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Tahu Nuva Mistika Stud.io Revamp

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Well it's been an extremely long time since I attempted anything Bionicle related but I've had a bit of a nostalgia burst lately so figured I'd give Stud.io a go.

So here is my take on Tahu Mistika, thanks in no small part to the stunning Galva mask and armour parts and other extremely well made add on packs.





Only thing the original adaptive Hau is good for...Target practice.






Nice relaxed scene. Onua chills, Tahu, squats and Gali…well Gali Meditates and well floats.





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Back from the darkness

(will update soon)


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If Tahu Mistika had looked this awesome, my Bionicle Dark Age might've been put off till after the end of Gen1! And I probably wouldn't sold him in the Dark Age cutdown. This is sick and definitely closer to what I imagine Tahu looking like then.

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Saaaame. I think we all had a bit of a slump towards the end, you could really tell that Lego were falling out of love with the line and it really shows in the Nuva designs. Don't get me wrong the designs aren't as terrible as they seem it's just that they are meant to be the Nuva which they just aren't.

In any case so glad you like the design :) I've also finished Onua which I uploaded too and currently working on Gali too.

Back from the darkness

(will update soon)


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