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I am a writer, and this topic is my evidence. For over seven years now, I have brought my work to these forums and slowly sharpened my skills. To anyone who has pushed me to become better, inspired me to write fantastic tales, or given me any kind of criticism, I want to express my thanks and appreciation. This library is dedicated to you.
Directory: Crystal Chronicles, Alternate Universe, Canon Universe, Other, Poetry


Cenotaphs - In the final years of the League of Six Kingdoms, one simple ranch hand sets off alongside a band of outlaws, in a search to fulfill his dream. His journey is that of a hired gun, learning the motivations behind the life of a criminal. Beneath the surface of this life without equal, the Barraki have discovered something that could grant them dominance beyond any they have ever possessed, and a plan that could part the Great Spirit from his all-seeing throne.
Cynosure - The Matoran Civil War has raged for 400 years and the universe has begun to shut down. As light fades from the world, an outlaw and his crew will become the most unlikely participants in a terrible chapter of the Matoran Universe. The stakes have never been higher in this desperate race to retrieve the mysterious Mask of Life, end the war in Metru Nui, and confront an ancient mastermind of warfare that threatens even the Brotherhood of Makuta in a power struggle for supremacy of the universe.

Short Stories

The Garden - The penultimate chapter of the Crystal Chronicles saga, the story of a Great Being's daughter and her journey of discovery.
Tracker - The Tablet of Transit is an integral tool to the Brotherhood to distinguish friend from foe...
Nascent - The first Crystal Chronicle, the story of a determined scientist, and an AI born from mighty entities.
Chronicle - Every legend has a beginning...including BZ-Koro. (Made for LSO 2012)
Visitor - A Nuurakh is malfunctioning in Ta-Metru.
Scourge - A powerful envoy journeys to a war-torn nation requesting an end to the fighting.
The Outlaws and The Dream - The eventual inspiration of the epic Cenotaphs (and its first chapter), this is the start of Adrinor's great journey.
All That Glitters - Investigating a serial killer in Metru Nui, a Matoran detective finds himself caught in a dangerous game. (Made for SS Contest #8)


Rewriter - The second Crystal Chronicle and the tale of a dry witted AI's responsibility to oversee a powerful program.

Off Topic Culture

Little Broken Words - The fifth and final Crystal Chronicle reveals the origin of the mysterious Crystal Core through a young man's broken relationship.
Anhedonia - The third Crystal Chronicle is set in a world where Angels shall protect us.
Truth - What truly matters most?
Surrounded, Alone - It has watched and waited, longing for a purpose.
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Moved to Short Stories, as per today's rule change. :)

You are allowed to have only ONE topic that is a collection of all your fanfics, and it must be in Short Stories. Even if you haven't written any short stories, please keep all collection topics in that forum. Said topics may contain links to stories on both the old and new forum versions.

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