom Quake-Breakers anywhere).
The custome made Nuva masks, tools, Nuva armour and heads come from a reddit post coutesy of u/Krakwyaka and u/aresnir.

More images in the spoiler tag, just so this post isn't huge:


Tahu Nuva Adaptive 3.png

Lewa Nuva Adaptive 4.png

Kopaka Nuva Adaptive 4.png

Pohatu Nuva Adaptive 3.png

Onua Nuva Adaptive 3.png


Gali Nuva Adaptive 3.png



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