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A Simple Game of Kolhii


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Hey guys! This is part one of a Canon compliant story I'm working on, set in the middle of Chapter 3 of Bionicle Legends: The Final Battle. Hope you enjoy!


Pohatu, Gali, and Takanuva flew to the east, skimming over the treacherous swamp water. The Toa of Light was careful not to touch it, having been warned by his fellow Toa about the water’s mutagenic power. As the three Toa soared through the air, Pohatu and Gali brought Takanuva up to date on what had been happening. They had arrived in Karda Nui to awaken the Great Spirit, but faced opposition from the Makuta. They had been at war with the Makuta, and encountered the Matoran of Light, some of whom had been corrupted by the Makuta.

The last detail sickened Takanuva. In his time spent alone guarding Metru Nui, he had come to the conclusion that he must have been a Matoran of Light in the past, though those memories were blocked. He was no stranger to amnesia, after all, so he reasoned that these must have been just more memories that he couldn’t recover. I probably worked alongside some of the Matoran the Makuta had corrupted, he thought, they might have even been good friends. I swear it  – even if it means Mata Nui stays asleep, even if I have to die trying – the shadow Matoran will be cured.

“They’ll pay,” Takanuva said aloud as he flew. Looking downwards, he glanced his own reflection in the water, and a brief moment of fear overtook him. It was easy to forget, but he hardly resembled the Toa he had gotten used to seeing in his reflection. His gold traded for dark gray, his right hand sparking with shadow energy, the Toa of Light was no longer the fresh beacon of hope that Takua had become upon donning the Mask of Light.

What have I become? The thought rang through Takanuva’s mind, as all his past adventures came back to him. He had recently seen a world in which he saw the capacity for evil that Toa possessed, and while he had managed to put away his misgivings, the memory still haunted him. 

The Toa of Light looked upwards, and suddenly jumped back in the air. For the briefest moment, he saw the face of Toa Tuyet, wearing her familiar mask of Intangibility. He hadn’t known Tuyet well, but her alternate self had opposed him in a world that she ruled. It shook him to his core, seeing how evil a Toa could become. 

But this doesn’t make sense! Thoughts raced through Takanuva’s mind faster than light. She died as I left! How is she here?

He drew a heavy breath, but only a moment after he had jumped, he saw the face of Toa Gali in front of him instead.

“I can tell something is wrong,” she said in a calm voice, “what’s bothering you?” Behind her, Toa Pohatu hovered in midair, watching on with concern behind his eyes.

Takanuva hovered in midair, his eyes wide with shock. When he saw Gali approach, he must have briefly mistaken her for Tuyet, he reasoned. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at his outburst, but he still couldn’t shake a feeling of unease.

The Makuta have perverted my power, he thought to himself, I’ve been hunted down by evil alternate Toa and yet another Makuta. My people, people I’ve never met, are being corrupted and controlled, and I’ve done nothing about it. I’m tired, but the battle isn’t anywhere near-

“I’m fine,” Takanuva said, interrupting his own thoughts, “just thought I saw something. That’s all.” With that, he turned back around, and continued his flight.

Gali and Pohatu stayed behind for just a moment, and shared a glance at each other. Neither was convinced by Takanuva’s argument, but decided it best not to argue. With a sigh, Gali flew through the air, with Pohatu following close behind.

* * *

Kopaka, Lewa, and Onua took cover behind a massive tree. As they hid, a barrage of shadow attacks came from the five Makuta hovering by the tree branch across from them. For hours, the two sides had been locked in a standstill.

"Any more helpful stories?” Kopaka asked, ducking as a bolt of shadow passed overhead. “I’m starting to feel like a sitting duck.”

“I’ve got one,” Lewa said with a smirk, “I call it, ‘Heroic Toa Lewa Quick-Saves Everyone.’ Just watch.” 

“Oh, this one is my favorite,” Onua chuckled.

In an instant, the Toa Nuva of Air kicked off of a tree branch and rocketed up into the air. Kopaka looked on in shock, but before anything could be done, Makuta Chirox had flown off in pursuit of Lewa. Watching as the chase began, Onua and Kopaka turned to each other and nodded in understanding.

“He's taking the bait,” Kopaka muttered. As he watched the Makuta chase down the Toa of Air, he drew his Midak Skyblaster, and fired. The ball of light careened just past the Makuta, distracting Chirox and forcing him to retreat.

Lewa soared back to reunite with his fellow Toa, letting out an energetic cry as he flew through the air. The three returned to their cover behind a massive tree branch, and then decided that it was Kopaka’s turn. The Toa of Ice emerged from his cover and fired a wave of ice at the five Makuta. His enemies quickly scattered to the wind, only to then fly in formation to converge on him.

His unusually joyous expression dropped as the five creatures of shadow flew straight towards him. Turning back, he flew down towards the swamp, and soon found himself joined by another flier.

Toa Tahu flew beside Kopaka, wearing a smug grin on his face. “Too much for you to handle, brother?”

Kopaka rolled his eyes as the two dodged fire from their attackers. “Very funny. Where are the others?”

"I sent Pohatu to find Gali.” Tahu quickly turned around in midair, and flung a pillar of fire at Makuta Vamprah. “What about yours?”

The Toa of Ice glanced over his shoulder, and spotted Onua and Lewa pursuing the Makuta. “Closer than you think,” he said. As the two flew together in formation, they shared a rare moment of laughter as the Makuta chased them down. The two Toa weaved in and out of tree branches, flying gracefully as they dodged oncoming bolts of shadow.

“Lewa must be so proud,” Tahu chuckled.

As the two rounded a corner, they suddenly found themselves backed up against a pillar of rock. They both skidded to a halt, and as they began to fly back, they suddenly found themselves cornered.

The five Makuta now hovered before the Toa in formation, and prepared to strike. Bitil’s mask glowed briefly, but before he could activate his power, he was suddenly struck from behind. As he scampered forward through the air, the Makuta turned back to watch as Onua and Lewa lowered to meet them. For just a moment, all was still.

In an instant, it was carnage. The four Toa on each side charged the Makuta, firing blasts of elemental energy in every direction. The Makuta were quick to return fire, sending volleys of shadow at the Toa Nuva. Onua raised a chunk of Earth and hurled it, only for it to be brought to pieces by a swift move from Antroz's blade. Tahu fired a blast at Chirox, but the batlike creature parried the attack by launching a Tridax pod. Lewa was able to intercept it just in time, using a gust of wind to send the shadow leeches careening into the waters below. Kopaka sent forth an elemental attack from his blade, but Gorast's mask caused the air surrounding him to crystallize into ice. Moments later, a frozen Kopaka began falling, only to be broken free by Tahu. 

It quickly became clear which side had the advantage. The Toa were outnumbered and outmatched by the horde of Makuta, but it was clear that they weren't about to quit.

* * *

As the battle continued in the sky, a bone white, skeletal figure watched from the waters below. Stalking across stones and branches on his long, spindly legs, Krika watched as his fellow Makuta battled with the Toa and sighed, turning his gaze downwards.

For just a moment, he considered leaving them to their fate. He had long been harboring doubts towards the grand plan the Brotherhood had been following, but now, the appearance of the Toa of Light in the swamp had all but confirmed what he had long suspected. The Makuta were fighting a losing battle.

He looked at his own reflection in the waters below. It had been changed since he arrived, the water had mutated him into the ghastly creature he now saw. Karda Nui had changed him forever, and if he wasn’t careful, it would become his grave.

So, he thought to himself, why don’t I just leave?

Staring at the waters below, he remembered the stone with the Brotherhood symbol engraved upon it. If he still had it, leaving would be no trouble. He had offered it to Gali before, wanting to give her a chance. Perhaps now he could do the same. Was there still time? Could he leave his fellow Makuta to die, and escape the same fate?

No, he sighed. His destiny was here, in Karda Nui. Whatever it entailed, it was his to face. As he began to hover in the air, rising toward the battle, he prepared to accept whatever destiny had in store for him. 

* * *

“Hey! Pay attention!” Tanma cried while linked onto Toa Lewa’s back. A Tridax pod fired right towards the Toa Nuva of Air, but Tanma had been able to bat it out of the way just before it unleashed a swarm of shadow leeches on the two.

“Ever-sorry, friend!” Toa Lewa said with his usual gleeful tone as he fired balls of light at the Makuta, using his midak skyblaster. “Glad you’re here, in case I get mixed-distracted.”

As the two rolled through the air in circles around the Makuta, Lewa let out a raucous cheer, but found it cut short as a blast hit him in the stomach. Suddenly, Toa Lewa found his arms and legs frozen in place, as though he had been struck by a sudden paralysis.

Tanma felt the blast, but disconnected from the Toa just before it hit him. He flew upwards through the air, but looked down to watch as Lewa plummeted towards the roots of a nearby tree. He started back towards Lewa, but stopped himself, as he spotted a monstrous Makuta approaching him.

The Av-Matoran thought fast. With luck, the Makuta had yet to see him. He could use this to his advantage. Against himself, he chuckled lightly. This would be a rescue plan worthy of Toa Lewa’s legacy.

* * *

“Tanma!” The Toa of Air cried weakly, but he found his call to have no answer, as the Av-Matoran was no longer riding on his back. The Toa tried in vain to jolt his head around to look for his companion, but his focus soon shifted as his rocket boosters gave out, and his limp body plummeted towards the ground.

Lewa screamed for just a moment, but stopped as he saw the tree roots down below, ready to catch his fall. It could be worse, I suppose, he thought to himself, just before he collided with the ground.

His body ached in pain from the impact. Only inches of wood now protected Lewa from the waters below, and the Toa of Air watched helplessly as the black and green figure of Makuta Gorast landed beside him.

* * *

“Oh, this is perfect,” Gorast sneered, perched upon a tree branch just next to the Toa of Air. “I have always wanted an Air Toa for a trophy.” She pulled back her Nynrah Ghost blaster, and began charging another attack.

“Hey!” Lewa just barely found the energy to talk, still struggling in vain to rise to his feet. “Listen-hear close, Makuta, for I have something you may want.”

Gorast knew this was a bluff, of course, but felt compelled to entertain him. After all, she reasoned, I may as well offer him this much in his last moments. She lowered her blaster to the ground, and met the Toa’s eyes. “Well? What is it?”

Lewa smirked. “A distraction.”

Before Gorast could react, something struck her in the back of her head. Turning back, she came mask to mask with the green armored Av-Matoran, hovering in place as his rocket booster propelled him. 

“Well,” Tanma said, “I suppose this is a story for heroic Tanma?” He rushed out the last word, and quickly flew off towards the other Toa and Makuta. Gorast growled in frustration, before turning her attention back to the paralyzed Toa that lay before her.

To her shock, however, Lewa was back on his feet.

“Wore off, I guess.” Lewa smirked, and charged forward with his Air Sword. The Makuta blocked his attack with two of her sharp claws, and quickly retaliated with her other two hands. Lewa dodged out of the way just before she could sink her claws into him, and took off into the sky once more. Gorast chuckled, and beat her wings as she began her pursuit anew.

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Part 2:

Pohatu had taken quite a liking to his new Adaptive Armor. Courtesy of Artahka, the new tool had been used to grant the Toa appropriate equipment for whatever environment they had found themselves in. For the swamps of Karda Nui, the Toa of Stone had been granted a specialized visor, and a propellor blade on each hand. It had taken him some time to learn how to fly, but now that he was an expert at the craft, he couldn’t get enough of it.

As he bobbed back and forth through the air, he glanced at his two fellow Toa. Gali was also equipped with flying equipment, a pair of rocket boosters on her ankles that allowed her to fly.

Takanuva had been through a number of changes since the last time Pohatu had seen him, but as far as the Toa of Stone could tell, none of these changes seemed to involve any flying equipment. Despite this, the Toa of Light flew anyway, propelled by seemingly nothing. Pohatu reminded himself to ask about it when he had the chance.

The trio had only been flying a few minutes when Gali spotted something down below. From behind a massive tree, a swarm of flying creatures swerved towards them, buzzing angrily. Half a dozen insectoids, each about one and a half bio high, flying close to the surface of the swamp. Each of them possessed four arms with a stinger on the end of each, as well as a ferocious tail, and massive wings.

“What are they?” Takanuva asked.

“I heard they’re called Niazesk,” answered Pohatu. “Some little pets of the Makuta who got transformed somehow into the big pests you see. Better off staying away from them, they’re –”

An angry buzz interrupted him. The swarm of Niazesk had noticed the three Toa, and were heading towards them. None of them had encountered one of these creatures before, but it was easy to tell that they were angry.

“We don’t have time for this,” growled Pohatu. He used his power to create massive blocks of stone, and chucked them down at the approaching Niazesk, but the insects were too swift for his attacks to land. Gali took down one with a water burst, but they were closing fast. 

Watching his friends struggle, Takanuva drew his breath, and started to lower his staff to use a light blast against them. As he charged light energy through his staff, he paused for just a moment. He wasn’t sure what kind of power these beasts had, and if his light power would be effective on them. Watching as the insects swarmed his fellow Toa, he made up his mind.

Raising his right hand, Takanuva felt the energy crackle as pure shadow moved through him. Letting go, there was almost no feeling at all as a ball of shadow released from his palm. Rocketing through the air, it split into several different blasts, each one striking a Niazesk instantly. Within moments, each of the insects reeled in pain, and plummeted down to the waters below.

Takanuva flew over to his friends, hoping to celebrate his victory.

Instead, all he saw was fear in their eyes.

“What… what was that?” asked Pohatu, slowly raising his blaster.

Takanuva took note, somewhat shocked that Pohatu would aim at him. “There have been some… changes,” he answered.

“So I see,” said Pohatu. “I wondered whether the Makuta of Metru Nui was still alive, and if so, where he had got to – I guess I know now, don’t I?”

Takanuva’s jaw dropped. He had expected to have to explain his new state, but he hadn’t expected this. “Are you crazy?” His eyes widened as he stared at him. “You think I’m a Makuta?”

“Well, you don’t look much like a Toa of Light,” the Toa of Stone replied, his weapon still aimed at Takanuva. “And we’ve all been fooled by Makuta before.”

Gali looked from Pohatu to Takanuva pensively. Even she was showing some doubt, much to Takanuva’s dismay.

And considering my appearance, who can blame her? he thought, desperately wracking his mind for a way to prove himself. 

“If you’re really Takanuva, then I’m sorry,” said Pohatu. “But if you’re not, all of our lives aren’t worth a widget. So I’m giving you to the count of ten to tell me why I shouldn’t skyblast you out of existence. One… Two…” 

Takanuva searched his mind for some way to convince the Toa of Stone of who he was. His Kanohi was an option, of course. It not only held the power over physical light, but it could also influence the light of one’s spirit. If he desired, he could use this to change Pohatu and Gali’s tune. But something seemed wrong about manipulating his friends in such a way.

“Three… Four…”

He continued to sift through his memories. On the island of Mata Nui, he had aided Pohatu in fighting a Nui Jaga that had infected Po-Koro’s Kohlii balls. Perhaps he would remember? Then again, Takanuva reconsidered, we were knee deep in one of Makuta’s caverns at that time. Doesn’t prove much.

“Five… Six…” Pohatu looked almost sympathetic, but didn’t lower his weapon.

Takanuva found himself wishing he had spent more time with the Toa Nuva before they left for Voya Nui. What memories could he recall? What was something that only Pohatu would know about, that a Makuta wouldn’t?”

“Seven… Eight…”

Of course! The answer was so obvious, the Toa of Light felt stupid for not thinking of it earlier. He had no memories to give to Pohatu, but thanks to help from Toa Helryx, Takanuva had seen some of Pohatu’s own memories.


“What’s a Toa?” Takanuva suddenly shouted.

Pohatu paused in his countdown and looked at him. His face was puzzled, but Takanuva noted the slightest hint of relief. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“The first time you woke up on Daxia,” he said, the words tumbling out of his mouth in haste. “You were told you were a Toa, and your response was, ‘What’s a Toa?’ There were no Makuta there, so how could one know about that?”

“That’s true, but there’s only one problem,” said Pohatu. “You weren’t there either.”

“But I saw it,” he insisted. “I saw your creation, your training, I saw the team fighting avohkah here, and I saw the storm… that’s why I’m here.”

An idea struck him. He turned to Gali. “Remember, last year, when I was still Takua the Chronicler? You forged a mental link with me so I could see what you saw when you fought Makuta. Do you think you can do it again?”

Gali remembered. During the Toa’s first fight with the Makuta, she had linked her mind with Takua’s in order for him to chronicle the events of their battle, as he and his company defended the Kini Nui from Makuta’s Rahi. The link had been severed, of course, but could it be restored?

“Don’t do it,” said Pohatu. “Makuta would just love to get inside your head.”

“She has to, it’s the only way.” Takanuva took a deep breath. This was his last resort. “She has to look inside my mind. If she doesn’t like what she sees… you can kill me dead, right here.”

Toa Gali shut her eyes. After a few moments, Takanuva felt the unique sensation of her mind reaching into his. For an instant, he could see himself through her eyes, a feeling that was oddly nostalgic for him. It was as though he was watching his own memories from an outsider’s perspective. He stood side by side with the Toa of Water as they witnessed Takanuva’s attack from a shadow leech, his meeting with Toa Helryx, and his journeys throughout the various parallel worlds. 

All at once, he felt the link snap as she pulled away. Lunging, Pohatu reached out and grabbed her to keep her from falling.

“Amazing,” she said softly as she recovered from the vision. “A place where Mata Nui died… another where the Toa rule as dictators… your journey here was… eventful, Takanuva.”

“Then he is –?” asked Pohatu.

“He is,” confirmed Gali. “Darker, perhaps, and not quite the innocent Takua or the eager hero we remember… but he is our friend.”

Takanuva sighed with relief.

Pohatu at last lowered his weapon, and placed a hand on the Toa of Light’s shoulder. “I’m sorry about that, brother. You’ve definitely changed, that’s for sure. But you’re still our fellow Toa.”

Takanuva smiled, and the two clanked fists. “All is well, brother. Now, what’s the situation?”

The Toa of Stone pointed towards the east. “The Makuta are putting up a good fight, but our friends are holding their own. With our help, we’ll have Mata Nui awake again before you know it!”

That’s what I’m afraid of, Takanuva thought, as the three took off once more.

* * *

Throughout a dark cavern overlooking the skies of Karda Nui, a loud groan echoed, accompanied by the scraping of metal against stone. Leaning against the wall of the cave, Icarax limped over on his side, doing his best to ignore his pain as he slowly progressed to the mouth of the great cavern. His armor plates scraped against each other, no longer properly fitted to his body. 

Since the Ignika had reverted him to a biomechanical being, the Makuta now found himself with a body that wasn’t meant to be held in such tight armor. Every moment was agony as he found himself trapped within an unusual and painful body.

But Icarax wasn’t going to let such a minor inconvenience stop him.

As he at last exited the cave, he collapsed onto the stone platform overlooking Karda Nui. Back in the warmth of the suns once more, he took what small comfort he could get as he dragged himself closer towards the edge, his claws digging into the stone. 

At last, he found himself peering down at the swamp below, and watched the battle unfold. Four Toa Nuva up against six Makuta. Elemental energy shot back and forth, blasts of shadow and balls of light traveled through the air. If one Toa fell, another quickly went to help him, while the others covered in their stead. If one Makuta fell, a Shadow Matoran would be quick to their aid. The battle ran like clockwork, with neither side truly making any progress. 

Fools, Icarax thought to himself, don’t they know they’re doomed?
His armor clattering as his limbs trembled, Icarax at last rose to his feet. They’re going to win, he realized as he watched the Toa do battle. When they reach their goal, it will all be over.

His gaze traveled away from the Toa, and landed on the large metal dome at the center of the swamp. The Codrex, the centerpiece of Teridax’s grand Plan, and the source of power unimaginable. Icarax knew, of course, how instrumental the Codrex was in Teridax’s machinations.

So of course, he knew how much it would anger Teridax should anything happen to it.

Icarax’s wings shook and cracked as he prepared to take off into the air. He would force Mutran to turn him back to his previous state eventually, he reasoned, but that would come in due time. Right now, he had one goal in mind: the throne on Destral. He had vied for control of the Makuta for as long as anyone could remember, but now, the time had come.

The Makuta are mine, he resolved, I will be their ruler. I only hope they stay alive long enough to know their place.

He was aware that the others knew of his ambition, but he didn’t care. His strength would place him as the one true lord of the Makuta, and the others would bow before him, or perish. For centuries, he had contemplated the perfect time to take the throne for himself. Now, knowing how close he was to his goal, his excitement was difficult to ignore.

Holding one foot over the ledge, he prepared to dive down to the swamp below, but pulled back. Let them finish this battle, he told himself, let them have their last moment of glory. When it's over, they'll make the tough choice. He grinned in anticipation. Make the future begin.

* * *

The battle between the Toa and the Makuta raged on. Pinned down, The other Toa provided cover as Onua summoned a platform made from the earth. Kneeling down, he kept his hands on the surface and allowed the platform to float above the water’s surface.

Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa returned to the Toa of Earth’s side, forming a circle around him as they fired upon the Makuta. “Any ideas?” Tahu asked the group as the blades on his shield spun rapidly, the enemy’s fire bouncing off of it.

“Tahu Nuva, asking for help?” Onua chuckled. “What a sight. You truly have grown, brother.”

“Thank you, Onua, but this isn’t really-”

“Once, Turaga Whenua and I were deep underground in Onu-Wahi, searching for one of my Kanohi Nuva masks.”

“Great,” Solek groaned from atop Kopaka’s back, “now he’s telling stories.”

“Hold on,” Kopaka warned, summoning a wall of ice to protect the Toa, “he’ll have a point.”

“I appreciate your patience, Kopaka.” Onua hummed pleasantly to himself. “I remember a time you would have left by now.”

“Get on-quick with it!” Lewa snapped.

“Oh yes, I’ll speed through it. Whenua and I encountered many fire scorpions, a Kofo-Jaga, and even some Manas crabs. He had to jump over a river of lava in order to escape. The point of the story is, Whenua had to trust me that I would catch him when he fell, and I didn’t let him drown in an underground river.”

“And this is relevant how?” Tanma asked, impatient.

“It’s much like our situation now. I need you all to trust-”

“YES!” a shout came from the three Toa, as well as the two Av-Matoran.

“Very well,” Onua said, “on my signal, you all come to me.” With that, he thrust his arms upwards. In an instant, the platform crumbled into dirt, forcing the Toa to leap forward, and fly off. The group split off into many different directions, forcing the Makuta to split up in order to follow them. As the remnants of the platform fell into the waters below, Onua began hovering once more, and made a fist with his right hand.

As he did so, the earth beneath the water began to shake, causing the mutagenic waters to ripple threateningly.

Tanma couldn’t believe it. “An earthquake?!” He groaned, using his power sword to reflect a blast from Makuta Krika. “We all can fly! What is that going to do?”

Toa Lewa laughed as he turned around and fired a blast of light at Krika. The ghostly white figure disappeared for just a moment as it passed, only to reform once it was gone. “You don’t close-know Onua like I do, Tanma,” he said as he charged the Makuta. 

Raising his claw, Krika blocked Lewa’s blade with one of his bone-like talons, and pulled back to try and pierce the Toa of Air’s armor. Lewa was evasive, dodging backwards for each strike before jetting off into the air.

* * *

“Onua is wise,” Kopaka said to Solek as he fired a blast of ice at Bitil. The yellow Makuta’s foot was frozen to a tree, but he quickly broke himself free once more. Kopaka dodged a blast of shadow heading his way, and returned to fleeing through the air.

“He doesn’t talk much, not unless he sees a reason to.” The Toa of Ice looped back around, firing a blast of light at the Makuta, but to no avail. “I can respect it.”

“I don’t know,” Solek replied, “I’d rather just know the plan, personally.”

“And that’s fine.” Kopaka sympathized with Solek. He knew how frustrating a team could be. “But your teammates don’t act the way you want them to. You can’t make them.” 

Suddenly, Onua’s voice rang through the swamp, calling “Now!”

Kopaka rocketed around tree branches and over the water, heading towards his teammates.

* * *

Because as much as they may frustrate you, Tahu reminded himself, Sometimes you’ll find-

“Haven’t you had enough?”
Chirox’s voice distracted Tahu as the Makuta gave chase. The Toa of Fire dodged through the air as the Makuta swung his blade downwards. The Makuta swerved up and down with each attack, putting his whole energy into each swing.

He’s getting desperate, thought Tahu, that’s good. At last, the Toa of Fire approached Onua at a blistering speed. Glancing down, he saw the water bubbling and rippling just below the Toa of Earth, and as each of his teammates closed in on the same spot, Tahu finally understood the plan.

“Up!” Onua cried, and the four Toa shot up into the air at once. The Makuta were quick to follow, as always, but just below them, a geyser suddenly erupted from below the water. Mutagenic water sprayed through the air in a powerful stream, pressured by the earthquake Onua had made. The Makuta, fearful of mutating even further, were quick to scatter, flying off in all directions as the Toa charged upward into the sky.

Tahu flew next to Onua and smiled wordlessly.

Sometimes you’ll find, they can even teach you. As one, the four Toa changed direction. The geyser settled, the six Makuta united as one force once again, prepared to strike back at their opponents. The two sides charged at one another, preparing for a clash in midair.

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Part 3:

As Takanuva skimmed the surface of the water, he found himself contemplating the events of the past hour. Since arriving in Karda Nui, he had mistaken Gali for a murderous warlord, fought against a swarm of angry insects, and had his friends question if he was their sworn enemy. Overall, he had experienced better days.

Now, he found himself traveling with Gali and Pohatu, heading straight into the final battle. With the Makuta’s defeat, the Toa would finally be able to awaken Mata Nui, and the struggle of one thousand years would finally be over. With so much pressure on the upcoming battle, Takanuva couldn’t help but be nervous.

For a moment, the Toa of Light turned his gaze to the sky, and skidded to a halt once he did. Up above, in one of the towering caverns that adorned the sky of Karda Nui, he saw a figure he recognized all too well. A crimson armored warrior, wearing the Mask of Shadows that once belonged to the Makuta of Metru Nui. It had been mere days ago that he had seen this figure flying above the Silver Sea, and it was a sighting that had changed Takanuva’s life. He had spent months believing that he had successfully defeated the Makuta, and that his destiny was fulfilled. Now, eight Makuta swarmed the swamps, the Great Spirit was dying, and he was no closer to knowing his destiny than before.

But maybe, he wondered to himself, it lies with him.

The other Toa hovered nearby Takanuva, having come to a stop when they realized he was not with them. Gali slowly approached him. “Takanuva, what’s wrong?”

The Toa of Light didn’t respond for a moment. His attention was solely devoted to the black and red warrior up above. Why is he just standing there? Whoever this mysterious figure was, he knew that he couldn’t leave this alone.

Pohatu glanced upwards, and saw the figure Takanuva was looking at. “Him?” he asked, trying to get his attention. “I had a run in with him earlier. Hadn’t seen him in a while, I thought maybe he was dead.”

“He’s not,” Takanuva replied plainly, “I’m ready to fix that.” He began to fly upwards, but a hand gripped his arm, and stopped him. Turning back, he locked eyes with Toa Gali.

“What do you plan to do?” she asked him with a vague sense of innocence.

“I plan to finish what I started back in Mangaia,” the Toa of Light replied, “I’m going to end this.”

“Him?” Pohatu asked again. “Takanuva, that’s not our Makuta.”

“He’s a Makuta,” he snapped back, “that’s enough.”

“Please,” Gali said, “I’m not going to stop you from doing this. I only ask that you think this through.”

This gave Takanuva pause, but only for a moment. He gave an understanding look to both of his fellow Toa. “I know I’ve changed,” he said, “I know my darker side may come through. But I’ve thought this through. This is what I need to do.”

Gali and Pohatu looked at each other, and communicated through just a single glance. There was unease, but the two came to an acceptance. “Okay,” Gali said, “then go up there.”

Takanuva nodded, closing his eyes for just a moment. “Thank you, Gali. Pohatu. Go help the others, I’ll come help as soon as I can.”

“Be careful, brother,” Pohatu said, “but give him a good fight for me. I… was interrupted when I tried.”

The Toa of Light let himself laugh quietly. “I will. Promise.” 

He turned to Gali, who nodded to him softly. “Best wishes, Chronicler. I hope that when this is done, we will stand together again.”

“We will, sister. I’m sure of it.”

With one last look to one another, the two Toa Nuva watched as the Toa of Twilight rose through the air, and soared in the direction of the crimson armored Makuta.

* * *

Under the Mask of Shadows, Icarax's crimson eyes surveyed the battle below. He hadn't expected any to die, not yet, but he would count any casualty as a benefit to him. After all, he needed to be prepared to make an enemy out of any who were present.

For a moment, he weighed his options. The Toa Nuva undoubtedly would oppose him should he come to rule, but they didn't concern him. After all, it wasn't that long ago that he had nearly wiped them out on the island of Karzahni. If they fell so easily when united, then he had no doubt he could divide them, and pick them off one by one.

His fellow Makuta were an issue, mainly because without any of them, he would have no Brotherhood to rule. Teridax had been able to sway the others to his plan with little opposition. If he wasn't able to do the same, he would need to prepare for war.

He chuckled. "I'll admit, though, I had never prepared to face a Toa of Light."

Takanuva stood just across from him, waiting at the mouth of the cavern. When he had landed moments ago, he hadn't expected to have been detected by the Makuta, but it was clear that he knew of his presence.

As Icarax at last turned to face Takanuva, he spoke once more. "I must say, it's almost surreal to meet you in person. Well, up close, that is."

The Toa of Light didn't show any reaction in his expression. "I've seen you before," he said pensively, "back in Mangaia. I saw you."

"And I you," Icarax smiled, "did I leave an impression?"

The hint of a smile appeared on Takanuva’s face. "I mistook you for someone else."

The Makuta stifled a laugh. "You thought I was Teridax?"

"Is that his name? Teridax, the Makuta of Metru Nui…." His smile faded. "When I defeated Teridax, I had thought he was the only Makuta. You proved me wrong."

"And proved that your greatest accomplishment was a lie," Icarax said back, seemingly enjoying himself. "I am Makuta Icarax, living proof of your failure."

"Yes," Takanuva replied, "a failure I intend to correct." He held out his left hand, and formed a ball of pure light. At once, he caught it on the bladed tip of his Power Lance, and balanced it in place. "Care for a game of kolhii?"

Icarax chuckled. "So that rumor was true. Very well." He drew his own weapon, and assumed a battle stance. "But first, I must ask. I've noticed your transformation, what you have become. Caught between two worlds, a Toa of Light and a Toa of Shadow. So I ask, which will you fight me as? Light, or Shadow?"

Takanuva gritted as he bent his knees, preparing for action. "I'll fight you as me, Icarax. And I'll finish what I started back in Mangaia." With that, he flung forward his powerlance, sending the ball of light traveling through the air. The game had begun.

* * *

“Focus up!” Antroz shouted to his companions as he fired his Nynrah Ghost blaster in the direction Radiak had indicated. To his left and right, Vamprah and Chirox stood beside him, following the guidance of their own Shadow Matoran riders.

“This ends today!” Chirox roared.

Vamprah said nothing, only leaping from the tree branch the three were perched upon and sailing forward, following Gavla’s guidance.

“Three Toa, down below,” the Shadow Matoran warned. “Fire, Ice, and Air.”

The Makuta nodded, and flung forward a blast of shadow. When he heard the blast make an impact, he dove down at once.

Vamprah landed on a tree branch on all fours, piercing his bladed wings into the tree on either side of Toa Tahu’s head. The Toa of Fire struggled, but his efforts soon dwindled as Vamprah activated his mask. Within moments, the Toa was drained, lying limp on the tree branch.

“Now,” said Gavla, “we finish him.”

The Makuta growled. He said nothing, but rose up into a standing position above the Toa. Once he was directly above the Toa, he deployed a Tridax pod from his chest, and waited as the pod fell towards Tahu.

And just as quickly, it was incinerated by a ball of light.

“What?!” Gavla cried. Vamprah would have noticed the light energy nearby, but Gavla’s exclamation confirmed the truth. Hissing, the Makuta beat his wings and took off into the sky.

“Hey!” A voice the Maktua recognized shouted through the swamp. “I’m not done with you yet!”

Gavla turned her head in an instant, and watched as Toa Pohatu and Toa Gali charged through the air at the Makuta and Matoran duo.

“The other two,” Gavla said to Vamprah, “they’ve-”

Vamprah said nothing, but struck a blade into the tree, interrupting his rider’s thought. At once, he flew in the direction of the two Toa, and drew back his claws. He flung them forward, only to find them blocked by metal.

“I’ll take care of this one!” Pohatu’s voice called to Gali, “You go check on Tahu!”

As the Makuta and Toa’s weapons clashed, neither were able to use their ability of flight, and the two plummeted as they fought. Pohatu managed to land a foot square on Vamprah’s chest, and kicked off, using his now free rotors to rise into the air once more. Vamprah quickly circled back once he was free, and gave chase to the Toa of Stone.

* * *

Tahu Nuva had seen better days. As he lay on the tree branch, drained of his energy, he thought back to one of his last days on the island Mata Nui, being struck down by the Rahkshi Lerahk. Its attack had poisoned him, and he had been too proud to seek help, leading to his eventual corruption. He had grown since that day, and now would’ve gladly asked for help if he was able.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the strength to do so.

As he watched Pohatu clash with Vamprah in midair, he briefly wondered how long his fate would last. Would his energy continue draining, until he had no more left to live? Or would he recover, and shoot back into the fight?

His answer came in the form of a hand on his chest. It took all of his effort to look up, and meet the eyes of his fellow Toa, Gali.

“Take it easy, brother,” she said softly, “you’ve been drained pretty badly.” As she spoke, water coalesced around her hand, and soothed Tahu’s singed tissue.

“Gali…” the Toa of Fire coughed, “you’re… okay…”

“It’s you I’m worried about. Hold still…” As she spoke, the water she manipulated moved through Tahu’s body. As it soaked through his armor, he felt his energy return to him, and his strength returned. Before long, he rose to his feet once more.

“Thank you, sister,” he said as he placed a hand on his chest.

So No Head?



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